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Gov. Little Signs Gun Bill Into Law

By • May 10, 2021

The Idaho House earlier this week passed SB 1205 and sent it to Governor Brad Little after the measure had previously cleared the Senate.

SB 1205 is a bill sponsored by Sen. Todd Lakey (R-Nampa) and was part of a movement started by Sen. Christy Zito (R- Hammett) who had sponsored HB 300. The bills are similar in nature and are designed as an expansion of Idaho’s “Second Amendment Sanctuary” law.

The bill was opposed by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. SB 1205 was supported by the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, the Idaho Sheriff’s Association, and the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police.

Today, Little signed SB 1205 into law which also contained an “Emergency Clause” meaning that it would take place immediately and have a backdated beginning date of January 20th.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Zito for comment on the passage of SB 1205 and here is what she told us,

The bill belongs to the good people of this state. Many Idahoans who were concerned about federal overreach of their right to keep and bear arms made their voices heard loud and clear this session. When some legislators insisted on playing political games with the rights of Idaho’s citizens, the gun owners stood up and demanded that legislation get passed.

They didn’t take ‘maybe next year’ as an acceptable answer. Gun owners made their demands to their elected representatives and the legislature heard their calls for action. That is the power of the people and how representative government should respond.

I am proud of the gun owners who fought valiantly all session for protections from the Biden administration.

Additionally, Idaho Dispatch had reached out to Lakey to get his input on the passage of SB 1205. Here is the response Lakey sent Idaho Dispatch:

We have now seen a glimpse of the Biden administration’s plans to restrict our second amendment rights.  S1205 builds on legislation we passed in 2014 which prohibited Idaho officials from being ordered to enforce new federal laws and regulations that violate Section 11 Article 1 of our Idaho Constitution protecting our right to keep and bear arms.

This new legislation is effective from the date President Biden took office and goes further in that it prohibits all Idaho government entities from using any personnel, funding or other resources to enforce, administer or support new federal actions regarding firearms and firearm accessories and components that violate our Idaho Constitution.

This bill was the successful result of effort by legislators in both the Senate and the House, second amendment advocate groups, law enforcement and the attorney general’s office.  This bill makes it clear to the Biden administration and the United States Congress that they will not receive any support in Idaho for their efforts to unconstitutionally limit our gun rights.

S1205 had the longest list of co-sponsors that I have ever seen on any legislation on any subject.  We are fortunate to live in Idaho where we remain a national leader in supporting and protecting our right to keep and bear arms

Idaho Dispatch also reached out to Senate Minority Leader Michelle Stennett (D-Ketchum) and House Minority Leader Ilana Rubel (D-Boise) but neither has responded to our request for comment at the time of this writing.

Just prior to the Little signing SB 1205 into law, the Idaho chapter of Moms Demand Action released the following statement:

Gun violence continues to rock our communities every day. If Governor Little truly stands by our law enforcement officers, he will veto this bill immediately. This legislation would only make their jobs harder, especially in a time when they are on the frontlines of two public health crisis – gun violence and coronavirus.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance’s Chairman, Seth Rosquist, told Idaho Dispatch the following after the signing of SB 1205:

We are so grateful for the hardwork that Sen. Zito put into this effort as well as our attorney, Alexandria Kincaid, and another adviser, Don Kilmer, for their hard work in getting the Idaho legislature to understand the importance of this issue. Waiting until next year to do this was not an option with Biden and the gun-grabbers in congress pushing massive amounts of gun control.

Of course the gun grabbers with Everytown and Moms Demand Action are painting their usual doom and gloom scenarios that never come to fruition. We expect nothing less from them.

Thankfully Gov. Little listened to the calls of Idaho’s gun owners and signed the bill into law. At the end of the day, our organization stands ready once again to fight for the right to keep and bear arms, whether that is in the courts, in the Idaho legislature, or in congress.

Did you support SB 1205 or did you oppose the measure?

Let us know in the comments below.


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46 thoughts on “Gov. Little Signs Gun Bill Into Law

    1. Just another reason I love living in Idaho. The constitution was written for a reason, to protect the rights of the people. Biden and the democrats want to take away our freedom. History shows what happens when the government overrides our rights. This is exactly how Hitler destroyed Germany.

