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Idaho National Guard Directed to Assess Illegal Immigrant Housing Capability

By • May 14, 2021

Recently, Idaho Dispatch received a message from someone who works with the Idaho National Guard.

The individual wished to remain anonymous but was concerned about something they said was occurring at the Orchard Combat Training Center. Their concern was that the Idaho National Guard was assessing their facilities to determine if they could house immigrants coming across the border illegally from Mexico.

Idaho Dispatch confirmed that the Idaho National Guard did assess whether or not the Guard could house “unaccompanied minors” crossing the border illegally.

The confirmation of the information came from Lt. Col. Chris Borders, who serves as the Public Affairs Officer with the Idaho Air National Guard.

Borders spoke with Idaho Dispatch and told us,

In mid-April, along with many other states, we were directed by the Army National Guard Director at the National Guard Bureau to analyze IDNG facilities that could potentially be used to support housing of unaccompanied children.

Criteria provided by the director included facilities that can accommodate a minimum of 500 children, road access to the site, an ability to establish perimeter fencing, and the facility would be available for 6 months.

A Maj. Jerome Sitco performed the assessment and determined that one facility in the OCTC, the Organizational Readiness Training Center specifically, was capable of meeting the majority of the criteria provided by the National Guard Bureau. Once Sitco performed the assessment, the results were sent back to the National Guard Bureau.

Borders said that is the last they heard on the issue. He concluded by saying,

At this time, we do not expect to be asked to house unaccompanied children. We have not been directed to conduct any further actions regarding this matter.

Idaho Dispatch asked Borders if the Idaho National Guard were asked to house the children if it would interfere with potential training missions. During the spring and summer, the OCTC is used by military units across the country.

Borders told Idaho Dispatch that he could not guarantee that it wouldn’t interrupt potential training but reiterated that they are not expecting the Idaho National Guard to be asked to house any unaccompanied children.

Idaho Dispatch also asked Borders to confirm that the order did not come from Governor Brad Little, and he confirmed that the order did not come through the governor’s office at any time.

Little was part of a list of 20 governors across the country that signed a letter to President Joe Biden’s administration. The governors are demanding that Biden’s administration do more with the situation at the border.

In the letter, the governor’s state, in part,

The rhetoric of the Biden Administration and the rollback of critical agreements with our allies have led to the inhumane treatment of tens of thousands of children and undermined a fragile immigration system.

The letter also states,

We call on you to take action on the crisis at the southern border immediately. Contrary to statements from your Administration, the border is neither closed nor secure. In fact, the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) reports a staggering surge in recent crossings: 172,000 encounters in March, the highest number in nearly 20 years, as well as 18,890 unaccompanied children, the largest monthly number in history.

Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki said at a press conference last month,

The president does not feel that children coming to our border seeking refuge from violence, economic hardships and other dire circumstances is a crisis.

Psaki went on to say,

He does feel that the crisis in Central America, the dire circumstances that many are fleeing from – that that is a situation we need to spend our time on, our effort on. And we need to address it if we’re going to prevent more of an influx of migrants coming in years to come.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to the governor’s office to determine if they were aware of the Idaho National Guard’s assessment requested by the National Guard Bureau. We have not received a response at the time of this writing but will update the article if the governor’s office responds.

Do you believe the Idaho National Guard should house “unaccompanied immigrant minors” from the southern border if ordered to?

Let us know in the comments below.

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73 thoughts on “Idaho National Guard Directed to Assess Illegal Immigrant Housing Capability

    1. Hell no. Not our responsibility. Send them back to their home countries. We do not want the problems that go with them.

      1. The Idaho National guard should not be housing illegal or legal immigrants, children or otherwise. It would be disruptive to the mission of the guard as well as a security and health risk! The military’s mission is to protect American citizens and ensure the security of our borders, not to babysit or further the agenda of a corrupt despicable administration.

    2. Let’s help our own first. We have homeless American children and families and also our Veterans and Seniors. It is not the job of the National Guard to tend homeless children. Biden needs to put Trumps policy’s back, things were under control. If they wish to come do it thru legal channels.

  1. Absolutely not if anything give them to a Democratic family that voted for Biden. They created this mess tet them house them.

    1. Wouldn’t it be an incredible country if people were forced to actually suffer the consequences of their vote, while the rest of us were spared the impact of their stupidity? We may be headed that direction. With a country this completely polarized, it’s looking more and more like a “divorce” is becoming the only solution. You wanna live as a marxist hell-hole? California alone, where I’m currently a hostage, has the 5th largest economy in the world. Fine. They should have no problem being their own little Marxist country. Ought to have a blast covering the 32% of the country’s welfare recipients who currently reside here all by themselves… especially when the rest of the country splits off, replaces Silicon Valley and leaves them in ashes. Then consider the Red half of the state that would immediately split off, would be a fun exercise to watch.

