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SJR 101 Would Constitutionally Ban Marijuana and Other Psychoactive Drugs in Idaho

By • January 25, 2021

A Senate Joint Resolution has been introduced in the Idaho Legislature which would let Idahoans vote on whether or not to prohibit the “production, manufacture, transportation, sale, delivery, dispensing, distribution, possession, or use of certain psychoactive drugs” unless they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and prescribed and distributed by a doctor.

SJR 101 was presented this morning by Sen. Scott Grow (R-Eagle) in the Senate State Affairs Committee.

The resolution’s official Statement of Purpose is as follows:

The Idaho Constitution affirms that the “first concern of all good government is the virtue and sobriety of the people”. Neighboring states have legalized controlled substances to the detriment of their children, families and communities. This constitutional amendment prevents the erosion of Idaho statutes which currently control these substances. It protects and preserves Idaho’s values and quality of life, protects the environment, provides requirementsfor lawful use of these substances, promotesfreedom from addiction, and seeksto avoid economic and social costs to our citizens.

Grow, the resolution’s sponsor, said during the public hearing that the resolution is designed to protect the health of Idahoans and not increase crime by allowing psychoactive drugs to be legalized.

Additionally, Grow cited a study from Colorado that says the cost of legalizing drugs would cost far more than the revenue it would bring in.

Grow also said that the Idaho Sheriff’s Association, the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police, the Idaho Prosecuting Attorney’s Association, the Idaho Chief’s of Police, and Code 3, 2, 1 (retired law enforcement organization) are all in favor of SJR 101.

Grow closed by reading a suicide note that was left for a mother of a child who Grows says was addicted to marijuana,

My soul is already dead. Marijuana killed my soul and ruined my brain.

Sen. Grant Burgoyne (D-Boise) questioned  Grow on why a future legislature and the people shouldn’t have the right to debate the issue in the future because the policy would be set in a constitutional amendment. Grow responded by saying that a future legislature could still do another constitutional amendment to try and undo the one he is proposing.

Sen. Chuck Winder (R-Boise) asked Grow if CBD with less than 3% would be banned under SJR 101 and Grow said that it would not be banned.

From the public testimony that took place, more than half was in favor of SJR 101.

After public testimony was completed, time ran out prior to Grow giving his closing statement. A vote on the measure has been delayed until Wednesday.

The resolution is currently co-sponsored by the following 22 state senators: Senator Chuck Winder, Senator Kelly Anthon, Senator Abby Lee, Senator Mark Harris, Senator Patti Anne Lodge, Senator Jim Guthrie, Senator Lee Heider, Senator Jeff Agenbroad, Senator Steve Bair, Senator Van Burtenshaw, Senator Lori Den Hartog, Senator Todd Lakey, Senator Fred Martin, Senator Jim Patrick, Senator Mary Souza, Senator Steven Thayn, Senator Carl Crabtree, Senator Jim Woodward, Senator Dave Lent, Senator Peter Riggs, Senator Kevin Cook, Senator Doug Ricks

This means that the Idaho Senate appears to already have the necessary votes to pass this resolution unless some senators were to change their minds.

Do you believe Idaho should ban marijuana and other drugs as a state constitutional amendment?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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45 thoughts on “SJR 101 Would Constitutionally Ban Marijuana and Other Psychoactive Drugs in Idaho

  1. Absolutely NOT! Marijuana doesn’t ruin lives and cause deaths. One kid, who refused to live his life, blames marijuana and that makes it deadly? Not! Alcohol has ruined far more lives, caused far more deaths, and it’s legal. Stop this outdated “Reefer Madness” mindset. You’re just exposing your ignorance.

  2. I lived in the land of marijuana – and it took countless lives and killed futures of so many children . I moved here to escape that mess . This amendment is necessary to keep Idaho from being a little Oregon or little California . Please pass the continuing resolution !!

