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Ammon Bundy Out of Jail, Hearing Scheduled in Third District Court Monday Afternoon

By • August 13, 2023

**Article updated August 14, 2023 at 11:20 A.M. MT**

Ammon Bundy is out of jail and home today after posting bail very early this morning.

Idaho Dispatch reported Bundy’s arrest by the Gem County Sheriff’s office on Friday evening: Breaking News: Ammon Bundy Arrested on Contempt of Court Warrant – Idaho Dispatch

According to the iCourt Portal earlier today, Idaho Third Judicial District Judge Brent L. Whiting will preside over a hearing on Monday for three items relating to Temporary Orders on his docket in this case:

  1. A Memorandum in Support of Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order and a Preliminary Injunction
  2. An Affidavit Declaration of Erik Stidham in Support of Motion for Temporary Restraining Order and a Preliminary Injunction
  3. Lis Pendens – a legal term that means a pending legal action, or a formal notice of a pending legal action.

Idaho Dispatch was able to screenshot an image of the details of the scheduled hearing earlier, but after about 4:30 Mountain Time today, the iCourt Portal appears to be non-functional.

At 4pm MT Sunday we captured this information:

By 5:47pm MT Sunday, the same search showed this result:

Monday’s hearing on the Motion for Temporary Orders is in the courtroom of District Court Judge Whiting at 1:30pm in the Canyon County Courthouse: 1115 Albany St. Caldwell, ID 83605.

The Canyon County Courthouse also serves as the District Courthouse. The Third Judicial District of Idaho serves the people of Adams, Washington, Gem, Payette, Canyon, and Owhyee Counties.

According to this press release on the webpage for the Governor’s Office, Whiting is one of two Judges in the Third Judicial District appointed by Governor Brad Little in 2021.

In attempting to find the case number or any other details related to the hearing scheduled for Monday, it appears that the Court schedule is not available to be viewed until Monday morning at 6am Mountain Time at this link: Daily Court Schedule (

Bundy spoke to the Idaho Dispatch Sunday evening. Although he was held in jail from Friday night until Sunday morning, he was not served a court summons or in any way informed of the Monday hearing. He told the Dispatch,

“I guess St. Luke’s just sued my wife and the people who bought my home in District court. None of us have been given notice. Not surprised. I wonder if this means that I will have another warrant for my arrest when they are done. Maybe this time Sheriff Donnie Wunder will arrest me at church instead of the Emmett High football team dinner like he did two days ago. How a civil case goes from a lawsuit to arrest warrants is beyond me.”

KTVB shared an image of court documents in this matter, but there is no case number showing on the picture they displayed. Page one shows where the case number should be listed, but the number is missing. See their image here:

This article will be updated when readable, complete court documents can be obtained.


*Article Update*

The case number is CV23-23-0551. Idaho Dispatch obtained this new information this morning. The new court documents name Ammon Bundy and Ammon Bundy for Governor as well as Lisa Bundy and White Barn Enterprises LLC as defendants in a lawsuit filed by St. Luke’s Health System, Chris Roth, Natasha Erickson, and Tracy Jungman.

Idaho Dispatch has also learned that attorney Robert Faucher of Holland and Hart has joined counsel Erik Stidham in representing St. Luke’s et. al. in this case.

*Article Update* August 14 at 11:09am:

New information is showing that the hearing will be held in the Gem County Courthouse.

The links to watch the hearing live online can be found here;


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25 thoughts on “Ammon Bundy Out of Jail, Hearing Scheduled in Third District Court Monday Afternoon

  1. Wonder how many people would still be alive today if only St. Lukes spent their monies on Well Care instead of frivolous lawsuits?

    St. Lukes CEO and most of the Board of Directors should be removed, without compensation, of their positions.

  2. Idaho Dispatch: Thank you for doing REAL reporting on this case, digging deep for source documents, interviewing primary sources, and explaining without editorializing. I wish our other media outlets locally, statewide, and nationally would live up to your example.

  3. IDAHO DISPATCH: Thank you for doing real reporting on this case, providing in-depth coverage, source documents (where available), first-person interviews, and other details without editorializing. It’s sad that our local, state, and national media refuse to follow your example.