      1. Very well said. We are conservative patriotic Commiefornia escapees and left 3 years ago seeing what was inevitable. Happy to be gone. Let it rot in the homeless feces and syringe needles that are everywhere. We know why the Dems love no borders and lax or no immigration constraints…increase their constituents by MILLIONS.

  2. Where are these children’s parents? Will they need housing nearby? I know I wouldn’t take my child into a foreign country if I knew we would be separated! Are these children being used as pawns by politicians? Are they victims of sex trafficking? Or are these unaccompanied minors in their 20’s and 30’s?

    Anyone who says it is compassionate to let in illegal aliens is lying.

    1. There are NO parents… OR they are not admitting there are parents and then will claim their kids once the coast is clear.

    2. But… but… but… the crime… the poverty! They just want something better for their children.

      Uh huh. My wife and I waited until we were in our 30s to have kids because we refused to do it until we were economically stable and could support them even if one person’s income disappeared. People cranking out kids when they’re not in a position to care for them… both here and other countries… is the problem.

      Your country’s f’d up? So fix it and stop running to someone else’s. And do it before you have 5 kids making the problem exponentially worse.

  3. No. Let’s hope the Governor can finally stand up and defend The People of this State of Idaho. Could well be his ultimate test of leadership…..or not

    1. Hope Little says no way put them all in the White House we take the kids soon parent will be here to claim the kids then we have them on our welfare and free medical programs which we as tax payer will have to pay for them.

  4. Thank You Greg for keeping us informed. My Grandparents came here legally across the southern border in 1927. I do not agree with illegal immigration. I do not want them here. The Biden Admin is bringing it here knowing these children have Cartel ties which will bring further violence to our State. As taxpayors paying for it all NO. They should put them all in Democratic run States. I pray that Idaho officials will stop this

  5. NOPE. Sorry. We’re Americans and we have our OWN children that follow the laws and need our stability. You made the trip. So you know the way back home.

    Just like the people moving into idaho from other states for relief. As I say to them. Leave your Blue Baggage at the Idaho border.

    As for the Illegal migrant children. I feel for them that their parents are that SHITY and would put them in life danger like this. I have an idea. Boise Mayor Dipshit and Pelosi should buy a home together in Portland. And build abunch of little cabins in their backyard for the 17k children. It would be like their own little Critical Race Theory compound.

    RECALL MAYOR B ! Someone get it started please.

    1. NO! these children were separated from their Country and their parents due to the illegitimate Biden administration and the citizens of the USA and specifically, Idaho should not be expected to be caretakers.
      Send them back!

  6. “They should put them all in Democratic run States.”


    They shouldn’t be in ANY state regardless of who “runs it!!”

    They’re crossing our borders illegally already…are you so naive to think they wouldn’t come into our state from a “Democratic run state” if the urge hit them???


    1. Why do people seem to think that states have MAGIC BORDERS that cannot be crossed once people get here?

  7. It’s sad to me that I am even being asked such a question. My answer is a definitive “NO” !

  8. Democrats created this MESS because of their Trump Derangement Syndrome. Idaho should NOT house ANY illegal aliens. And Idaho should QUIT taking federal funny money too. It’s time we stand on our own as a sovereign state. 10th Amendment.

  9. This is an outrage and Little needs to join the other RESPONSIBLE governors who are refusing to accept illegals into their states, making this even one more horrendous mess the democrats expect they can just dump on all of us tax payers. We are fed up. We are no longer longer willing to assume all of the costs, liabilities, and consequences of their heinously vile and reckless political ideologies. This costs all of us, in very adverse multifold ways. Let them house their radical “plunder” in strictly BLUE states. Apparently, they don’t mind being taxed to death, exposed to many diseases (not just covid), and all of the associated factors that will impact those communities. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  10. Hell no. And Governor little needs to disappear he’s is a payed off fake republican. Where are these children’s parents.

  11. No, they should not be brought to our state. Furthermore, they should not be brought into our country in this illegal maneuver.

  12. NO! They should not allow any migrant children to come to this state. Idaho needs to deny any support for the federal government’s (a fake admin) request to support their crisis at the border!

  13. This should not be permitted to go through, if pushed. This only disperses these poor individuals into smaller groups, and makes it harder for the public to see how BIG the boarder issue really is, not to mention easier for Biden/Harris to hide it. Don’t let the leaders that are promoting this get away with it. Hold them to the fire, and hold these people at the boarder. If they are dispersed across our country, further from the boarder, it is only more clostly to hard working taxpayers to deport, re-unite, and re-home these indivduals back into their country of citizenship. AND I am not trying to demonize these poor individuals for trying to flee to America. I would try the same provided the situations they are in.

