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Did an Armed March Take Place at Idaho’s Capitol Today? Not While We Were There

By • January 17, 2021

The Federal Bureau of Investigation warned state governments across the country that a group was planning armed marches at all 50 state capitols.

FBI officials did not disclose who the group was or any other details about what might occur other than the group planned to “storm” the capitols. Flyers circulated around the country asking for citizens in all 50 states to be at their state capitols at noon on Sunday, January 17th.

As a result, a number of state governments closed down their capitols and put up barricades. Idaho did not make any changes to its capitol building set up but the doors were closed today because it is Sunday.

Idaho Dispatch previously reported that no conservative group in Idaho planned on being part of the event because they felt it was a “set up” for something bad.

Today, Idaho Dispatch went down to the capitol to cover the event and see who might show up.

Idaho Dispatch’s report is that no one showed up for any event from the time we got to the capitol until the time we left.

There were a few Boise police officers who were either stationary in their vehicles or driving around the capitol. Idaho Dispatch spoke with one of the officers after our live broadcast and they told us that they had not observed anything nefarious happening.

Idaho Dispatch was on the ground reporting live from the capitol at about 11:55 a.m. MST until approximately 12:25 p.m. MST.

Other than what appeared to be a number of people walking around the area and some people taking pictures in front of the capitol, Idaho Dispatch observed no one who appeared to be there for an “armed march” or any other type of protest.

While some protesters did show up in Ohio and Michigan, other states like North Carolina and Nebraska are also reporting no “armed” protesters were at their state capitols.

You can catch Idaho Dispatch’s report from the capitol below:

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2 thoughts on “Did an Armed March Take Place at Idaho’s Capitol Today? Not While We Were There

  1. This is gaslighting at best. Who it is coming from is not clear, but the narrative being created is if anybody is on the right, they are no different than a domestic terrorist. People want to tell you “a story”, not “the story”. Never forget that.

  2. A big hoax and it’s just getting started. We need the Legislature to step up big and strong this year with State sovergeinty. The attack from the Feds is coming starting day one

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