    1. Ive seen it too as a licensed psych nurse. I agree with your statement. I had to retire because I was attacked by a youth that had smoked so much marijuana he was psychotic and beat myself and two others so badly we all physical injuries that caused us to be disabled. Yes, it causes psychosis. Yes, it harms kids and adults brain matter. It is not harmless. I have also left a post below on the huge problem of illegal grows that come with legalized marijuana. Its a bad deal. It is also why I moved to Idaho. I do not want to be in or raise my kids in a state that has legalized growing marijuana.

        1. This is total and complete ignorance and will make criminals out of many good people. who don’t deserve to be incarcerated for possessing a plant and sure. The double standards between certain parts of idaho and the rest of the state will just keep right on going the way it has been. Double standards much.

    2. Cannabis right now is the only thing that is keeping my father going through chemo able to eat and sleep. Also I would like to see the facts where someone has died from Cannabis. I am fortunately move back to Idaho last year and now are on pharmaceutical drugs by my doctor where in Oregon Iris prescribed one thing and that was cannabis and it helped with anxiety depression sleep disorder. I would like your opinion on what my cancer patient father and I should doIf we do not take cannabis I really do not like the xanex that I’m prescribed now

    3. Let’s look at some benefits numbers came out Ontario Oregon sold 90 million dollars of Cannabis in ..2020 I don’t know the number for taxes on that are but just think how great of a new transit system Idaho needs and/or just the taxes alone would help with better care for serious drugs instead of costing Idaho money By throwing people in Prison…

  3. The bill looks pretty weak. Not in a sense that it wants to ban marijuana; it leaves way too much grey to muddle the real problem for law enforcement, attys and judges to stumble around! There is already way too much grey area in many statutes already in place! Who does the measuring of the 3%? How does that even make sense? Is marijuana going to be illegal or not! What other psycotropic drugs are you talking about? We as a nation are already in a word/drug war about who or what is to be used, prescribed and now to some, impossible to obtain because of government overreach. Our state legislators need to dig deep into this subject. If you dont know the details about this entire subject please dont just throw a bill out there mentioning one herb or chemical and give it a broad/grey stroke and pass it! Leave it alone or know details before you pen your name. And Yes, let the citizens vote on it! It’s their lives and bodies.

  4. Yes, solidify the illegality of pot. We don’t want it in Idaho. There are only three states in the whole country that don’t have some sort of allowance for marijuana. Let’s keep Idaho pot free!

    1. Do you Have a better alternative for The side effects of chemo.. There is a pile of pills that my family member takes every day To help with the side effects of chemo. None seem to be working so they prescribe him more Pills. Do you know what has helped him and has made him feel the best since starting this therapy ??? cannabis has. Why should you and other people of your opinion make someone else suffer miserably. Do you have the answer for that? Can my family member come to your house in puke in your toilet.

  5. Pure unadulterated fear mongering about Marijuana, and increasing tyranny at that. Primary ALL the MORONS who waste time on STUPID things like this.

  6. I thought Idaho was all about freedom?? And these so called RINOs preach about how much they care about people, while simultaneously stripping us of our freedoms, as they sip on their 4th glass of whiskey, light their cigar, and eat their fast food, after not exercising for the last decade ‍♂️

  7. We’ve seen our neighbors and the nightmare those states are going through. People so druged out, they have no idea whats going on in the world around them.
    Idaho is to great to let that happen.
    Lets say No to All Illegal Drugs & call Idaho a Drug Free Zone.
    Thank you

    1. So are you proposing that Prescription drugs should also be banned from Idaho. Because remember it is a prescribed drugs less than 30 minutes from Boise From qualified doctors? What makes it illegal 30 minutes away besides a border are the doctors in all but 4 States incompetent that do not allow cannabis?

