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Disputatious Eagle Mayoral Runoff Election to be Decided by Voters Tuesday December 5

By • December 3, 2023

The City of Eagle’s Mayoral runoff is Tuesday, December 5. It has been a heated and contentious race between incumbent Mayor Jason Pierce and challenger Brad Pike.

The involvement of political action committees (PACs) in this race has been the basis for some of the arguments between the two candidates.

This image was sent out by a group called Preserve Idaho PAC. The accompanying message reads,

“Hi, I’m Rene with Preserve Idaho PAC. I just found out that the same liberal dark money group (Conservation Voters for Idaho) that supported Boise Mayor Lauren McLean is now supporting Brad Pike here in Eagle. Why? I want a conservative, not a hidden California Democrat.”

Pike responded on social media, saying,

“I want to set the record straight and address the false allegations that have been circulating about my campaign. It is 100% false to claim that I have accepted dark money. I have never received dark money or accepted developer contributions because I am committed to putting Eagle citizens first above all.

I want to emphasize that I have no control over what other PACs do, as we are not involved with them. If you have questions or concerns about the sources of campaign funding, I encourage you to examine the Sunshine Report. It provides transparency about who has contributed to my campaign and who has contributed to my opponent’s campaign.

…These false allegations only serve to distract from the real issues that our community faces.”

Another issue in the race has been the involvement of a PAC called Idaho Voting Project. Thad Butterworth, Chair of the Ada County Republican Central Committee, sent an email detailing what he says was a phone call to an Eagle voter. According to his email, the voicemail is quoted as saying,

“Hi, Joy. I’m a volunteer with the Idaho Voting Project and I’m talking with voters in Eagle and reminding them of the upcoming Runoff Election in Eagle on Tuesday, uh, December 5th. Uh, your polling place is the Eagle Seventh Day Adventist Church. You can also early vote next Monday through Friday at the Eagle Library. At the Idaho Voting Project we are supporting candidate Brad Pike and we hope that we have your vote. Thank you.”

Butterworth’s email showed an image of a 2014 document from the Idaho Secretary of State for the assumed business name, “Idaho Voting Project” having been filed by the Idaho Democratic Party.

Butterworth explained,

“This call was made by the Democrat Precinct Committeeperson for Precinct 1410. Below is a copy of the Idaho Democrat Party filing for an assumed business name as the Idaho Voting Project.”

He added his thoughts to conclude the email,

“The behavior that the Democrats are engaging in are same behaviors that cause voters to be turned off by politics. I call on the Democrats to be open and honest about their support of candidates. It brings a sense of fairness and honesty when voters can see who supports a candidate, instead of hiding behind assumed business names. “

Idaho Republican Party Chair Dorothy Moon also sent out correspondence regarding the Idaho Voting Project:

…it has come to our attention that the Idaho Democratic Party is actively campaigning and sending text messages in support of candidate Brad Pike. This overt endorsement and involvement in a non-partisan election reveals the clear ideological divide between the two candidates, Mayor Jason Pierce and Brad Pike…

…This further underscores the Idaho Republican Party’s commitment to the resolution advocating for non-partisan local elections in Idaho to be made partisan. It is important and beneficial for voters to understand a candidate’s affiliation to make informed choices at the ballot box that align with their ideologies and values.

Pierce followed up on social media, reposting what Butterworth had sent out, “providing support of Chairwoman Moon’s email.”

Idaho Dispatch has asked the Idaho Democratic Party to comment on this matter. We will provide an update if a response is received.

Ada County Sheriff Matt Clifford posted to social media a response to calls he has received regarding a mailer that was sent to Eagle voters that gives the appearance of an endorsement by Clifford for Pierce. Clifford explains,

“I have received many inquiries regarding a mailer received by Eagle citizens. While this mailer insinuates my endorsement for Mayor Jason Pierce, based on my picture and the misquote, I do not endorse any Eagle Mayoral candidate. I am disappointed that my words and images have been used in an attempt to manipulate the residents of Eagle and the use of my position as the Ada County Sheriff as a pawn in the politics of this election.”

Eagle voters will decide whom they believe, and whose vision for Eagle aligns with their own when they go to the polls on Tuesday.

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14 thoughts on “Disputatious Eagle Mayoral Runoff Election to be Decided by Voters Tuesday December 5

  1. House, Senate and Governor should protect The People and pass legislation that eliminates political PACs entirely from Idaho.

    Campaign funding should only have one source, The People’s, where a maximum campaign donation of $2,000.00 per candidate/person is allowed.

  2. Good morning Idaho dispatch readers. I agree mostly with Idaho Seven.
    But I think $1500 would be the magic mark. This would allow the average citizen to compete with and against IACI and all other wealthy elites and or “pac ish” donors.
    What a mess and battle we have going on in this state and nation against the judeo-Christian western culture.
    Point of interest. Conservatives. You must be involved. You must pull your head out of the sand, and complacent, apathetic trance you have allowed your selves to become victim to. A new poll has revealed up to 55% of registered Republican voters are not voting or participating in the future of our nation and culture.
    Yes they (leftist, progressive marxists) can and will transform Idaho and the nation. It’s already more than 1/2 way there. Right in front of you and under your nose.
    The battle has been raging in Idaho for 23 years starting with Butch Otters election to Congress.
    Get involved, stay involved and yes put your money $$$$$$$$ where your mouth or beliefs are. Or someone else will.

    1. Idaho has been Californiated. Californians will and do vote like Californians. Being close to Christmas we need to make Christmas tree ornaments out of our politicians, We are more and they are supposed to serve us npt their corporate donors.

