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Op-Ed: How long until enough is enough?

By • April 1, 2021

What other attacks on our personal freedoms will it take?

  • Our founding fathers were extremely wary of government power and therefore gave it very limited power (enumerated in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution) and created a number of checks and balances. These included giving states the ability to “nullify” federal laws and Supreme Court decisions by choosing not to enforce them. This is rooted in the 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, powers not delegated to the U.S. by it, nor prohibited by it to the states are reserved to them respectively, or the people.
  • Since then, over the past 150 years, liberal legislators and judges have repeatedly violated the 10th amendment by expanding the scope and powers of the Federal government. Now we’re seeing the government get involved in nearly every aspect of our lives; healthcare, education, welfare, border security, transportation, and energy.
  • Even our election integrity has been violated by making illegal last-minute election law changes which led to a rogue regime that threatens the very foundations of America. Their goal is to assure their permanent power by:
    • Granting 20-30 million illegal aliens amnesty, decimating of the concept of national sovereignty, granting statehood to D.C and Puerto Rico, expansion of the Supreme Court to ‘stack the deck’.
    • Extremely questionable executive orders in preparation, including attempts to institutionalize election fraud, and attempts to make untested, ineffective vaccines mandatory, knowing people are dying as a result of taking them.
    • Attacking on our 1st and 2nd amendments; Intelligence agencies are being transformed into witch hunters of conservatives for daring to oppose. We are seeing the same censorship in news, social networking, and other forums, thereby normalizing censorship of conservative voices.  Our military is being converted into social justice agencies. Our citizens are victims of massive disinformation campaigns. all the while undergoing unprecedented attacks on religious and ethical belief systems by our government as if they know best how we should lead our lives, “stay safe”, and raise our children.
  • With history as our guide, we should understand that should they succeed, elections will soon be just for “show’, our 1st and 2nd amendments will be gutted, and our economy will become stagnated just like every other socialism-based economy.

What power do we have to change it?

  • Thankfully, we have our U.S. and Idaho Constitutions. However, we must make our representatives know what we want, and that we’re watching them!  We have to be diligent, the days of voting and then going back to your day-to-day life until the next election period are over!  We have the critical responsibility to ask our representatives, (emphatically if necessary) by phone and email to:
  1. Nullify 1st amendment restrictions: Idaho should refuse to support or enforce federal edicts and Supreme Court rulings that infringe upon our religious freedoms
  2. Nullify all federal laws and efforts to undermine our 2nd amendment rights: Idaho should refuse to support or enforce all proposals or laws that compromise the 2nd amendment (and all others) as written by our forefathers.
  3. Nullify open border policies: Idaho should refuse to support open border, and illegal immigrant amnesty policies.  In addition, our state should actively fight against, and stop illegal immigration.
  4. Nullify the anti-police agenda: Idaho should resist, ignore, and nullify all federal anti-police regulations and end their harassment by our DOJ.  Idaho should self regulate by prosecuting anyone in a law enforcement role who would abuse the power we entrust them with. We must also stop the vilification of the vast majority for the few. It’s clear the motive is gaining even more control!  Our founders knew best when they gave the law enforcement role to the states, rather than the federal government.
  5. Nullify all federal efforts to preserve fraudulent voting practices and procedures: Idaho must stop the disenfranchisement of it’s legal citizens, repeat the registration, purge deceased, relocated, fraudulent registrants, and illegal aliens. We must demand they pass comprehensive voter ID laws, and institute a complete overhaul of the authorized voter roll.
  6. We must urge our representatives to reclaim our constitutionally given rights, defend them as if their lives, and ours depend on it(because they do), and nullify illegal federal laws.

At this time, District 23’s 1st term Senator Christy Zito is trying to pass HB-300 “Idaho Small Arms Protection Act” to protect our gun rights. District 11’s Senator Patti Anne Lodge is feeling far too comfortable in her 11th term and refused to give the bill a hearing.  She’s playing games!

District 15’s 5th term Senator Frank Martin is defending Lodge saying it’s not before the Senator (well, yeah, because she refused to set it for hearing)!  Senator Zito then tried to bring it before the house, where she is also meeting opposition.

District 13’s 8th term House Representative Brent Crane is the Assistant Majority Leader responsible for calling a hearing in the house. He too is refusing to do the job he was appointed to do because Patti wouldn’t give it a hearing!  Aren’t you tired of the games?  I sure am!  This is just one example where we must remind our representatives, they work for us!

Call these senators/representatives as well as your own District’s Senators and Representatives, better yet, call/email them all!

All of the information is at your fingertips below. Please, tell them that the time for petty amateur games is never, and we expect them to stand up against the federal government tyranny on our behalf, do the job we appointed them to do, and support the senators/representatives trying to do their jobs.  Remind them we will remember who doesn’t protect us conservatives, and we can unseat them if they won’t.  Can Idaho’s citizens count on you to do your part?


Republican Legislators:

Republican House Representatives:

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34 thoughts on “Op-Ed: How long until enough is enough?

