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Constitutional Ban on Marijuana and Other Psychoactive Drugs Passes Senate Committee

By • January 29, 2021

On Monday, the Senate State Affairs Committee held a public hearing on SJR 101, a ban on marijuana and other psychoactive drugs.

The bill heard public testimony for and against the proposal with more individuals/groups testifying in favor of SJR 101. Time eventually ran out prior to a vote taking place and a vote was delayed until today.

This morning, Senator C. Scott Grow (R-Eagle) gave his closing testimony in favor of the SJR 101 and the Senate State Affairs Committee debated the issue a little more before voting on it.

After debate, the committee voted in favor of SJR 101 on a voice vote.

Senator Grant Burgoyne (D-Boise) made a motion to “hold” the bill in committee and said during his debate that he does not agree that Idaho’s drug laws are what attract people to the state. He said that the drug problem here is just as bad as many other states. Burgoyne says our current drug policies are not working and something must be done.

Burgoyne’s motion ultimately failed and a substitute motion by Senator Abby Lee (R-Fruitland) to send SJR 101 to the full Senate was made. Lee said she wanted the people of Idaho to have the final say on the issue.

SJR 101 now heads to the full Idaho Senate. Because SJR 101 would be a proposed constitutional amendment next year on the ballot, it must have 2/3rds of the Idaho Senate and 2/3rds of the Idaho House.

The governor will have no veto power over SJR 101 because proposed constitutional amendments are ultimately approved or rejected by voters.

A date for the full Idaho Senate to take up SJR 101 has not yet been determined but there are enough co-sponsors on the measure as it currently stands to pass it when a vote does take place.

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