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Eagle City Council President Brad Pike Defeats Incumbent Jason Pierce to Win Mayoral Runoff Election

By • December 6, 2023

Eagle City Council President Brad Pike defeated incumbent Eagle Mayor Jason Pierce Tuesday night to win the seat.

The December runoff election was necessary after no single candidate earned the 50% +1 votes required during the November election.

Idaho Dispatch covered the details and context of the heated, contentious contest here, which culminated in Tuesday’s results.

41.8% of Eagle voters cast a ballot through mail-in, early voting, or election day voting. Pike received 5,444 votes or 55.2%, while Pierce received 4,427 votes or 44.8%. The Ada County Elections website shows the map with the breakdown of which candidate won each Eagle precinct.

Following the winning results, Pike had this to say:

“I really want us to unify. I know that’s kind of a pie-in-the-sky thought at times. We’re not always going to see eye to eye on things, that’s okay. But the harmony part I’m talking about is where people can be proud to say that they live in the city of Eagle, they can look forward to the direction the city’s going.”


Feature photo courtesy of the City of Eagle

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6 thoughts on “Eagle City Council President Brad Pike Defeats Incumbent Jason Pierce to Win Mayoral Runoff Election

  1. Brad Pike ran a contentious campaign where he impugned Mayor Jason Pierce and ran on a platform he adopted from Stan Ridgeway, mostly issues that Brad Pike had voted for originally. I have never seen such a vitriolic campaign for local elections and when the democrats back Brad Pike, that just shows who the real conservative is.

  2. In viewing the supplied Precinct Status Map, it looks like once again that a relatively small land mass area of intracity Liberals control the will and direction over the vastly larger land area of the Conservatives.

    Will Pike be capable of following Pierce’s conservative lead?
    Will Pike stumble into Ridgeway’s progressive liberal disaster?

    We wish him well, yet The People cannot allow the City of Eagle to fall like Boise and Meridian have fallen into Progressivism.

  3. Mail in voting is ripe with fraud. “41.8% of Eagle voters cast a ballot through mail-in, early voting, or election day voting.” How many of Pikes votes came mail in?

    1. If you actually knew HOW the “mail-in” (we don’t have mail-in votes in Idaho, we have ABSENTEE – there IS a difference) are requested, processed and received, you would not make such an ignorant statement. I work in elections and I know the process. The ‘”fraud” people like you continue to claim happens has NO evidence to back it up. If you want to know how many votes for each candidate were done absentee, early OR day of, you CAN request that information. It is available to the public.

      1. Glad to know Idaho runs things differently than states like Pennsylvania or Nevada or Arizona.

        So do absentee ballots have to be returned with a signature by a specific date? (I’ve never used one so I’m asking.)

  4. guys, Pike won, Pierce didn’t. You know why? Pike got more votes. Those of you that think that Pike ran a bad campaign, for reasons of campaign “hit pieces” are so disolusioned by partisan garbage that they fail to realize the cowardly, lying, influence that PAC’s and Party’s tried to have on this election, especially those funded by so-called conservatives, mostly the builder groups. Don’t believe me, just look at the sunshine reports. Yes, I have done that. You dishoner your intelligence to call the geographic area that Pike got the most votes from “intracity liberals”. Dude, the housing density is higher there is all. He got lots of votes all over the city.
    I have no dog in the fight that is the city of Eagle but I do have some advice for you that call and write your city council. PLEASE, have them steer the course for your downtown redevelopment. The last several mayors have wasted years of your time and several millions of your tax dollars trying to figure out what Eagle’s core will look like when, as I like to say, “Eagle grows up”. ACHD has very patiently allowed each new administration to pretty much have their own way on what those roads are going to look like. Years have gone by and Eagle has missed out on millions of dollars that would have been spent in your town by now. All the while your mayors and many city council members have whined, complained, gone to the media and even contacted the legislature about ACHD not spending enough money in Eagle.

    I wish Brad Pike all the best. He’ll need all your prayers and constructive, CIVIL, input to lead Eagle sucessfully the next 4 years.

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