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Former Caldwell Police Lieutenant Joseph Hoadley Convicted on Three Federal Charges

By • September 25, 2022

Former Caldwell Police Lieutenant Joseph Hoadley was convicted Saturday on three federal charges in connection to conduct from 2017.

Idaho Dispatch was the first to break the story in February 2022 that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was probing several members of the Caldwell Police Department. A source with direct knowledge of the investigation had informed Idaho Dispatch of the investigation into the conduct of two CPD officers.

In March, numerous sources informed Idaho Dispatch that it was Hoadley and Sgt. Ryan Bendewald that were the subjects of the FBI inquiry.

Hoadley was ultimately indicted and tried on four federal counts:

  • Willful deprivation of rights under color of law
  • Falsifying a record or document in a federal investigation
  • Witness tampering by harassment
  • Destroying a record to impair its use in an official proceeding

A federal jury found Hoadley not guilty on the first count, and guilty on the remaining three. Each count carries a possible sentence up to 20 years in prison and a fine up to $250,000. Sentencing is scheduled for December 15.

A press conference will be held at 12:00 noon Mountain Standard Time on Monday, September 26 in Boise at the US Attorney’s Office.

17 thoughts on “Former Caldwell Police Lieutenant Joseph Hoadley Convicted on Three Federal Charges

  1. By trying to cover up the first charge for which he was acquitted, he committed three other felonies. “Process crimes” are still crimes. The lesson to be learned—always TELL THE TRUTH.
    Especially when talking to a US Attorney.

  2. Where’s the story about the communist peice of sh**Ryan Lee resigning.

    And the mayor who was too stupid to know that you don’t bring in a Portland cop to be the chief in Boise should also resign.

    1. And also Caldwell has a new Chief of Police from Los Angeles, Rex Ingram. “They” are bringing in the left from other parts to lead this Conservative corner of beauty. May God have mercy on Idaho !

      1. Yes, it is on God’s mercies that we must depend. This good conservative state is slip sliding away as the evil Democrat liberals are snaking their way into governing positions in all towns, cities, and school boards. Beware, one can hear and see the rattles of the snakes. Yes, the mercy of God is our hope and prayer.

  3. Strange how the feds can get it right and prosecute this small time cop, yet absolutley forego any investigation of Hunter Binden on international and domestic crimes. Geez, I wonder what that is all about.

    Good riddance to Hoadley, but where is the justice for the rest of the citizens of the USA and the world for that fact.

    1. Well…only because the feds are in charge of Cartel logistics. It’s not like they do the really bad stuff…no wait. Never mind the last.

  4. This was easy for the feds considering they do it daily.

    Willful deprivation of rights under color of law. (sound familiar DJT staffers)
    Falsifying a record or document in a federal investigation. (Mar a Lago)
    Witness tampering by harassment. (Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro and others)
    Destroying a record to impair its use in an official proceeding. (Corrupted FISA warrant requests info.)

  5. Great work, Greg, on breaking the story first, and congrats.

    It’s good to see officials be held to account for a change.

  6. A travesty of justice. How can a fired and decertified cops “EI” word be of any evidentiary value? No video. No report. Committed perjury. Just a vindictive little man. “BH” was Booked into CCSO jail after his 2017 felony dope arrest. Signed a booking sheet and marked that he had no injuries or complaints. Booking photo proved no injuries. “CH” is and was a CPD problem child. What supposed evidence did Hoadley delete from his laptop and phone? Does it matter? He wasn’t wearing a body cam at the time of “BH” arrest.
    Odd that CanyonCounty PA and the AG saw no merit in the charges levied against Hoadley. Just petty B.S. Many have done far worse that what be was alledged to have done. If count one is not guilty then the following charges should have been dismissed. Like “Fruit from the poisonous tree% doctrine.

    1. If you new half as much as you think you do MORON!!! you would know that this piece of SH!T Hoadley should have been found guilty of all 4 charges. BH did report all of this and was told that he couldn’t prove it because it was his word against Hoadley and if Hoadley wasn’t guilty why did he get rid of all of his files on his computer and phone?

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