  4. Such a miscarriage of justice. Arrests happen with criminal cases – not civil ones. The judge overseeing the case should be thrown out of office and disbarred; the difference between civil and criminal cases is Law 101.

  5. It appears to me that Bundy did a little too well in the last gubernatorial election and is now getting a modified “Trump” treatment.

    1. Despot Scott Bedke is scared to loose control of his dictatorial political ambitions. So attack it is.

    2. Bingo.
      The globalist criminal cabal has reached the wild west. They are using Joes JV team here (political activists that brought you “defund the police”, the ‘tent city”, the friction at the “Kingdom to the Capitol” event a couple Sundays ago, and are using the socialist communist deep state run local media and rags to sue their adversaries, trap them…and use the corrupt and compromised courts to do the dirty work.
      The antidote?
      Us. We the People. We need to work together to replace the #greenelectricslime (the deep state controlled globalist socialist fascist fake news propaganda media) with patriot owned and operated #AmericaFirst media and entertainment. We need to inform the people of the State of Idaho what is actually going on.
      As an example of the extreme activist activity and its non-sense, check out the article that the Idaho Statesman produced about Sean Feughts “Kingdom to the Capitol” they labeled it as dangerous. Please see my video documentary of that day on youtube, gettr, facebook, twitter, etc….at OurOneNation.

  6. I stopped using St. Luke’s doctors awhile ago (the covid scam) and won’t be using any of their other services anymore (lab, urgent care).

  7. Evil hides….. Is the justice system corrupt? Why are they hiding information? How many constitutional violations are committed in this mess?
    Is St Lukes getting bad advice or run by bad people? What makes St Lukes think this would in any way be a win????
    Why would any reasonable person ever trust their healthcare to an organization that targets folks who don’t agree with them? Wouldn’t any average person be intimidated to challenge the big money & big influence? How wrong is that? Are they just corrupt also?
    Shame Shame on the (In)Justice system for their part in this circus.
    Shame shame on St Lukes, how very dishonorable.

  8. St Luke’s, now that is dubious to be sure. In my opinion, the medical facility is dangerous. Their billing for services is highly suspicious. In year 2020 my husband and I went to St. Lukes for our annual checkup required by Medicare. Nothing changed during the year for either of us. Yearly prescription refill only. We had different P A s he had a man and I had a woman. However, my charges were double his. Go figure that one. I called billing and each person that I spoke with had a different version of the charges. Yes, the merry go round. I know that St. Lukes did their neglectful best to let my one neighbor die. If it were not for his family intervention pulling him out of that wretched place he wouldn’t be alive today. If you use St. Lukes I sincerely wish you good luck and may God be with you and protect you.

  9. DITTO… My wife and I will NEVER enter a St Luke’s facility again and this story will be retold for as long as I have breath to as many people who will listen… WHY has not the Pictures and Videos of Baby Cyrus running and playing been posted by the thousands showing the vibrant and happy child and NOT the “hollow eyed, under weight, and near death baby that ST Luke’s described” in court where now the same LIES have made National News… This is the most ILLEGAL and IN YOUR FACE MIS-CARRIAGE of Justice seen being brought to Idaho by ” KING OF IDAHOLAND” brad little because he was called out by the same 2 people now listed as EXTREMIST DEFENDANTS in the 52 MILLION DOLLAR CIVIL LAWSUIT because they had the courage to speak the TRUTH about how self serving brad little was with BILLIONS of Dollars of Federal Covid Money to his personal friends and entities … THANK YOU IDAHO DISPATCH for covering Ammon and Diego and the real TRUTH!!!

  10. So many people coming forward with stories about their St Luke’s poor care. A friend was transported after a head injury from a fall. St Luke’s told him he was fine and sent him home without cleaning up the wound. He felt ill in days to follow and only after requesting further testing, they found a concussion. Very dangerous place to go for medical care.

    Btw- an attorney with the last name faucher?! This is meme worthy.

  11. Every health care organization in the Magic Valley is associated with St. Puke’s! We have NO options here! If we had some competent competition they would be very successful as no one wants to go to St. Puke’s for anything. We need some doctors to form their own medical group and facility.

