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Caldwell School District Proposes Controversial New Policy Subsection

By • December 30, 2022

The Caldwell School District has proposed a new code subsection addressing “gender identity and sexual orientation” within the district policy.

The proposed policy includes sections discussing school facilities, school activities, school trips, student records and privacy, change of official school records, confidentiality, training, dress codes, school dances, and safety.

This language, under the heading School Facilities, has been trimmed to show the most recent edits by the school board:

“…students may use the restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to the gender identity they consistently express at school. No student will be required to use facilities that conflict with his or her gender identity consistently expressed at school. A transgender student or any other student who has a need or desire for increased privacy may be given the option of using a separate or private restroom or changing area. The planning team will identify what the student and parent/guardian are most comfortable using. No student shall, on account of their transgender status, be required to use such separate facilities.”

For school activities, the policy states that the District will give all students the ability to participate in gender segregated activities in a way that aligns with the gender the student associates with.

On the topic of school trips and accommodations, the proposed policy is that students will never be denied the right to participate based on their sexual orientation or transgender status. For overnight trips, a student or parent may opt for an “alternative sleeping room assignment” if they are uncomfortable with the one given.

Under Student Records and Privacy, this is the proposed policy in regard to teachers and staff addressing students:

“District staff shall use the name and pronouns consistently expressed by the student at school, regardless of the student’s legal name and sex. A student is not required to legally change their name, gender, or official school records as a prerequisite to the use of a name and the pronouns consistent with the student’s identity. Intentional and persistent refusal to use the name and gender by which the student identifies is a violation of this policy and may subject an employee to discipline.”

As far as confidentiality on this topic, the District proposes this approach (again, trimmed to show the most recent version):

“School employees should not disclose a student’s transgender status or sexual orientation to other individuals, regardless of setting, including the other school personnel unless they have a legitimate need to know, or unless the student or parent has authorized such disclosure. Action in violation of such student confidentiality may subject an employee to discipline.”

“When contacting the parent/guardian of a transgender student, school personnel should use the student’s legal name and the pronoun corresponding to the student’s gender assigned at birth unless determined by a previously developed plan.”

The Board work session that took place on November 28, 2022 can be viewed here. This proposed policy change is discussed beginning at 36:10:00.

The entire proposed policy, including edits, can be viewed here: Policy 3281 Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation – v2 11282022.pdf (

There is not yet a date for the proposed policy’s first official reading by the Caldwell School Board. Parents and community members can find board member contact information here: Caldwell School District Board – School Board – Caldwell School District (

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37 thoughts on “Caldwell School District Proposes Controversial New Policy Subsection

  1. There will be No Boys in Girl’s Restrooms or Sports.

    Fire the Board, Eliminate the Teachers Union, Stop this Devastating Nonsense.

    Put pressure on our weak Governor.

    1. Agreed! Not sure when Caldwell turned into a cesspool of liberal nonsense and immorality, but this needs to stop already. Idaho is losing its moral integrity.

      1. It’s everywhere, unfortunately. And lots of children’s lives are being ruined.

        Imagine this level of gaslighting on them every day. Constantly confused, told that men can magically become women and vise-versa.


      1. Please consider starting a chapter of the Independent Women’s Network. I have a chapter up near Idaho City. IW is a TERRIFIC resource and we could work jointly at the state level. Go to IW

    2. Where are you at Idaho Dispatch?!!!

      The meeting has already occured on Monday Jan 9 2023.

      Over 900 people attended.

      The board broke bylaws to adjourn the meeting by not voting on whether or not to adjourn. There was a motion to dismiss and a second, then no vote.

      The board is not comprised of the correct amount of parents of school children.

      The chair interrupted a speaker who in his time was explaining the laws in place, and when she wasn’t giving him her due attention and he calls her to listen, that’s when she gets upset and overreaches her authority as a public servant and proceeds to cancel the meeting.

      I’ll ask it again Idaho Guardian, where are you at on all of this?!!!

      All the liberal news stations are spreading false information and making the meeting out to be something entirely different from what it was.

      900+ people were there. Tons of videos are available.

