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Caldwell School District Puts Locker Room Policy Discussion “On Pause” Pending State Legislative Action

By • February 14, 2023

The Caldwell School Board put the discussion of the proposed policy on the use of bathroom and locker room facilities by transgender students “on pause” last night at their monthly meeting.

Idaho Dispatch reported the information regarding the proposed policy 3281 in December 2022. In January 2023 the Board of Trustees met to discuss the issue.  Despite cold winter weather, at least 1,000 people were in attendance to give testimony. Most were not allowed in. They formed a huge line outside but were never able to share their thoughts with the Board. Senator Chris Trakel testified in opposition to the policy, but he was abruptly cut off by Chairwoman Marisela Pesina. The meeting was ended early.

Monday evening was the February meeting for CSD. It is estimated that 500-700 people attended. Only around 60 were allowed inside. Some who were not allowed in made their thoughts known with signs outside.

People had again prepared to testify on the proposed policy, but before the issue was taken up, it was announced that the Board would put the policy discussion “on pause.” Although this has been a local, school district level issue to date, there is now draft legislation in the form of Senate Bill 1100. CSD Board has decided to table it until the state legislature moves the proposed legislation through the bill process.

Representative Brent Crane (R-Nampa) attended the meeting last night and spoke in regard to the bill. You can view and listen to his remarks here:

Policy 3281 “On Pause” in Caldwell School District Pending Action by State Legislature (

School districts all over Idaho are dealing with the issue of regulating the use of bathrooms, locker rooms, and changing facilities by students identifying as a member of the opposite sex. Because it has become a statewide concern, the Legislature felt compelled to take it up. Senate Bill 1100 was printed yesterday in the Senate Education Committee.

The bill would add a new Chapter 66 to Title 33, the Idaho statutes that govern schools.

The three-page draft is entitled, “Protecting the privacy and safety of students in public schools.” It outlines the responsibility of Idaho public schools to separate students by their biological sex in the use of bathrooms and changing facilities.

“A statewide policy ensuring separate school restrooms and changing facilities on the basis of biological sex is substantially related to the important governmental interest in protecting the privacy and safety of all students.”

It includes exemptions and reasonable accommodations as well. It also explains that if a school fails to follow the proposed new law, a student would have a civil cause of action against the school. To view the entire bill, click through using the arrows at the bottom of the image.


Because the issue was tabled by the Trustees, no public testimony was allowed.

Following the meeting, Representative Crane spoke to David with the Idaho Dispatch. You can hear the conversation here:

David with Idaho Dispatch Discusses Senate Bill 1100 with Rep. Brent Crane (


Video of Senator Chris Trakel’s January testimony courtesy of Gem State YouTube channel: @gemstate5291






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8 thoughts on “Caldwell School District Puts Locker Room Policy Discussion “On Pause” Pending State Legislative Action

  1. Boys are NOT ALLOWED in Girls Bathrooms, Locker rooms or Sports, in Caldwell or anywhere in the state of Idaho.

    Is there an equivalent to a no confidence vote of The People to remove the entire board and hold an emergency election for replacement?

  2. Insanity reigns. I note the same situation even arose recently in Cascade. I have a difficult time believing this is actually occurring. Who would have thought we would have to pass a law to maintain single sex restrooms. Can this country even be salvaged?

  3. Men cannot become women, and women cannot become men. All they can do is Cosplay. I guess it’s not enough that a similar policy in Loudoun County, VA, ended up with 2 rapes of teenaged girls by a boy in a skirt. IN THE RESTROOM.

    I am so glad they’ve shelved this for now but I am betting they will be back. The trans agenda lobby is immensely strong, and backed by institutions who stand to make a lot of money off of sterilized and maimed children.

    Their only accusation against those of us who oppose this horrid craziness is that we are extremist religious rightwingers. This is not so. There are people from every political position who oppose it. I am a moderate and not even religious. But I’m also not delusional, and I refuse to be forced to accept someone else’s delusion, by law.

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