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Gov. Little Responds to Moscow Incident Where Several Christians were Arrested

By • September 26, 2020

Reactions to the incident in Moscow where three Christians were arrested while singing at the city hall continue.

Police arrested the individuals because they were not social distancing and were not wearing a mask. We wrote an article about the incident that you can review here.

The national media and national media personalities have been discussing the issue since it occurred earlier this week.

Now, a number of Idaho’s lawmakers have spoken out against Gov. Brad Little and Little has issued a statement about the Moscow incident.

First, here is a statement from Rep. Brent Crane (Republican – Nampa) just hours after the Moscow incident took place:

In the statement, Crane took aim at the governor’s order. He says at the end that if Little doesn’t end the “madness” that it will be his legacy.

Crane wasn’t the only one to go after the governor for his Coronavirus response.

Rep. Chad Christensen (Republican – Ammon) also went after Little for the Moscow incident with this statement:

Christensen also mentions the word “legacy” in regard to Little, just like Crane had mentioned in his statement.

Christensen has been an outspoken critic of Little for his Coronavirus decision making. Christensen was one of a number of House lawmakers who voted on a resolution to end Little’s “state of emergency.”

Yesterday, Little released a statement in response to the Moscow incident:

In the statement, Little doesn’t mention Moscow specifically but says he worked with religious leaders to ensure Idahoans’ spiritual needs are met. Little also says that he did not do a statewide mask mandate.

Additionally, Little makes mention of his order which he says did not give local governments authority to make mask mandates.

Little says in the statement that mask mandates are being created by local governments.

What do you think of Little’s statement and the statements by several Republican lawmakers? Were they right to criticize Little or is the Moscow incident a result of local government decisions?

Let us know in the comments below.

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23 thoughts on “Gov. Little Responds to Moscow Incident Where Several Christians were Arrested

  1. I think Little’s response was a way for him to side-step the incident in Moscow. I believe the staements made by Christensen and Crane were absolutely justified and called for. We need more people to voice their thoughts of Brad Little and his apparent agenda to play both sides. Sucking up to democrats and republicans is not what being non-partisan is about. He hasn’t shown me that he is completely and whole-heartedly for the Constitution and for Idaho citizens!!!

  2. Gov. Little is likely doing what he thinks is right in the face of the China virus.
    In his position, he has political and ideological factions to deal with.
    Idaho is unique in our union of states in that we stand strong for our Constitutional rights.
    That being said, Gov. Little appears to be somewhat weak concerning the virus situation. There’s a balance here; but the health of the state is ALSO affected by our economy and jobs, our freedoms, and getting back to real, normal life.
    Science and virus statistics should be a factor in how far to restrict our freedoms and mandates. What are the REAL numbers of hospitalizations caused by the virus, and how many deaths due to ONLY the virus.
    Gov. Little is being overly cautious and somewhat tepid in his words and ‘suggestions’ for local govt. leaders to follow. It’s time to support church attendance with proper precautions, and the same for opening restaurants and businesses. Get ‘Idaho- strong’, Gov. Little, and we’ll support you!

  3. Maybe he should look at what and what governor Desantis did in Florida. He has literally reopened the state, and better still he has taken a strong, aggressive stance toward punishment for unlawful behavior, making it a felony for actions taken by “protesters”. It’s a good action in managing the state. And if it’s true that “legislators” made the law to allow local government to implement and enforce these draconian restrictions then it’s time to revisit that action for the purpose of eliminating that political power.

  4. Little, is using the cover, of he didn’t give local governments a mandate, which is fine, he is attempting to distance himself , Because he know his goose has been cooked, so, real question is who is going to fill Littles Boots, with a Proper Conservative Leadership? which also means correcting what the state legislature has left unfulfilled, by allowing Governor Little a Hall Pass on a Unconstitutional law written in 1927. If the Idaho Constitution is the law of the land the legislature should have told Little to stop, or see you in court. Which they decided not do. What good is a constitution if the people in charge of using it for it citizens fail to act? What good is requiring Police officers to take a oath to follow the Constitution if they are told they don’t have to, and there appears to be no way to force them to do so? These are the real questions that need to be addressed.. This is all a violation of USC 18-241…

  5. Little passed the buck and tossed the locals under the bus he started! This could have been over weeks ago but little is too busy spending the Fed money. It’s not about people or safety, it’s about the MONEY!

  6. If Little is scared of getting covid he should stay in this basement like Biden. He also should step down because he isn’t governing like a Republican and he ran as one.

  7. When you’re in the wake of obvious failure and pass the buck; you don’t qualify as a Governor of any State!
    The people that continue to push mandates for masks and rules regarding your health are doing so in an effort to get all the stimulus money they can get from the governor. The more he hands out the more he gets.
    None of it is supported by science. It has been unfounded and unconstitutional for months. The governor needs to go away.