  8. This is ridiculous. Marijuana stole my soul and ruined my brain?? Come on now. This bs is right out of refer madness. From a state government that prizes individual rights I find this pretty disturbing rhetoric coming from the capitol. And since when has asking the police their opinion about an illegal activity useful? Talk about logical fallacies! Here is a poll that makes more sense a poll of drs. A majority of physicians are in favor of legalizing marijuana nationwide, according to a newly published survey, and an even bigger supermajority back allowing medical cannabis.
    The results of the poll, which was conducted by Medscape Medical News, also show strong support for marijuana reforms from other medical professionals like nurses, pharmacists and psychologists, as well as those working in health business and administration.
    Here’s how the healthcare professionals responded to the question, “Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legalized Nationally?”
    Physicians: 53% support
    Health Business/Administration: 72% support
    Nurses: 57% support
    Pharmacists: 54% support
    Psychologists: 61% support
    And when asked, “Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized Nationally?” they replied as follows:
    Physicians: 67% support
    Health Business/Administration: 88% support
    Nurses: 82% support
    Pharmacists: 71% support
    Psychologists: 82% support

    1. Add to that: There are NO addictive properties to THC or CBD. No responsible user allows, buys or gives pot to minors under 18. Regulating it is the only way to track use and abuse. IF you prohibit something, anything, you automatically create a black-market economy for it. It costs FAR more to enforce than to regulate any substance.

    2. The state government doesn’t care about individual rights. Straight from the horse’s mouth:

      The Idaho Constitution affirms that the “first concern of all good government is the virtue and sobriety of the people”.

      They just want to tell us what’s good for us and what isn’t.

  9. I allready expressed my thoughts in an email to Thayn, so rather than reinvent the wheel, here it is:

    Mr Thayn,

    You and I have met briefly once in Emmet, where you stood up to share your belief in the importance of the personal responsibility of citizens for their own affairs. Certainly what one ingests is not only far beyond the legitimate scope of government, it is an affront the dignity and autonomy of a free citizen. I have no right to dictate to my neighbor what he can or cannot consume, and he bears full responsibility for the consequences of his dietary choices. If I don’t have any right to dictate to my neighbor what he can ingest, than I certainly cannot have delegated that right to you as my representative, and therefore you certainly don’t have that right either. And so I morally object to any legislation that attempts to regulate what my neighbor can or cannot ingest as it is an affront to his dignity and a tyrannical overste by the government.

    Before I get to my practical objections, I have another moral objection. Any attempt to justify such legislation as being in the best interest of my neighbor who might otherwise choose to consume harmful substances is demonstrably hypocritical. Whatever harm may come to an individual for making the wrong choices of what substances to ingest are personal. (Any discussion of protecting others from his actions while intoxicated are besides the point of this discussion. Such protections can and do exist in the abscence of prohibition – alcohol is not prohibited and yet there are laws against drunk driving, etc.) The consequences of prohibition have ranged from having a criminal record (effectively blacklisting a violater from gainful employment, educational opportunities, etc.) to imprisonment – even life sentences have been issued over marijuana prohibition! How can one, with a straight face, suggest that it is for the welfare of our neighbors that we would permanently handicap their ability to function in society or throw them in cages rather than let them ingest a substance that we believe may cause them personal harm?

    Practically, I must obejct due to the cost of this misguided and tyranical interference with my neighbor’s dignity and freedoms. Although I don’t have numbers for the state of Idaho, Federally, in 2015, the government spent $9.2 million dollars every day to incarcerate people charged with drug related offenses! How is this the “conservative” or “small government” approach? Besides the ridiculous costs of prohibition, we can also easily see the increase of police power and abuses that has occured under the war on drugs. No-knock raids, civil asset forfeiture, and other abuses have directly resulted from this misguided “war.”

    Finally, I think the words of Frederic Bastiat are applicable to this discussion. A handful of folks that claim to know best what the right dietary choices are for 1.8 million of their nieghbors are, and claim the moral right to force these choices on them is not unlike Bastiats tale in “The Law,” and so I will close with his words:
    My attitude toward all other persons is well illustrated by this story from a celebrated traveler: He arrived one day in the midst of a tribe of savages, where a child had just been born. A crowd of soothsayers, magicians, and quacks — armed with rings, hooks, and cords — surrounded it. One said: “This child will never smell the perfume of a peace-pipe unless I stretch his nostrils.” Another said: “He will never be able to hear unless I draw his ear-lobes down to his shoulders.” A third said: “He will never see the sunshine unless I slant his eyes.” Another said: “He will never stand upright unless I bend his legs.” A fifth said: “He will never learn to think unless I flatten his skull.”