      Where is our voice being presented?

      Where are our kids being protected from this demonic attack?

      Step up or ask for help.

      Do not hide and stay silent.


      Eric Ott

  2. These people are Groomers–and want to keep it a secret from their parents. These policies make sure all school personnel are subject to punishment if they don’t adhere to the scheme.
    Take note there is no accommodation for students who don’t want to share the bathrooms with a “trans” kid. The “normies” have No Safe Place.

    1. Exactly. Girls having to share bathrooms with boys? This is awful. What about locker rooms? I’d pull my kid out of that school so fast it would make your head spin.

      We need a home schooling community to support those who can’t afford to get their kids out of schools. A friend of mine successfully home-schooled all 6 of her kids. They ended up doing great (above average). It can be done.

      1. PLEASE consider going to the rally on the steps of the Capitol on the 24th for National School Choice Week. I am trying to help connect people who want to homeschool but feel like they can’t so they can team up with each other. Text me at two O eight nein nein six 9 ocho ocho nine. :o)

  3. Our politicians and unionized Teachers are evil through and through. Why are parents letting the schools and unionized teachers destroy their Children? Idaho is California #2.

  4. This is wrong on so many fronts. The main message to me, from people such as the Caldwell school board, is the parents are no longer guardians of the children, the system is (school, government, etc). Idaho citizens are vigilant to these stories. It is important that Caldwell citizens and parents, remove this pre-cancerous growth.

  5. School boards do this because (1) not enough voters pay attention to who they are voting for (and placing on the board), and (2) because the boards can get away with it.

    Every parent in the district should be informed of this, and those who object need to write to each board member AND show up at the board meeting to express their disapproval.

    DO NOT allow this policy to be implemented.

  6. Things are very simple. The evil lives in endless lawyerism, teachers unions, Soros & other “investors”.
    There are 2 genders.
    Men do not get pregnant nor menstruate.
    Those who push this evil on our kids deserve a “millstone tied to their neck…….”
    We can not……, let this continue. SPEAK UP wherever you are! Dammit!!!

    1. To clarify – and this is IMPORTANT when talking to the idiots trying to implement these laws – gender and sex are two different things. Sex is immutable and biological. There are and always have been only 2 sexes.

      Gender is a social construct, and seems to have taken the place of personality! There can be 8 million possible genders, since it is not based on anything but story-telling.

      I think that people need to bring back the word “sex” when describing male and female. Gender is not appropriate.

  7. This is precisely why the idea of school choice is a BAD idea. The Caldwell School district is making a choice for perversion. Local control, standards as curriculum guidelines, releasing the “creativity” of teachers (hey! how about some lessons in CRT) assessments rather than objective measurements for learning, all have been the initiatives for the destruction of our system of education. Why would they do that? Do you know how much money the U.S. spends on K-12 education every year? That is a mind boggling pot of gold making them a juicy target for corporate takeover.

    What needs to happen is to bring the K-12 schools back under the control of the state (where we can all watch (guard dog) what they do) with defined learning objectives at grade level with defined books and materials to meet those objectives. If we don’t do that, Idaho’s children will continue to pay a heavy price for the intellectual, psychological and sociological damage done to them at the most critical time in their lives.

    1. Well said, Vicky, and spot on. Kids aren’t learning math and English and science, they are being indoctrinated into social warriors for the left. It’s right out there in the open. Most colleges and universities are already being destroyed by it.

    2. This has nothing to do with reading, writing, and arithmetic.
      They are just confusing our children at an early age especially when they are going through Enough feelings, of rejection and possibly not fitting in. This is not the schools purpose! Kids are confused enough now they don’t need any more confusion of trying to figure out if they’re another gender. This has nothing to do with school and learning!

    3. I have to respectfully disagree. What you are forgetting is that these institutions are already under State control where it matters most: funding. Until funding is cut to schools which adopt these kinds of policies (which deliberately endanger other students – see the Loudoun County schools for a precise example) we will continue to get more of it.

      School choice is the best road because it takes funding and removes it from the public schools to the school/home of the parent.

