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Boise Police Chief Resigns

By • September 26, 2022

Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee has resigned, according to an announcement from the city of Boise.

The resignation comes at the request of Boise Mayor Lauren McLean, and follows nine separate complaints against Chief Lee over several months.

Idaho Dispatch first broke the story that Chief Lee was being investigated by Idaho State Police in January 2022.

Retired 27-year Boise Police Department veteran Ron Winegar has been appointed by McLean to interim police chief, starting Tuesday, September 27.

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26 thoughts on “Boise Police Chief Resigns

  1. Good fucking riddance to his liberal bullshit from Portland. He’s more than welcome to head right back to where his stupidity is revered as greatness.

    And yes, McLean should be packed in his bags and taken with him. They deserve each other in Portland where they belong.

    1. I doubt the Boiseits can think beyond what their Tv Tells them to think Boise is the Portland Oregon of Idaho. Boise is disgusting.

    1. Broke an officer’s neck demonstrating a chokehold which is expressly forbidden in the training manual. Officer had to receive emergency surgery.

      Stupidity and elitism on full display.

      1. Sheesh, that’s something that might happen at the Rex Kwon Do Dojo at Napolean Dynamite.

        I knew that guy was militaristic and abusive when he ordered the sniper team at the CDH peaceful protest in Dec 2020.

  2. What is the scoop on Ron winnegar?
    Does he refer to regular Idahoans as “far right groups”?
    Did he join a group of officers (Defend and Protect Idaho) which railed against the Lt Gov Janice McGeachin, Dorothy Moon, and Priscilla Giddings.

    Quote: “Winegar said the brothers had a “militia mentality mindset” with a “hatred of government and law enforcement” that he sees as increasingly present, endangering police and society.

    “To me it’s a reminder that danger and dangerous mindsets are out there, and it’s only a short jump from there to actual violent encounters,” he said.

    He also said that in recent years far-right groups have targeted the homes of police officers, judges, lawmakers and the workplaces of doctors and nurses, preventing the general public from getting care.

    “We see what are billed as protests but are really meant as intimidation,” Winegar said. “That is a huge step in the wrong direction.”
    Article found in:
    Ex-Idaho cops, sheriffs oppose McGeachin’s run for governor
    By KEITH RIDLER Associated Press May 3, 2022

    What is he talking about here? Feels like the same kind of “narrative” we get from the globalist, leftist, socialist fake news MSM and local news to me.

  3. We shall see how getting rid of Lee and reinstalling Winegar works out for Boise. Based on past comments from Winegar, he sounds like a home grown leftist if his comments made about the fine conservative women who ran for office in the May Primary are accurate.

    Someone who perhaps doesn’t understand how Idahoan’s feel about government over reach and applying a different standards to Conservatives speaking out against leftist policies versus the apparent “tolerance” shown and lack of prosecutions for ACTUAL crimes inflicted by violent groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

  4. Thank God!! He needed to go
    Now Vote out That Mayor McLean Boise!!
    And maybe we have a chance to get our precious Idaho back!!

    1. And send all our anti-American leftists out with them!
      We must encourage our family, friends neighbors, and those who have not yet registered to get out and VOTE VOTE VOTE for the candidates who love America, citizens, and law enforcement by good officers. VOTE!!!

  5. Good Riddance to bad rubbish. McLean is trying to force change in our state by bringing in people like Lee but it will not work. Idaho may have it’s problems but they are from within and will be dealt with the Idaho way. We don’t need interlopers like McLean and Lee to fix our problems. Fact is they are the problem.

    1. I agree with you on Little, however, Bundy is an unstable revolutionary who has no business in office let alone representing the people of the great state of Idaho.

  6. Get rid of the Bosie mayor! She will ruin Bosie/Idaho with her liberal agenda and all of her nonsense! She needs to pack her bags for another state. Wake up Bosie voters!

    Vote Bundy for Governor! Little is a RINO!

  7. Has any one paid attention to the fact that politicians and government employees are the most corrupt people in the nation?

  8. Lee was replaced for non political issues.
    Boise is a leftist stronghold.
    Lefties do not suddenly become conservatives.
    The GOP is fractured.
    Get used to it.

  9. Remember when he put snipers on the roof at the CDH building aimed at innocent citizens and children peacefully protesting? He and McLean were quite the team! I believe McLean also threatened to use her police chief buddy to hunt peaceful protestors down. Two incapable people in leadership and only he goes? She better be next.

  10. The solution to Boise is strong conservative leadership discouraging the liberals from the west coast from migrating.

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