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Breaking News: Ammon Bundy Arrested on Contempt of Court Warrant

By • August 11, 2023

Ammon Bundy has been arrested this evening in Gem County on the warrant for contempt of court issued in the recently concluded civil case of St. Luke’s vs. Ammon Bundy et. al. and Diego Rodriguez et. al.

Bundy was reportedly in attendance at an Emmett High School football banquet for one of his children.

According to this People’s Rights text alert that went out moments ago, a gathering is being held at the Gem County Sheriff’s office in response to the arrest.

Gem County jail is telling callers that Bundy will be held until arraigned by a judge. It is a $10,000 bond.

As of publishing time, two dozen people had already gathered outside the Sheriff’s office.

We will update this story with the county arrest information and mug shot when it becomes available.

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55 thoughts on “Breaking News: Ammon Bundy Arrested on Contempt of Court Warrant

  1. Now that he’s in custody, it’s a good time for the Feds to charge him with the money laundering charges.

    1. Now’s a good time to arrest Chris Zinda for child porn charges. Everyone knows Chris Zinda is a dirty pervert. Chris Zinda the dirty pervert. Chris Zinda the Dirty Pervert!

      1. Really? That’s the state of your discourse? This is all PRN has left in the tank?

        Continuing, while detained, it’s also a good time to go get Cliven’s cattle.

        1. Yes, Chris Zinda is a pervert! You can try to avoid it, but it’s already been proven. Chris Zinda and his child porn. Chris Zinda the pervert!

          1. Why would you hide behind a screen name
            Why would anyone believe anything you say
            Are you lieing or just scared to death

      2. If you voted for Trump, if you are a Christian, if you post any patriotic pro America post you are now on a list, and or possibly on a FBI list. You now live in a polarized socialist corporate ran political oligarch. Great talk of conservative constitutional values yet nothing is done to protect those that are being thrown in jail and held for months even years with no crime proven or even a conviction! And for what? For publicly speaking out and or protesting. This evil ruling class is not hiding the fact that they are coming for your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd amendment rights, if that was not enough they also are telling you they will take your children, your appliances, your cars, your food, and your money. We stand or fall now during this time. We are the majority that may not agree on all political issues yet we stand for our constitutional rights and freedoms. We can and must rise and win back our freedoms!

          1. I dont know how else to say it. You are a blind fucking idiot. There is blatant proof of Biden selling the US out. Amongst a plethora of other acts of an american traitor. So you support the demise of the united states and turn a blind eye to criminal activity. 85,000 + missing children. And you are ok with that. The only reason you’re OK with it because you’re too big of a fucking pussy to defend the country you live in.

        1. WOW, You guys grow some killer pot up there, or you are eating way to many shrooms.
          The guy did something to one of the kids, or the parents of them. So what he do? Kids football game, let me guess? Something very interesting to the kids or fighting with someone.
          Anyway he had a no contact order and he violated it.
          Also why do I keep seeing a poll about kicking out immigrants?

    2. Having read the comments here, I am revamping my plans to hunt Idaho. I’ll add Idaho to my list, with Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and a few others as ‘places to avoid like plague’.

      1. “Retarded” is an antiquated and offensive term used only by the ignorant. Certainly, you are not ignorant, correct?

        1. Retard is not antiquated, it is miss used. If I’m adjusting my timing I don’t “decrease
          spark handicap” it, I retard timing. You come across ass a grammar Karen.

        2. As a special education for many years the classification of mentally impaired humans:

          Then Retarded

          Then Intellectually Disabled
          Pervasive support
          Intermittent support

          People stigmatize the terms but the condition remains the same. It’s all word games.

    1. It’s time to stand behind this honorable man and bail him out as well as support his legal battle. This is insane. There are only a few victims and that’s baby Cyrus, his family and the Bundy family. The hospital should be investigated for kidnapping. Period

  2. Government sends these minions after the soul of the ground…
    You come in to a fundraiser for a football team and take a parent out in cuffs. The same week you send minions after a 72 year old crippled man and shoot him 32 times.
    People wake up, your government cannot stand you and you only stand in their way. Look at the faces of these officers they have no will to do this job. They are specifically taking orders that they don’t have the courage to do on their own.

  3. Bedke, Holland & Hart, St Lukes and McClean must be so proud of themselves this morning, their gestapo government is working as they like. To hell with The People.

  4. Lucifers attorneys and cop trash know most Idahoans back their slave patrol. That’s what it means to back the blue. If the fools of Idaho could only read the Slave Code of 1806, or their scriptures maybe they would wake up and stop celebrating the mafia corruption of their state.

  5. This is exactly what happened to the Jews prior to World War Two.
    They did nothing when the nazis came after the dissenters. We know what happened next. This situation with Bundy is similar in every respect.How could these two grandparents cause fifty two million in damages to st Luke’s?
    Does the justice dep’t really think we are that stupid.Recall the sheriff then the judge who allowed this to happen then go after Labrador for not investigating this mess.

    1. Retard is not antiquated, it is miss used. If I’m adjusting my timing I don’t “decrease
      spark handicap” it, I retard the timing. You come across as a grammar Karen.

  6. John Kennedy said government workers should not unionize, because they worked for the people. Well, now they are all unionized. They care only about their paychecks and pensions, and We The People are paying taxes to make it possible, abused from the school teachers to the FBI and DOJ. How far we have fallen.

    1. Beat him with a… stick?! Not that I’m suggesting anyone physically attack the Guvnah. What good is a fair win in a rigged election? There will most likely, never be another fair election for this Republic.

  7. Ammon is being hunted and persecuted by the Idaho, Republican RINO’s, the same way the Deep State is after Trump. Wake up sheeple and see what this state has succumb to!

  8. Ammon used that baby as a prop for his campaign. He’s shrewd and narcissistic, and he’s quite good at manipulating his base. The baby’s life was in danger and the hospital was obligated to protect his life. Meanwhile, Ammon put hundreds of Idahoans in harm’s way with his calculated shenanigans. Just like Trump, he’s good at thumpin’ the Bible and his base will fork over the dough….to the tune of $3 mil a year. And, just like Trump, Ammon just doesn’t like to follow the rules as they don’t suit him.

  9. What a tard and a stupid comment and proof of everything that she’s saying you just said right there in one sentence. Thank you for confirming it

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