  1. Spot on, Joy!

    If our elected officials refuse to work on our behalf in support and defense of our Republic, then We the People must take the lead.

    1. Thanks Brother! We MUST our our state is doomed like the CA, DC and other left wing liberal cesspools they are!

    2. Thank you! We MUST our our state is doomed like the CA, DC and other left wing liberal cesspools they are!

    3. You are so correct on saying that the people must take the lead if the officials refuse to work on our behalf.

  2. This is the email I just sent to Mrs. Lodge:

    Greetings Mrs. Lodge.

    I am writing to you today as a concerned citizen of the great state of Idaho. I am a citizen who is greatly concerned with the current illegitimate presidential administration and their apparent desire to strip American citizens of many of their God given rights, one of which is protected within the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. The current US administration has made it very clear that they seek to abolish, if not greatly limit our 1st Amendment rights, and by abolishing, or greatly limiting our 2nd Amendment rights, we as American citizens would be virtually unable to protect our 1st Amendment rights or any other God given rights.
    I understand that you are holding up, and not allowing to be discussed or voted on, such a measure that would further strengthen and protect 2nd Amendment rights of all Idahoans. HB 300 as introduced by your fellow Republican colleague Christy Zito, is a bill which would further protect and defend the rights of all Idahoans in preserving their 2nd Amendment rights against Federal Government infringements upon such.
    Now is NOT a time to be playing politics with the rights of Idaho citizens. We have a federal administration, which I feel is incompetent, and yet is hell bent on stripping the rights of all Americans, in an effort to bring about a Socialist/Communist/Totalitarian take over of the United States of America. Their Globalist Agenda is not very well hidden, and any denial by you or your representatives of such an agenda would be seen by a vast majority of Idahoans as nothing short of being complicit in such an agenda.

    I write you today to urge and insist as a proud citizen patriot of the great state of Idaho, to set aside your own personal agenda and allow HB 300 full consideration by the Idaho Legislature. If you know ANYTHING about the people of Idaho, you should be fully aware that a vast majority of Idaho citizens will not give up their right to bear arms, without a fight. Idahoans are too smart to fall for the lies that if we give up our guns, the police and government will be able to protect us. We know exactly why the federal government would want to disarm its citizens and most of us know what really happens in a “disarmed society”.

    We must send a clear signal to the US government that Idaho will not play their game and will not fall victim to a totalitarian form of government. We will not go silently into the night and we will remember those who stood with us and those who stood in opposition to the founding principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    If you care about Idaho and state’s rights, then allow HB 300 full consideration. Allow the elected representatives of the PEOPLE of Idaho, to decide on it’s merit, validity and legality.


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write her! If you could, please also email Representative Brent Crane. Since it had to be introduced at the house since Senator Lodge wouldn’t give it a hearing, Brent Crane, the co-sponsor needs to set it for a hearing and he also hasn’t done so. Thank you for your help!

  3. Wow, excellent article Joy thank you for shining some light on the short comings of some of our elected officials. I hope this inspires we the people to get more involved and hold our officials accountable for their actions and lack there of.

  4. I’m super motivated now. This article is inspiring. Look out Idaho congress. You’re going to be getting some emails and phone calls. Hopefully you’re listening because I sure am and I will know where my next vote is going based on your responses.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, I was emailed by Senator Lodge today and she stated as a woman of faith I should want to know the truth and that I was incorrect in stating what I did. She claimed that Senator Zito had not brought the bill to her. I then responded with evidence, a copy of the email Senator Zito sent to her on February 18th with an introduction of the bill and asking for her support. I informed her, the lack of response is in fact action. It’s a refusal to act. . Her response was a bit of backpedaling unfortunately. “ Sending an email when one gets hundreds, sometimes thousands a day is not how you get a bill heard. She did not come see me on this bill and she had every opportunity. She just choose not too. ”

    This was my response:
    Unfortunately, we live in a world in which it’s necessary to create a paper trail, lest someone say an important document was not given to them. In effect, this what you originally stated when you answered my email stating in all caps the bill was not personally given to you. Additionally, regardless of how important something is, it’s not always possible to introduce things with an in person meeting. I am laying in bed today after having outpatient surgery yesterday. I would have much rather been at the capital for the meeting on this bill. The show must go on. I understand that there is no love lost between you two senators and frankly, it does not matter. What does matter is this bill.

    Semantics aside, I’ve not heard you tell me one single fact that changes that truth that: The bill was given to you, you did not act, and now we are where we are. Regardless how this bill was introduced, of political posturing or maneuvering, this bill needs your support. Will you answer the call of your constituents to defend their freedoms?

    1. By the way. don’t you find it interesting that while being faced with hundreds or thousands of incoming emails daily little old me gets a response 2 times in a single day but what is now known as HB-300, perhaps one of the most important bills regarding our 2nd amendment rights of this year was so overlooked she claimed not to receive it. Please, stand with me, ask Senator Lodge to act in this now. Likewise, please ask Representative Crane to get this on the docket for hearing now!