  3. PAC’s and Lobbyists destroy the fabric of what honest elections were meant to be about, candidates and vision. Now it’s a free-for-all, like sharks and blood in the water. Everything gets lost in translation. It’s bad enough that we worry about harvesting, voting machines, etc across the country. Will we ever have a free and fair election again with all this added craziness? I dunno. But beyond all that, Go Mayor Jason Pierce! He’s honestly done a great job for Eagle and definitely needs to stay.

  4. My vote is for Jason Pierce. And I agree with Son of Thunder…..get involved! Idaho will turn BLUE if Conservatives/Republicans don’t wake up! Do your research. Get out and VOTE

  5. What is the party affiliation of the candidates? Surely somewhere on voter roles it’s listed? And yes they can register as being republican but a democrat in disguise.
    We need partisan elections. If you won’t acknowledge your party membership you’re a democrat.

    1. And you, my friend, are cmpletely out of touch with the word “non-partisan”. There is no reason for the ballot to indicate party affiliation in a NON-PARTISAN election. Yes, it will be on the voter rolls, if someone wishes to pay the $20 required for a copy of the voter rolls. If individuals are relying on another candidate or Party to reveal that then their laziness is showing and/or they are relying on the dishonesty and lack of “non-partisan” integrity required by current statute but also currently being beat to death by Idaho’s 2 predominate parties, especially the Republicans. If you need partisan elections accross the board, you are just patently lazy and/or cannot bear the thought that a school board election, highway district, city council, etc election could actually be handled by an honest citizen of any or no political party. Actually, it sounds like laziness, plain and simple.

      The good news is that most of the folks I’ve run across who insist that every election become partisan are the laziest, whiniest voters in Idaho.

  6. I very much appreciate this article. It outlines not only the bad joke that PAC involvement has become in Idaho, but has highlighted the efforts of political parties (especially the Republicans) to partisanize all elections, period. Dorothy Moon, Thad Butterworth, individuals who are considered “far right” and many of the Idaho Legislature referred to as “mainstream Republicans” have tried for years to completely wipe from the face of Idaho any chance for regular citizens to have any chance in hell of winning an election unless they declare themselves as Republicans on ballot so that all the lazy fools that don’t do their homework, will vote for them without giving anything but the party label any thought. That tactic has proven to work here in Idaho, unfortunately. The efforts of the Ada County and Idaho GOP’s to codify this kind of behavior can be stopped only by the legislature. Folks like Mike Moyle, Joe Palmer, Megan Blanksma, Jason Monks and their supporters, are all trying to grow the scope of government in the area of transportation as well as partisanize the ACHD commission (and other governments) and will continue their efforts in the comming session. Some local government leaders constantly whine about not having control of their roads. Trust me or not when I say it ain’t about controlling the roads at all, it’s about control of the money involved with roads, period. If you give your city the ability to take care of their own roads (an issue currently not being debted or voted on), you’ll see taxes go up by tens of millions of dollars and the taxes that you, as citizens hope would go to the roads, will undoubtedly (as they do everywhere else in the good old USA) be spent on things besides roads. That is an issue in your Eagle mayoral election tomorrow, just not one that has been discussed openly, just hinted at rather loudly.

    Concerning PAC involvement, just look at the sunshine report of this cowardly bunch of liars and you will see that they have been funded largely by the building trades and building trade PAC contributions. These are the same folks that tried so hard, in cowardly and lying fashion, to influence the ACHD elections last year, unsucessfully, I might add. They fabricated stories about candidates, raised tens of thousands of dollars to hire “conservative” campaign staffers to develop mailing pieces filled with lies and inaccuracies,, just as they are doing this year against Mr. Pike. As Mr Pike has said, he hasn’t sought the support, especially financially, of anyone other than ordinary citizens. Do I care who makes direct contributions to candidates? Heaven’s no. In my own case, I’ve never been asked for a favor from anyone who has contributed to my campaigns. All donors were warned against doing that right up front. PACs? Now that’s a different story altogether, and to heck with their expectations. Candidates have absolutely ZERO say about what these campaign entities do, say or influence. Since, for the very most part, I’ve personally seen nothing but either blatent or slightly less blatent attempts to influence voters by any means at their disposal, honest or not, it wouldn’t bother me a bit to see (PACs) outlawed

    I nearly laughed so hard it hurt when I saw the lie about our County Sheriff and a supposed endorsement, especially for who he was supposed to be endorsing, this after the near disaster that was the negotiations concerning law enforcement in Eagle recently.

    I will not be voting in your Eagle election and, frankly, couldn’t really care less who wins. What I care about is working constructively on an ongoing basis with the winner, whoever that might be. I care more than anything else about the processes in our elections. These processes are becomming crazier by the election cycle, less honest and more confusing as well, mostly due to dishonesty by PAC organizations.

    I hope you all vote tomorrow. Without you voting, too few will decide too much, and that would be a terrible thing for you in Eagle.

  7. Idaho has been Californiated. Californians will and do vote like Californians. Being close to Christmas we need to make Christmas tree ornaments out of our politicians, We are more and they are supposed to serve us not their corporate donors. The republicans we have are at best the lesser of the evils.

  8. Idaho is turning blue because of PAC fraud. We’re seeing leftist after leftist win primaries because of fraudulent deceptive mailers flooding our mailboxes for every race from library board to state senate.

    Up here we have North Idaho Voter Services – run by Democrats – spending money sending out mailers supporting RINOs. I’m not sure how we counter this other than by sending out more mailers. People are too apathetic and disinterested and just pull the lever for whichever “R” has better brochures with zero research.

    How else did Brad Little get elected?

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