    “Stop,” cried the traveler. “What God does is well done. Do not claim to know more than He. God has given organs to this frail creature; let them develop and grow strong by exercise, use, experience, and liberty.”

    God has given to men all that is necessary for them to accomplish their destinies. He has provided a social form as well as a human form. And these social organs of persons are so constituted that they will develop themselves harmoniously in the clean air of liberty. Away, then, with quacks and organizers! A way with their rings, chains, hooks, and pincers! Away with their artificial systems! Away with the whims of governmental administrators, their socialized projects, their centralization, their tariffs, their government schools, their state religions, their free credit, their bank monopolies, their regulations, their restrictions, their equalization by taxation, and their pious moralizations!

    And now that the legislators and do-gooders have so futilely inflicted so many systems upon society, may they finally end where they should have begun: May they reject all systems, and try liberty; for liberty is an acknowledgment of faith in God and His works.


    Jon Butterfield

    1. If this is such and important issue, then put it up for a vote. I’m so tired of the few making decisions for all of us.
      Time for Less government , get your petty rules out of our legislature! I didn’t elect people to tell “We the people” what to do in our private lives.
      Good grief people, u want to address a personal issue, let’s discuss the insane increase in alcohol abuse. But no, cuz u all want to go home to your wine or beer. But booze kills millions of people. Spend your time on constructive issues or don’t bother to even show up!
      I’m so ready for a new crop of politicians that don’t need to have their noses in everyone’s business and can concentrate on helping our small business, our education system, our infrastructure. The options are endless

  10. Do not support this amendment. 70% of Idahoans support the LEGALIZATION of cannabis. It’s the epitome of arrogance for mankind to think they can make a plant God put on this earth, and COMMANDED us to use, illegal. As a combat Veteran, I’ve had two different Federal doctors recommend that I try cannabis to treat several of my service connected conditions, and I did. It works wonderfully…much better than any pharmaceutical they can prescribe with no adverse long term side effects. That said, I am unable to use this medication in our State b/c someone is arrogant enough to think they know better than God, and me, about what’s best for myself. Technically, it’s un-Constitutional to take the actions you’re thinking about take, as you are abridging my strongly held religious beliefs. The Word of God commands we use the plants He put on this earth, and I’ve found His medicine is FAR superior to the man-made pharmaceuticals, with all of their ill side effects. I paid a VERY HIGH PRICE for the Freedoms we are supposed to have in America and I strongly urge you to vote NO on this Constitutional Amendment. Let’s leave this matter up to the voters.

  11. If you legalize it will ruin Idaho, its land, water and increased crime. Hear me out… or not. First hand knowledge here. You get tons more illegal than legal grows, most hidden some not so hidden on public and private lands(even hidden grows on your land that you have to deal with) . Where the growers come in using the creeks and rivers for the grows, filling them full of chemical fertilizers and pesticides polluting the waters and land. When the grow is done they abandon the camp leaving their trash, tents and garbage behind. This affects the local wildlife and forests.You have to be careful if you go out riding, hiking, camping or hunting as you might run into a grow on public land and get yourself shot on a nice weekend outing. You always have to pack. As for the legal grows, or hidden grows on private land. I have witnessed the Hmong along with others come in and buy up the cheaper/less desirable areas of land. They buy water from the local farmers and ranchers(at a big profit for farmers) I have seen the water trucks lined up at some of the ranches) They also put in non permitted wells or siphon off creeks/streams near their land to water the grows. This has brought the water tables down so low that everyones wells are dry by mid summer. This has become a huge problem all the way around for land owners and wildlife, fish, ect. Then you have the transient pickers come in once a year, that bring in their homeless camps to public land, under bridges and so on. They leave their garbage, tents, trash behind when the growing season is done. Not to mention local crime goes way up. The police,sheriffs, USFS depts dont have enough people to keep control of the legal and illegal grows, then there are the forest fires that get started on public land by the hidden illegal growing camps. This is my short version. TAX money rarely goes to the areas is suppose too. Why do we want more things for the government to tax? Dont we want less taxes. Look at the REAL price of legalizing before you make your decision.

