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Featured Advertiser: Prestige Property Management

By • May 14, 2023

Each Sunday the Idaho Dispatch will feature information and the bio of one of our advertisers. Please patronize these businesses that are supporting the unbiased news reporting of the Idaho Dispatch!

The Prestige Property Management philosophy is that we will manage each property as if it were our own. Our goal is to provide superior tenant management, quality leasing, low operating cost, and better-quality customer service. We have built lasting relationships with credible vendors in the valley who provide exceptional service at minimal cost to care for your property.

We believe that protecting your investment includes showing your property in person, thoroughly screening applicants, and creating a strong working relationship with the tenants to care for your investment. We have employed this same rewarding philosophy throughout our 16+ year history. To this day, this philosophy continues to generate high income and low expense levels for our clients.

Additional information on our website! Home – Prestige Property Management (

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