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Breaking: ISP Confirms Active Investigation Involving Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee

By • January 13, 2022

Idaho Dispatch confirmed through a Public Records Request to the Idaho State Police that there is an active investigation involving Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee.

A source familiar with the situation told Idaho Dispatch that Lee was under investigation by the ISP. The source did not wish to be identified at this time.

After speaking with our source about the investigation, Idaho Dispatch reached out to the ISP Public Information Office to confirm whether Lee was indeed under investigation, and submitted a Public Records Request to the ISP requesting documentation regarding the investigation.

While the ISP’s PIO told Idaho Dispatch that they never comment on any investigation, even if one does exist, the records request we submitted was returned to us with the following explanation (emphasis from Idaho Dispatch):

An attorney for the Idaho State Police has reviewed your request. It has been determined that some or all records requested are exempt from disclosure under Title 74, Chapter 1, Idaho Code for the following reasons:

Idaho Code §74-105(1) and Idaho Code §74-124(1) Confidentiality – Exemptions from Disclosure. The investigation is active and there is a reasonable probability that disclosure of the requested records would interfere with enforcement proceedings and/or deprive a person of a right to a fair trial or an impartial adjudication.

Idaho Code § 74-106(13)–Health records

Idaho Dispatch also confirmed through ISP headquarters that if records requested do not exist, their response to a Public Records Request is that no such documents exist.

Idaho Dispatch has reached out to the BPD PIO for comment on the investigation. We have not received a comment at this time.

Additionally, Idaho Dispatch requested comments from all Boise city council members and Mayor Lauren McLean but none of them have returned our request for comment.

Lee was hired in July of 2020 out of the Portland Police Department.

This is an ongoing story and Idaho Dispatch will keep citizens updated with additional information as it becomes available. If you have additional information pertinent to this story, please reach out to us at

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