    1. You are actually making arguments for legalization. If you legalize it, why would anyone grow it on public land instead of in their own basement? Think! I am pretty sure polluting the waters and land, littering, drilling wells without a permit, etc., is already illegal. If you legalize a crop, you incentivize the farmer to comply with environmental laws, not the other way around. If a crop can make cheaper/less desirable areas of land more valuable and productive, that is a good thing. Legalization makes local crime go way down, not up – that is probably the main point of legalization.

  12. State level prohibition will work out just as well as the nationwide alcohol prohibition fiasco. That took two constitutional amendments to fix. the problem with drugs is exactly the same situation as with firearms, it is not the item it is the person using the item. We learn nothing from history…

  13. Here we have another RINO more concerned with his ‘power’ than Liberty. The country is being brought to its knees by the Globalist and all this guy cares about is what some kids are doing down at the river.

  14. Idaho State Senator C. Scott Grow has written SJR101 and I believe this is a open and blatant attempt to silence the peoples voices, ability and right to make changes via a Citizens Initiative. Yes, this bill deals with psychoactive drugs but it shows me that he could easily propose to apply the same type of language to ban certain firearms, automobiles, communications equipment, mining and anything else that he deems to be a threat or harmful to his personal values. This type of proposed legislation is another attempt to control the peoples ability to make their own choices and should not be a part of Idaho’s Constitution. Senator Grow has tried for several years to find a way to make the citizen initiative process as difficult as possible and this year he is trying to use Senate Joint Resolution 101 as another approach to silence the peoples voice. I hope you can agree that this proposed legislation is not good for the people. I am asking people to please flood the State House with emails and phone calls to let all of their representatives and senators know that this type of legislation is not needed and will not be tolerated. The people have a right to be heard and not silenced.
    Thank you

  15. Regardless of anyone’s stance towards any form of marijuana law this amendment is removing the people’s right to vote. If this amendment goes through AND the people voted FOR marijuana the amendment would win “by default” this is another case of a select few in power forgetting they are there to represent the people and their choices (votes)

  16. So is Idaho pro-freedom or not?

    Support liberty. Just because YOU don’t like something doesn’t mean others shouldn’t have it.

  17. Few individuals have had the opportunity to witness first hand, investigate and discover for them-self the potential benefits of Medical Marijuana than Mr Grow. His niece is a long-term grower of Medical Marijuana; and his sister-in-law has benefited from its use in life-changing ways that no FDA approved drug has.

    His niece started growing Medical Marijuana in California and now grows in Oregon. She and her significant other routinely produce a cannabis crop that tops all others in purity and effectiveness. They number among the most skilled and informed members of the Medical Marijuana community. They are a wellspring of first hand knowledge. They have a lifetime of relevant experiences. And they are respected leaders in this profession.

    Their farm and production processes are highly regulated and routinely inspected. Their crop undergoes rigorous laboratory testing and would be rejected for even the smallest deviation.

    Yet, with this astounding resource at his hand and considering his choice to be an authoritative voice on the topic; Mr Grow has never contacted his niece; never asked a question, never offered to debate the topic and never requested evidence of health and treatment benefits. How could any open minded leader scorn such an opportunity.

    Mr Grow’s Sister-in-Law (and my wife) suffers from a severe Mitochondrial condition. (The mitochondria converts sugar into energy, there are hundreds in each human cell and contain their own DNA) The mitochondria it her muscles and nerve’s have mutated; greatly reducing their efficiency and leaving my wife 95% bedridden. The affect on her nerves includes the result of being in severe pain 24/7.