  8. Little only wants Federal money. Money our grand kids will be paying back their entire working life. Little…It’s time to step aside.

  9. He’s deflecting the blame and trying to dodge a bullet, but the fact of the matter is–he WON’T escape it this time! Because of of his continued “state of emergency” order, counties and cities are running with it–without the order, they would have nothing to stand on–legally–I believe!

    He’s trying to do the dance between conservatives and Democrats who want to create a “nanny” state and he’s running out of moves…praying he realizes soon that he needs to stand for the conservatives who voted him into office instead of pandering to liberals who merely want to destroy our democracy.

    1. The rights of the individual are not suspended in an emergency.
      He suppressed HCQ before it was controversial. Why? Pharma money?
      The House voted to end the emergency, but the Senate said, we needed CARES Act money, for masks and things… But very few “cases” get sick, far fewer hospitalized. Idaho gets $100k per case. Where’s that money going?
      Federal Law forbids the declaring of an emergency for profit, and lying about Bio Hazards. It carries a life sentence.

  10. I think he’s a bit late coming to the table but as he states he didn’t mandate these rules local authorities did. What was done is wrong but let’s lay the blame where it truly belongs…with local authorities.

  11. I agree with Gov. Little on this one. People should be outraged at the Moscow city council and Mayor. We in this group yell about local control but only when it help our cause. If it works against us in some cases then the “Man” should step in to stop it. I will try to always be on the side of local control.

    1. Emergencies do not cancel the rights of the individual.
      This is the perfect example why Idahoans do not trust the government, they want to be free, not controlled by fear.
      Government has no right to ask who you are with, or push unproven garbage on you, or weaponize tax money against their residents.
      If there was a threat, we would respond… This has never been about health, it’s about control.
      Federal Law forbids, declaring an emergency to get money, and lying about Bio Hazards. It carries a life sentence.

  12. This leftist is tired of all the whining about masks. You say you want to open everything. Then follow the advise of the MEDICAL experts and mask up, social distance, and wash your hands. Covid-19 can cause serious long term medical problems and death. Wearing a mask seems like an easy way to protect our families and friends from the spread of the virus. Don’t make it about religion. No one was arrested because they were practicing their faith. But they don’t get a pass just because they are singing hymns. It’s about protecting our community from a deadly virus. Thank you law enforcement.

    1. Your selfish fear/feelings are not more important than the health and rights of the individual.
      Your lazy compliance, endangers everyone you care about.
      Government proved, it doesn’t care about you.
      The COVID response is not about health, it’s about control.

  13. Kristin, you can not prove that masks, distancing, lockdowns, vaccines… work. Or, science did it’s do diligence to prove this was a separate virus. But, you can prove, all the “medical experts” pushing this COVID crap, are set to profit! And suppressed THOUSANDS of counter medical opinions. And, like Mike Pompeo warned at the NGA, China has infiltrated every level of gov., even education. And, HCQ could have saved lives, had it NOT BEEN SUPPRESSED by Governors like ours! Ask yourself, why would Governors suppress HCQ before it was even an issue??? Corruption, maybe, pharma$$? You can prove the death rates were massively inflated, and 90% of tests are false positives, and a concerted effort was made to control people with fear and hysteria. Resulting in an unprecedented LOSS of our freedoms!!! And, tyrannical and truly draconian behaviors!!! Which we have not fully witnessed, yet. Imagine the abuse that will occur with forced quarantine centers, for personal agendas. Too much mental trauma has occurred, for this to be about health!!! EVERYTHING has been conflicting and counterintuitive! Idahoans do not trust government, they fight for freedom, and do not let fear control them. Moscow tyrants have no right to ask who you are with, or force unproven garbage on you, or weaponize tax $ against residents… specially when NO ONE IS IN THE HOSPITAL!!! If there was a threat, we would respond… There is a Federal Law against declaring an emergency to get money, and lying about Bio Hazards! It carries a LIFE Sentence! And emergencies don’t cancel individual rights. If they did, we would ship all you hysterical, crazy cali sheep back to the State you’re burning down!!! Your selfish fear/feelings are NOT more important than my health and freedoms! We are all dying, it’s a matter of how.

  14. Governor Little’s response was one more disappointment in a series of lack luster leadership moves. There are issues at Idaho State that required his attention beginning with the Universities President to Boise’s socialist mayor and dozen or more issues in between not of which the least is this bogus mask business. If we hope to keep Idaho a strong conservative state we have a lot of house cleaning to do. The governors office is good place to start, after that we need to go after the legislative RINO’s. They provide a target rich environment.

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