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Featured Advertiser: Nitty Gritty RallyX

By • May 7, 2023

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Imagine as a kid playing in a sandbox with a collection of race cars, tough trucks, and monster trucks! Now imagine being in your 30s and living out your childhood fantasy of organizing, racing, and promoting others to achieve their sandbox dream.

Nitty Gritty RallyX started as an idea in a friend’s backyard, playing in the dirt on roughly 4 and a half acres. Since then it has grown to a full fledged racetrack with multiple variations hosted at Skyline MX Park and Event Center in Kuna, Idaho.

The focus of Nitty Gritty RallyX is to promote the growth of driver skills in an off-road racing setting. Whether it’s a seasoned racing veteran or a teenage girl just learning how to drive while hosting a cool birthday party experience. We cater to the raw experience of off-road racing. The vision of Nitty Gritty RallyX is to provide a supportive community as well as being an affordable racing option and allowing access to as many as possible.

A unique thing we do at Nitty Gritty RallyX is; you’re not just a spectator, you can become a participant as well. Many drivers love giving ride-alongs. This allows someone to have an in-car experience of what off-road racing is. They also get to see the challenges it presents in an ever changing racetrack and atmosphere. No two laps are the same. We race against the clock and conditions. Just the same as stage rally does. But, in an enclosed circuit.

The hardest part of Nitty Gritty RallyX for everyone is getting rid of the smile and the rush it provides to everyone involved.

Come join us in the adrenaline filled fun combined with a family atmosphere and the supportive community we nurture and grow with our one of a kind approach to off-road racing.

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