    She is treated by the Chief of Staff for Treasure Valley’s Chapter of MD (Muscular Dystrophy. She was prescribed twelve 10mg “Norco’s (opioids) a day. They also contain acetaminophen. Twelve Norco’s delivers the highest amount of acetaminophen possible without overdosing and causing kidney failure. Even at that quantity; they did not mask all her pain. That is the only thing opioids do – mask pain (and cause severe side-effects). They do nothing to treat the under-lying source. They are highly addictive, the leading pharmaceutical abused drug on the street and a leading killer of Americans due to accidental over-dose by patients and by abusers, as well as suicide. They have extreme side-effects; specially with high doses

    My wife, like her mom and the rest of her family; are hardly frail. They are of the same stock as their prairie-crossing; mountain-traversing ancestors. Yet, day after day I could hear her muffled cries of agony; even as she sought to spare me this burden.

    My step daughter continuously advised us to try marijuana. We did not want to bring illegal drugs into our home and believed what the government was saying. More than a year later; a friend was visiting my wife and pulled out two cookies made with marijuana. In desperation my wife ate them. I remember how her expression slowly changed to that of astonishment as she said “I can feel the pain leaving my fingers!” The exclamations continued until she finally said “for the first time in years; I cannot feel any pain.”

    Marijuana is not a ‘pain killer’ like opioids. It does not work by simply masking pain. It affects various systems changing their malignant behavior and thereby reducing or eliminating the associated symptoms. It is my opinion as a professional systems analyst, albeit non-medical; that the reason Marijuana works so well for my wife is due to her nerves being so under charged. The nerve receptors in the brain get bad data and consequently generates false pain. Marijuana either positively affects the data from the nerves or prevents the pain receptors from sending rogue pain signals.

    My step daughter moved her farm to Oregon. Since my wife would not bring illegal drugs into Idaho; She moved into her daughter’s home for treatment. With this treatment; Mr Grow’s Sister-in-law no longer needs to muffle her agony. She no longer suffers from intense constipation, ‘picking’ at her skin, insomnia addiction, rebound headaches and other opioid side-effects. She no longer needs to face the risk of overdose. But to receive this treatment; she must leave the State of Idaho. She must escape the tired rhetoric of those who will oppose a thing without exploring a thing; even when it exists within their own family.

    Idaho is not the Medical Research Center of the world; yet Idaho is the only state to not accept the use of Marijuana in any form. If it is not expertise that has brought Idaho to this choice; one must ask “what has?”

  18. This is Representative Mike Kingsley, I have served on two of Governor Littles Opioid task forces. I agree with Senators Grows SJR if he left a carve out for Medical Marijuana.
    Opioids are still the only option for severe pain, I have an uncle I was very close to, he spent 3 years battling Cancer, Opioids caused him severe bowel issues, he switched to cannabis lived two year completely pain free and was able to eat.
    Utah has a Bill that is the strictest bill ever, so strict the LDS Church endorsed it. I will be bringing a similar bill due to Senators Grows SJR bill, I cannot in good conscious after seeing Opioids and how terrible the consequences to not try before it is illegal to bring common sense cannabis to Idaho.
    Before you judge please read Utahs Bill, it treats it as a pharmacy drug, it would need a complete overhaul to expand into anything more than a patient, Doctor relationship.
    I’m from Lewiston, due to my proximity to Clarkston Washington ( one bridge) I know of and have been contacted by many people who use it for medicinal purposes, many are professionals some run large companies.
    They fear draconian measures if caught with something that gives them relief.
    Seriously people just want freedom, prohibition does not work. Being surrounded by weed States we will spend millions trying to keep it out, having legislation for those who need it makes sense.
    This Bill would actually help Sen Grows Bill, medical Marijuana polls at near 80% Nationally if this passes the push back from the people lessens, they want medical marijuana, it should be done to help strengthen his bill on other drugs.
    I know politically the push back I will get for this, I didn’t run for office for myself I ran to bring liberty and stop Government from invading people’s lives. This is a perfect example of taking the heat for doing what’s right. Utahs Bill does that.
    Thank you Representative Mike Kingsley

    1. Mike, we don’t want medical marijuana; we want freedom. Legalize it like the rest of the world, and end the stupid war on Americans.