    4. With all due respect, this is exactly why we need school choice, vouchers, and Education Savings Allowance(ESA). School choice means the parents can choose where they want their kids to attend school. The parents will get the money that currently goes to public schools and they decide how to spend it on their kids education. It could be used towards private school tuition, homeschool curriculum, transportation if you decide to send your kids to a “better public school” across town. If we can take away a large portion of funding from these degenerate public schools then they will have no choice but to shut down or get on board!

      1. YES! Please attend the rally on the steps of the Capitol on January 24 for National School Choice Week. AND go to the Lincoln Auditorium at the Capitol THIS Thursday at 6:30 pm to meet the senators that want to get ESA legislation passed.

  8. Welcome to the new WOKE Idaho Education System. You asked for it now you will have to live with it or fight against it. Keep in mind that Idaho ranks 40th. in education in the U.S. Makes you wonder what in the heck they are teaching our children and grandchildren.

    1. I don’t understand why they are pushing this agenda! Do they want to make our children more confused! Stick to teaching history, Math, English,etc!

  9. This is disgusting. The trans agenda is taking over every institution. The only thing parents can do is remove their child from the grooming and mind-control tactics. Where were ‘trans’ kids 10 years ago? That’s right, they didn’t exist. The whole thing is manufactured.

    This is a completely manufactured agenda. Not one of these kids would believe their are ‘trans’ unless someone – a peer or authority figure – led them to believe they are. It’s complete and utter nonsense. Did no one stand up to these people when they were implementing this? Did no one bring up the Loudoun, Virginia incidents or other ones happening across the country?

    This is insidious and sick. I hope some parents get the spine to fight back. They are coming for the kids. This and the drag queen ‘story hours’ are grooming, pure and simple. Ask yourself why drag queens need to read to children.

  10. Kimberly Idaho school tried this. Us parents shut it down real fast and real hard about 2 months ago ! The school board members are solid in Kimberly except for 1 guy that’s been on way to long and the superintendent seems to be the sissy that needs replaced as well. Stand and fight hard ! Sue the school board if you need to. Sue for the damage this will do to your normal child having to share bathrooms with a tranny, sue for mental anguish , sue for PTSD , whatever. Play the same tune the weirdos do ! Revoke school board bonds.

  11. It is said that. “we get the government we deserve.” Apparently, we get the school system we deserve, as well. Caldwell voters are responsible for the make-up of their School Board…a school board that has gone “Woke.” Interested in hearing from the new Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction, Debbie Critchfield, on this issue. Caldwell School Board Members: Andrew Butler (Trustee Zone 4), Patricia Robertson (Trustee Zone 1), Manuel Godina (Treasurer Zone 2), Travis Manning (Vice Chair Zone 3), Marisela Pesina (Chair Zone 5). Can’t blame this on California liberal transplants…four of the five are longtime Idaho representatives. Their next meeting is January 9th starting at 7:00 p.m., at the Caldwell School District Office, 1502 Fillmore Street, Caldwell ID 83605 in the Vernon DeMark Board Room. Here’s the website:

    The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. -Plato

  12. HEAVEN BLESS, PROTECT, AND PROSPER each and all of these inspiring commentators…….and ALL OTHER FORCES which, like them, are fighting for a return to sound, sane, and Godly principles which, alone, can save our people and our Republic!

    Let us all march forward as one, fearlessly undeterred!…. and Blessings be to ALL!

    Carol Asher
    Idaho County

  13. The GOP generally doesn’t get involved in local races like school boards (even at the college level). When I have tried to find out what the candidates believe, I can’t figure out who is who and what they are for or against.
    As noted in other comments, we need to know who the people are who are running for these offices so we can ensure non-crazy people get elected.
    So, this is a call for the GOP to be way more active in researching and publicizing candidates at all levels.

  14. Idahoans voted for Blue RINO REPUBLICANS, the ones that are working the hardest to overthrow American. And the biggest supporters of the New World Order, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Corp, and Communist Chinese Party.

  15. Rid the state of the unionized teachers. Then all government employee unions. That alone will save the state.

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