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Idaho Senate One Vote Shy of Overriding Little’s Veto of Another Emergency Power’s Bill

By • May 5, 2021

Several weeks ago, Governor Brad Little (R) vetoed two pieces of legislation that would have limited his power during an emergency.

SB 1136 was the first bill that the Senate attempted to veto. That effort failed on a vote of 23 to 12 because two-thirds of the Senate is needed to override a veto. The vote on SB 1136 was just one vote shy.

Now, HB 135 had an override vote in the Senate but it also failed.

HB 135 has previously cleared the Idaho House on a veto override vote and needed the Senate’s override to make the bill become law.

All seven Democrats previously voted against the override of SB 1136 and all seven of them voted against HB 135 as well. Just as with SB 1136, five Republicans did not vote for the veto override of HB 135.

Two Republicans were absent from the HB 135 vote: Sen. Dan Johnson (R-Lewiston) who had previously voted for the other override of SB 1136 and Sen. Jim Patrick (R-Twin Falls) who had previously voted against the override of SB 1136.

Here are the five Republicans who chose to vote against the override:

Sen. Patti Anne Lodge (R-Caldwell)
Sen. Jim Guthrie (R-McCammon)
Sen. Lee Heider (R-Twin Falls)
Sen. Fred Martin (R-Boise)
Sen. Jim Woodward (R-Sagle)

Of the five Republicans that voted against the override of HB 135, Heider was the only one who did not previously vote for the override of SB 1136.

Unlike the Senate’s debate on a potential override of SB 1136, there was no debate before the override vote of HB 135 and they simply voted on the measure. Several Senators did take 60 seconds to explain their vote, both Democrats.

Do you believe that the Senate should have overridden HB 135? Or do you believe they made the right decision is not overriding the veto?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Idaho Senate One Vote Shy of Overriding Little’s Veto of Another Emergency Power’s Bill

  1. Both vetoes should’ve been overridden. Every last Republican that failed to vote for the override should be recalled or primaried. Considering the technology that is available to convene an emergency session of Congress, no one person should hold the power Little has, or any other governor for that matter. To those that voted against or flipped their vote, what were you promised?

  2. Patrick, Lodge, Guthrie, Heider, Martin, Woodward may well be stuck in the past, not realizing Little’s huge errors in judgement that cost us all dearly. Not protecting We The People against even worse future potential Governors.

    It’s time all of the above resign and go to pasture.

    At minimum they all need to be voted out of contention in their respective upcoming Primary elections.

  3. Remember to keep a list of names and bills that these folks have voted against, or for, that does not align with the majority of us Idahoans.
    When it comes time to vote, you’ll have all the answers you need, and hopefully there will be a better choice for you when you do vote.
    Sadly, its always the same old issue for me. I want to get them out, but I always have to vote for the “lesser of two evils”, and 99% of the time, it forces me to vote for the same person that needs to go, and I am damned sure I will not put a democrat in.
    Really wish more conservative Idahoans would step up and throw their names in the hat for us to consider.

  4. They failed to secure our constitutionally protected, God given rights and balance the power of government. They must be replaced for breaking their oath of office to protect the Constitution. The People must spread the word about their failure and support Constitutionally sound representatives. Violations will continue to our civil liberties if we do not hold Government responsible for overstepping their boundaries.

  5. An open letter to Governor Little:

    You vetoed two bills that would limit your emergency powers and provide accountability from the legislature, who represent the will of the Idaho people. Sadly, the legislature was not able to muster a two-thirds majority to override your veto – in one case, falling short by one vote. I don’t know who you represent, but it is not the Idaho people, because they are telling you to set aside your emergency powers and stop behaving like an aspiring dictator.

    As I’m sure you know, the state motto “Esto perpetua” means “May it endure forever.” But this refers to the state of Idaho, not your perpetual state of emergency. I feel the need to remind you of that.

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