  1. support. Kudos to everyone who stood up for our 2nd amendment rights and let the federal government know where Idahoans stand on them trampling our rights.❤

  2. I support SB1205! An amazing amount of common sense has been shown by most involved, (something that’s rarely seen lately) and with all of the uncertainty going on these days, just reading this article has helped me to feel more secure here in this part of the country! I have lived in Idaho for 42 of 45 years of my life and don’t plan to leave any time soon!

  3. I definitely stand by SB1205!! Governor Little made the right decision to sign this bill into State Constitutional law, Biden and D.C. are becoming an oppressive tyrannical government that we the people of Idaho don’t want or need.

  4. I fully support the freedom to bear arms. This is a great bill, but it shouldn’t have been needed. It is already in the US Constitution.

  5. Thanks to all the hard work the supporters both on the House n’ Senate and to the citizens untiring work to make this happen. It gives me hope for the future

  6. Senator Zito is truly an Idaho Gem !!!! And Thank You to Alex Kincaid. Always a Patriot !


  8. Though it bothers me that this law was even needed, since the Constitution of the United States is already so clear (yet sadly trampled upon by leftist operatives seeking to weaken America)… I do gratefully APPLAUD Senator Zito and ALL who supported this law.
    You remembered that you represent US and not your own self interests. Thank you.

  9. yes, i supported it all the way,,,,big thanks to christy zito,,,,,who helped make this happen as well as greg pruett,,and gov. little for signing it,

  10. I Voted for Brad little I’m Nathan Daulton I live in Melba an Idaho an as things played out I thought he was a rhino a sheep in wolves clothing but Brad little you did a lot to change my mind with what you did with this order.If you run again for governor I will vote for you

  11. I wholeheartedly support SB1205. Thanks to our Governor and Representatives who fought hard along with The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance’s.

  12. I support SB 1205 100%. If we don’t stand up and defend our freedoms we will lose them. Thanks very much to Greg Pruett, Alexandria Kincaid, Senator Zito and all who supported this important legislation.

  13. I completely support this bill… Our gun rights need to be protected from the idiots who have no real understanding of guns and gun crimes. Criminals will always have guns…. Good job Senator Zito, Greg Pruett, and all the others who worked hard to make this happen…….And thanks to Governor Little for signing it into law….

  14. CHRISTY ZITO for governor!!!
    Sick of having to sign petition to get this unpredictable governor to do something.
    He is too spooky for my taste.
    Great job to all, Idaho 2nd Ammendment, Christy, all lawmakers, lawyers, and of course kudos to our awesome Idaho law dogs.

  15. I supported SB 1205 and I am proud that I decided to move here after I got out of the military.

  16. It’s amazing that the Idaho legislature, especially most “Republican” representatives, failed to pass this back in 2014. Why?
    Literally EVERYONE on the side of the 2nd amendment said it needed to happen and led by the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance…BACK in 2014.
    Not many “representatives” get credit in 2021.
    That excludes the ever COURAGEOUS Rep. Christy Zito!

    Good job CZ.
    Show them good ol’ boys how REAL Idahoans still do it!!!

  17. I totally support SB 1205. Thank you Senator Zito and everyone who stood behind preserving our 2A rights for the great state of Idaho.

  18. Good job Zito for being the catalyst and heart.!!!! Lakey as well !! Political bullshit aside, us Idahions got our freedoms..
    And good job to all those legislatures that made this happen, the full house of reds made this happen. And of course our badass boys & girls in Blue Thank you Gov..
    And ID2A

    *RECALL MAYOR B* 2.0

  19. Excellent work, Idaho lawmakers. It used to be “Don’t mess with Texas” but it is now “Don’t mess with Idaho!”.

  20. With the gubernatorial election next year Little had no choice but to sign this bill. Thanks ISAA for your hard work.

  21. Support it 100% !!!
    Thankful for everyone that worked on this bill.
    Governor Rino Little still needs to go!

  22. I am very appreciative to Greg Pruett and all Members of ISAA for all the leg work put in on this bill. Keep Idaho free. David Rodriquez, Vera Kennedy.

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