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Idaho Senate One Vote Shy of Overriding Little’s Veto of Another Emergency Power’s Bill

By • May 5, 2021

Several weeks ago, Governor Brad Little (R) vetoed two pieces of legislation that would have limited his power during an emergency.

SB 1136 was the first bill that the Senate attempted to veto. That effort failed on a vote of 23 to 12 because two-thirds of the Senate is needed to override a veto. The vote on SB 1136 was just one vote shy.

Now, HB 135 had an override vote in the Senate but it also failed.

HB 135 has previously cleared the Idaho House on a veto override vote and needed the Senate’s override to make the bill become law.

All seven Democrats previously voted against the override of SB 1136 and all seven of them voted against HB 135 as well. Just as with SB 1136, five Republicans did not vote for the veto override of HB 135.

Two Republicans were absent from the HB 135 vote: Sen. Dan Johnson (R-Lewiston) who had previously voted for the other override of SB 1136 and Sen. Jim Patrick (R-Twin Falls) who had previously voted against the override of SB 1136.

Here are the five Republicans who chose to vote against the override:

Sen. Patti Anne Lodge (R-Caldwell)
Sen. Jim Guthrie (R-McCammon)
Sen. Lee Heider (R-Twin Falls)
Sen. Fred Martin (R-Boise)
Sen. Jim Woodward (R-Sagle)

Of the five Republicans that voted against the override of HB 135, Heider was the only one who did not previously vote for the override of SB 1136.

Unlike the Senate’s debate on a potential override of SB 1136, there was no debate before the override vote of HB 135 and they simply voted on the measure. Several Senators did take 60 seconds to explain their vote, both Democrats.

Do you believe that the Senate should have overridden HB 135? Or do you believe they made the right decision is not overriding the veto?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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