  19. Let the people decide! You represent us, survey after survey have proven the majority of idahoans want legal medical marijuana.

    Citing one study that suggested it would cost too much to regulate & tax a plant that pulls massive revenues IN EVERY OTHER STATE is not due diligence. Surely, Idaho’s representatives are smart enough to make a system that taxes sales & increases our ability to spend more on education & infrastructure. How many jobs could be created? I’m a veteran with PTSD & a sleep disorder, I appose this.

  20. Cannabis is all arround Idaho and it is being leaglized by many more States, and soon to be delisted by the passing of the More act. This proposed bill will do nothing to stop Cannabis from entering Idaho. It would only fill up our court system with people who may get arrested for unlawfull possesion.
    Why do innocent people need to be punnshed for haveing a plant.
    What if happens if more research is done and its found to prevent or have benificial results for certain diseases.
    Idaho wont be able to use it?
    This bill does not need to include Cannabis.
    Acctually this bill, needs to be shelved.
    Its not needed at all its a Joke.

  21. I oppose as prohibition has caused more harm than good. The people of Idaho deserve the right to be able to choose a better alternative if they choose. For that reason we need full legislation. #legalizeidaho #idacann #idahoisnext.

  22. My name is Cassie Hernandez. I was born, raised and still live in Idaho. I have Crohns, IBS, Celiac disease, Hypothyroidism, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative disc disease in my back and neck. And because of all these ailments and the meds that I have to take I have depression and anxiety. I had neck surgery last June. This year back surgery. In August last year I went through the worst crohns flare of my life. I lost 33 pounds by Christmas. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t even smell food or the nausea would hit. I couldn’t even make my husband and son dinner. Not just the smell but how weak I was. All I could do was sleep. Couldn’t shop or clean or even dress myself some days. You see, I had neck surgery in June that made me late on my entyvio infusions. So therefore I flared. I was on prednisone for 2 months which does such horrible things to me that they actually have it listed as an allergy for me! 2 months of headaches, memory loss, 2 hours of sleep or less a night due to cold sweats so bad I’m changing clothes 7-8 times a night and so much more. The infusion makes me weak, nauseous, tired, body aches, legs hurt so bad im constantly punching them. Im on nausea medication which causes headaches. I take 26 pills a day and infusions every 8 weeks. Question… How was your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner? Wonderful I’m sure. Mine? I couldn’t eat. I was so sick and nauseous. But you know what would have helped? Medical marijuana gummies. And I’ve proven it to myself. I went to the Oregon coast in 2017 and 2020 and it was the best week each year I’ve felt since 2012. Eating the gummies soothed my belly. It eased my pain. And guess what… no nausea. I did not take 1 pain pill while there. Not 1. Then I came home. To MY Idaho. The place I was born and raised. The place I call home but am embarrassed that we are a single state of 50 that the government, YOU, are trying to make sure I never feel good. Trying to make sure that me and people sick like me stay sick so we have to take the man-made poison. You sir do not represent Idaho. You do not represent the sick and poor. You represent the wealthy and healthy. Could you do me a favor? Look up what each of these ailments make a person feel like? Look up the side effects of the poison im prescribed. The 26 pills I have to take. If I were your daughter and told you I felt the best and took 0 pain pills because of medical marijuana gummies would you take it? Take the gummies from your daughter and hand her 26 pills and an infusion. If so, shame on you. I pray you rethink trying to make my medicine I need, illegal FOREVER. Reach out if you feel I’m wrong.
    Cassie Hernandez

  23. All tyranny and stealing of freedoms is done in the name of protecting people. Freedom is more important. It is not the responsibility of government to protect our health. It is the responsibility of government to protect our freedoms. I used to be against Marijuana until I took the time to actually study it. Marijuana is good not bad. It is very beneficial medicinally.

  24. These RINOSAURS like Grow are everything that is wrong with our country. Politicians like him have no trouble sending our children off to war and denying them a perfectly suitable treatment for many of their medical troubles. The same sort of politician who is highly invested in and controlled by Big Pharma.

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