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Featured Advertiser: Uncaptured Entertainment

By • April 30, 2023

Each Sunday the Idaho Dispatch will feature information and the bio of one of our advertisers. Please patronize these businesses that are supporting the unbiased news reporting of the Idaho Dispatch!

Uncaptured Entertainment was originally formed by four friends who not only enjoyed working together, but found that each of their unique skill sets, when combined, could create media products with exceptional results. Uncaptured Entertainment is now an award-winning, full service media production company with the passion and expertise to make your dream come to fruition.

Our services include:

  • Concept consultations
  • Script creation/editing
  • Full video production services
  • Full video post-production services
  • Graphics and animation creation
  • Audio recording/editing services
  • Still and product photography
  • Custom physical artwork

Our commitment to creativity, professionalism, and excellence will ensure that each project we handle will go above and beyond client expectations. At Uncaptured Entertainment, we provide quality work for quality people.

Here are the dates for Nitty Gritty’s upcoming events.

May 21st
June 3rd and 4th
July 8th (night event)
August 12th (night event)
September 17th
October 21st
November 4th

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