  14. Hell No
    Load them up on buses, trucks what ever it’s going to take and send them
    (ALL) back….

  15. They should be bussed immediately back to the Mexican interior or better yet to Biden, Harris and Pelosi’s mansions. They want them here. Let them have them.

  16. Idaho SHOULD NOT house or allow ANY illegal immigrants into the state. Those who come to our country (state) need to come legally! Governor Little, our legislators and each of us should STAND FIRM and not bow to the democrats open border policy. Send ALL illegal immigrants back to where they came from.

  17. That directive for National Guard Bureau should have gone to the Governor. This “Centralized” type directive has bypassed Littles authority and responsibility to direct HIS (not Guard Bureau’s) actions and peacetime missions. Having said the above I do not agree with housing invaders, or assisting the Feds in their mismanagement of our border crisis.

  18. I emailed Govenor Little weeks ago asking him not to accept illegals, children or not, I sincerely hope he’s weighing the question well and talking to State Law Makers. Do Idaho Citizens have a right to vote on this issue?

  19. The methodology of housing illegals is resulting in our country acting as among the world’s largest countries enabling and participating in the human trafficking business. No one wants to talk about this, particularly government members and other officials. These kids are a significant source of income for the Mexican cartels and other participants. This is all orchestrated; there are many causes.

  20. This is child abuse.
    If I treated my children like these parents have treated these poor defenseless children I’d be locked up.

    Most of the images I see these so called “children” are fifteen through twenty years of age. That’s old enough in their country to carry weapons and fight wars.

    Solution: send the US military to the southern countries and beat the crap out of the cartels and establish peace in their country.


    Build a wall around Idaho.

  21. Be warned! Since IDM housed hundreds of IDOC inmates there for the pandemic in 2020 there is NO justification against immigrants based on any site or facility assessment. Sans a massive facility degradation for some unknown reason.
    The only paths toward [not] housing immigrants there, as I see it are as follows:
    1) political outrage/opposition
    2) mission interference during higher tempo operational season – requires IDM Leadership from the chain-of-command up through Garshak
    3) Governor Decision

  22. NO! Biden caused this mess and wants us to spend billions of $$ aiding and abetting this invasion. BTW, they aren’t immigrants, they are illegal aliens invading our country. Deport them now!!!


  24. A firm NO here. We all know they are coming for free money at our expense. Idaho better not cave to this.

  25. It’s not the job of the National Guard to be babysitters – either here or WA,DC to the whiny politicians.

  26. Your being pretty darn quiet Governor. Do you think that both you and the attorney general could pull up your big boy pants for once and actually protect The People of Idaho???

    Where is your public statement Denying Federally Forced Illegal Immigrant Housing of any kind, anywhere in Idaho. Where is your direct statement to Idaho’s National Guard to stand down on this issue and not cooperate with federal illegal activities?

  27. No. They are “illegal” and they should not be in the US. We fled from CA to Idaho to get away from the Sanctuary state of illegals. There are many safe parts of Mexico they can go to (Mexico City, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose, etc.).

    Why is America harboring illegals when Mexico has safe places. Why aren’t we hearing from the Mexico President about his own citizens. Why isn’t the Mexico administration coming to the US to bring their citizens back to safe places in Mexico.

  28. Oh what next? They should not be housed in Idaho at any facility. I think that, after reading the responses, you can see the sentiment is “absolutely” not. Back to the border and let Mexico or their mother country take care of the illegals. Signed, a pissed off American citizen.

  29. Absolutely NOT! Send them to the White House! It’s a sh$$ show there anyway! Let the blue states take them. Other states have said NO! So should our governor!

  30. Hell, no! Not in Idaho. Ship them to Blue States! Hope our governor listens to what we say and stands very firm on not allowing illegals in Idaho.

  31. Gov Little, I really hope that YOU do the right thing and keep OUR state of Idaho free from illegals crossing the OPEN border in the southern states of CA, AZ, NM, and TX! Keep them OUT of Idaho where We the People care for our own who are in need, NOT illegals crossing the Mexican border into OUR country and OUR Republican State of Idaho. Yes, that includes no driver’s license for those who have been given fraudulent Green Cards! They MUST do it the proper way and remain in their OWN southern countries until they get an answer from a government official that believes in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and abides by them. Biden’s current administration does NOT stand up for Americans who believe in “We the People!” They are the Socialistic/Communism Party!

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