    As for Bundy: It’s so sad he won’t wake up and realize that he needs to change his status. U.S. Citizens don’t have ‘Rights’ only ‘Privileges’. Why be a Federal Citizen when you don’t work for the Federal Government? Pretty crazy thinking! Why not be an American on the Land and soil and secure your ‘rights’. Oh! Well! Brainwashed and indoctrinated! Very sad he won’t listen.

    1. Heart2Heal is working diligently to create a parallel system where you choose the care you pay for and receive. Top notch practitioners in several fields and hoping to expand. Good people, good practitioners, good administrators ARE trying to create an alternative. Citizens need to put their money where their mouths are and build what they say they want. Citizens need to stop looking gor govt handouts and DO SOME WORK to cultivate the better path they desire.

      1. C Jean–I tried to find info on this provider and all I found was a ministry…I didn’t find any doctors, phone number or other information. The ministry is located in Meridian. I am in Twin Falls which is too far to travel in an emergency for me! Please provide more information if it exists. Thanks!

  12. What we actually have here is Election fixing. VOTER FRAUD.
    We saw it Janice McGeachin.
    We saw it with Priscilla Giddings.
    We see it with Bundy.

    The criminal cabal is at work to steal the elections to circumvent the will of the people.

    Those who are scheming and planning these illegal uses of the courts to take out opponents, like they are doing with Trump need to face criminal charges. We the People need to replace the current failed MSM deep state controlled fake news propaganda media and get the truth out to all Idahoans and all Americans. This is where the battle for America is being fought right now..

    1. Isn’t it disgusting to see Despot Bedke, some at Holland & Hart, A certain Judge, the upper stale crust of St. Lukes, etc. honing their craft?

      All holier than thou, nose in the air, to hell with The People, the same People they work for, the same People they get paid by.

  13. It’s cruel that there are two attorneys on St.Luke’s side, and Ammon Bundy has no options for even one. They froze his assets so he can’t pay for an attorney and a state attorney isn’t going to do a just job. If this were not political warfare weaponizing the judicial system, why was Ammon arrested around the same time in a separate place when baby cyrus had his parents arrested? What crime was worthy of being arrested if Ammon was not the parent of baby Cyrus? If this were a true CPS case, the parents would have had the opportunity to correct it, and they wouldn’t have had a foster family ready for them at the hospital. Also, Ammon wouldn’t have been arrested in this case. When the hospital was on lockdown Ammon was in court. It was People’s Rights Network, and state representatives as well as other people who joined the cause that were protesting outside of St.Luke’s Hospital. So why can’t People’s Rights speak up on their behalf? This is all politicized. Ammon didn’t have much to do with this case, yet he and his family are being unjustly persecuted for being who he is. Thank you for reporting truth though! You would think Ammon at least deserves to have an attorney representing him in court. No, St.Luke’s wants to take away his freedom of speech and then expect him to want to show up in court when a gag order is slapped on him. So they arrest him with a contempt for court. I can see why there would be contempt for a court who doesn’t allow the person the due process of having a defense and has two lawyers as prosecutors and People’s Rights who is also being sued doesn’t get to say anything either. This isn’t just an attack on Ammon Bundy, but an attack on the free speech of People’s Rights! No judge who allows this injustice to take place in their courtroom needs to have the option of being a judge. How is the man supposed to be able to defend himself? How are People’s Rights able to defend themselves when they aren’t allowed time to speak? Ammon and his family are taking the beating for People’s Rights and even if we want to take our own beatings, we can’t! St.Luke’s- a “non-profit” organization is enjoying every minute of it, as they profit from watching the rights and soon home of a family being taken away. For what cause? I’m sure St.Luke’s doesn’t need the Bundy’s house. So what is this all REALLY about?!? How is this not political?!? We won’t get to speak in court on behalf of Ammon or ourselves. They will slam him with everything they have just like Eric Stidham told the state prosecutor St. Luke’s wanted him to “Take (Ammon) for all he’s got. If it’s an unjust judge, they will get Ammon’s house and who knows what they will do with the kids if both Bundy’s get arrested, and St.Luke’s will milk all the money they can from them. And to what end? So we as a people can see that the establishment is stronger than the people, or that our government cannot or will not protect us from the establishment? Is St.Luke’s really a caring hospital or hungry wolves out for money?

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