    2. Senator Zito emailed me this morning that she has proof that she did meet with Senator Lodge about what is now HB-300 so not only did she lie about not receiving it, she lied about Senator Zito taking the time to personally bring it to her! Shame on her! SHAME! She doesn’t have the right to play with our freedoms!

      1. It does not surprise me one bit. This is the new way of legislation, to ignore what you don’t want to deal with, then blame others for your shortcomings.
        Each day I grow increasingly tired of reading about this type of lackadaisical attitudes our legislators have about anything that’s not liberal. If there’s any inkling of being conservative or seems logical, it is filed in the trash can by these people.
        Sadly, it is our problem, simply because we continue to make the same mistake. We continue to vote for these people who promise one thing yet deliver the opposite, hoping its different this time ’round. Voting for the same people and expecting a different outcome is our problem. It too is unfortunate that for the past several years, we really have had no choice as to whom we vote for, because the other options are far worse.
        Until we get true conservative, logical-thinking people to put their name in the voting hat, we will be stuck with the same people, continuing the same insanity, year after year, and making sure they keep their kind in office right there with themselves.
        Keep up the good work in exposing the lies and deceit of Lodge! You are truly making a difference by showing the rest of us here just how these politicians think they can do no wrong in the eyes of us Idahoans!

      2. And Lodge made it a point of speaking “as a woman of faith”! Oh, the piety!(you will know them by their fruits)! As a newly arrived, but politically active former CA resident, I have fired off an email to my Representative, Brent Crane. Another will be going to Sen. Lodge.

        Thanks so much for bringing this situation to the public. Just hope everyone responds.

        1. Thank you Sue! Exactly! I was very exasperated by that as well. Such nerve. We need to all have strong nerve to speak the truth, expose their lies, and demand better actions and more integrity from them!

  6. Outstanding information in this well written article Joy!! Please keep up the fight in the information war. We as Idahoans need to put down the hot pockets, shut off Netflix and get active NOW!! Certain representatives like Senator Lodge ( ) & Senator Crain ( ) are playing teenybopper political games and not serving we the people of Idaho. HB300 must be passed. Any republican that doesn’t vote for this bill has proven that they are enemies of the 2nd Amendment. IMO that makes them worse then democrats!! At least the democrats tell us that they are going to destroy our second amendment. You all work for we the people of Idaho not the communist Chinese party (CCP)…….. correct???
    God Bless & Semper Fi
    -United States Marine

  7. This shows how important it is for Idahoans to hold our elected officials accountable and honestly transparent. We must develop a strong media to counter the globalist/socialist narrative that has knocked down Idaho’ door.
    My question is “Why the silence?”

  8. Q: How do you know a conservative is bluffing?
    A: He shouts “Vote them out!” or “Hold them accountable!”

    All you conservatives ever do is bluff and your bluff gets called every single time. The minute one of these cretins wins the primary you are all standing in line to vote for them out of fear of the Democrat. You are being played like a cheap kazoo.

    Don’t vote for a RINO under ANY circumstances. Shed your fear and vote your conscience. The GOP is the biggest collection of cowards, charlatans and miscreants ever assembled. Defund the GOP!!!

    1. I’m husband and I agree. That’s why it’s important for people like you and I to step up and put in the work to show them we aren’t bluffing!

  9. As a escapee of California to Idaho the ability for every American citizen for find a like minded environment for their “pursuit of happiness” is essential and dwindling. A diminishing or elimination of the states powers would step away from that and create a carbon copy society in America.

  10. We all need to get involved to insure our way of life for our kids and grand kids! Protect our CONSTITUTION at all cost!

  11. Joy, you knocked this out of the park. Thank you, keep informing all of us.
    I’ll keep this simple: We need you to run for Governor and displace Little in the primaries. Just do it!

    1. Thank you! Our daughter and son-in-law keep jokingly saying the same thing! It’s a physical impossibility for me otherwise it might’ve been the fight of his life next election.

  12. Thank you for leading the way on this… I will support & contact all representatives as well as tell all I know to do the same.

    1. Thank you Elaine, I really appreciate your help, this is exactly what is needed, everyone to write to them themselves, then share this with their circle so they do the same. Pretty soon we’ve got thousands of people emailing them and they can’t keep on ignoring our voices then!

      Martin Luther King Jr. said:”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”

      There’s another famous quote about a very similar idea:
      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This was attributed to Edmund Burke, including by John F Kennedy in a speech in 1961. However, Burke didn’t say it, and its earliest form was by John Stuart Mill, who said in 1867: “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

      So long ago, and yet, they still knew we cannot and must not stay silent.

  13. Thank you for the great article! Time for people to wake up and see things for what they are. Our liberties are fading away… Enough is enough! Stop complying! Vote all progressives out!

    1. Thank you! We must stand united against injustice and the erosion of our constitutionally and God given freedoms! We must take action. Nothing will change if we all don’t stop leaving it for someone else to do something! It’ll never happen! We must all take action and make our voices loud and persistent!

  14. Are we waking from the Tv s drone like trance to find the true color of our politicians aunionized government employees and the military crime gang is the destruction of this republic from with in and bank rupt the taxpayers? Pay attention .

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