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Bill Would Prohibit Mask Mandates in Idaho from Any Level of Government

By • March 7, 2021

A new bill has been introduced in the Idaho Legislature to prohibit anyone within Idaho’s government, at any level, from mandating a face covering.

House Bill 281 was introduced last week by Rep. Karey Hanks (R-Saint Anthony) in the House State Affairs Committee.

The bill’s official Statement of Purpose is as follows:

The purpose of this legislation is to prohibit the state of Idaho, a political subdivision, or an officer of the state from mandating the usage of a face mask, face shield, or other face covering for the purpose of preventing or slowing the spread of a contagious or an infectious disease; and definitions.

The bill passed the “introductory hearing” on a voice vote and will now be under consideration for a full public hearing by the House State Affairs Committee.

Hanks, the bill sponsor, said during the introductory hearing.

We live in a Republic and ‘we the people’ should have a voice and a choice about our own health. I have done some research and would like to share it with you on the physical, emotional, and even the mental injury to our bodies and possibly even our souls as healthy individuals are required to wear face masks.

A number of Idaho’s media outlets ran headlines about Hanks’ “soul” comment. Idaho Dispatch reached out to Hanks and asked if she wanted to release any clarifying remarks about the “soul” comment.

Here is what Hanks told Idaho Dispatch,

I have heard so many personal stories of families, individuals, and especially children who are suffering because of the requirement to wear masks. We no longer see smiles. People are afraid to talk to each other. We are social beings and I know we are hurting because of the isolation. We’re supposed to wear masks to church where our souls can be nourished. But masks are a barrier to the human connection. According  to some research I’ve done, our children’s psychological and neurological development depend on seeing and reading faces.
We are created in the image of God. Our faces and our countenances are a reflection of our inner being, in other words, our soul. 

Rep. Chris Mathias (D-Boise), who sits on the committee where the bill was introduced, said about the proposal,

I’m gonna support the printing of this if it’s moved but I just wanto to say for the record that masks are not for the individual. They are for the people near the wearer. It’s not for my health, it’s for yours.

A public hearing for HB 281 has not yet been scheduled.

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18 thoughts on “Bill Would Prohibit Mask Mandates in Idaho from Any Level of Government

    1. I disagree, Gary. They ‘unscientific’ agenda that forces us to wear masks is stupid and unnecessary. The virus will have its due course with, or without mask-wearing. Various studies (scientific of not) show that masks do little to stop the spread of this air-borne virus, and some studies- one with the U.S. Army- show an INCREASE of Wuhan virus in the masked group, as opposed to the un-masked group.
      Her points about the sociological/mental/spiritual aspect of this stupid mandate is correct.
      So yes- we unfortunately need a bill regulating who tells us to wear a mask, and why it’s better NOT to wear one- unless you’re sick, then you need to stay the heck out of public contact until you’re well.
      Again- the virus will spread, regardless of that piece of paper on our face.

  1. Mathias’s comment is just a platitude signifying nothing. There are a plethora of studies from many countries now showing that masks are not effective against Covid or any other virus. Even the boxes so state. Fear has been ginned up and for a whole lot of people, the phrase “I don’t need facts, my mind is made up” is much in evidence.

  2. I work for a state prison. We have had a mask requirement since I believe going on a year now, but a few months ago they began requiring surgical masks for employees. Inmates had to wear face coverings. Crazily, employees are required to wear them even when alone in their office with the door shut. Now that there are no current cases of COVID, they have extended the mask requirement and are now requiring inmates to wear surgical masks, although they only have to wear them when out of their cell. This despite that in most cases they share a cell. We were told to wear a new mask every day. I cannot imagine what that will cost. On top of that, we have been tested every week for probably the last 40 weeks to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

  3. Let’s get HB281 passed as soon as possible. The Mandates are unconstitutional and seem to be only for political and monetary purposes. Several studies and the CDC own recent words show that Masks have little to no efficacy.

    What needs to relayed louder to all is the damage Masks are causing or have the potential to cause: Potentials such as Mouth Decay, Lung Bacteria, Anaerobic conditions helping cancers grow, Mental illness, suicides.
    Worldwide, Nationwide, and here in Idaho we have had Leaders, News, Politicians, etc. etc. that refuse to take an honest look at the truth and continue to harm The People.

    Pass this HB281 this session, if anything, strengthen!

    1. its all about the federal money that they, local and state government, turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the truth.

  4. Karey Hanks is correct: Masks do not work. There are NO scientific studies proving they work, in fact, many studies prove they do not work. They can be harmful to our own health by breathing back in carbon dioxide lowing brain function. They can be contaminated by our own germs and further suppresses our immune system. Many states, such as S. Dakota and others never had the mandate and covid deaths were the same as in states that had the mandates. I have many articles I have saved over the year from different scientists, Dr’s, OSHA, and virologists who have all shown why they do NOT help prevent virus contamination.
    In addition, as a retired pyschologist, I agree with the mental, and emotional harm they inflict upon our children.

  5. Thank you Rep.Hanks. it is such a relief to see that their are representatives that are still thinking and researching beyond the untruths the fear mongers and left media are feeding the public. Thank you again your courage is appreciated.

  6. I love it. Please note the commenting people’s stance. Masks are an unscientific psychological manipulation toward the goal of unthinking compliance. The science to support mask wearing not only isn’t there but common sense should tell a person a piece of fabric will do nothing to protect anyone and the N95s we’re NEVER designed to be worn for the length of time people are wearing them. They make people sick and the are then more susceptible to everything. All this mask wearing is nonsense. Hey remember when people used to support their immune system with fresh air, clean water, and healthy organic foods with an emphasis on plenty of veggetables? No? Your right, I should just shut up, restrict my oxygen, breathe my own carcinogenic waste over and over, take more pills for my growing poor health and eat at McDonald’s. This bill will save more people than the BS pseudoscience pharma mafia pushes on people. No one is taking away your ability to wear your mask. Don’t force your unscientific nonsense on us the “healthy” population.

  7. Thank you Rep. Hanks. I hope this bill passes quickly before idiots in our Government try to mandate that we wear 2 or 3 masks.
    C19 is a real virus but this should NEVER have been labeled a pandemic.
    I guess C19 cured the flu as you sure don’t hear any of the fake news channel report anything on the flu this year or last year.

  8. The people need to stand up for their rights and even file lawsuits against City Council members, Mayors, Sheriffs, businesses that keep violating multiple, ALREADY EXISTING, Federal and State LAWS. Masks are recommended; THEY ARE NOT LAW. Mask mandates, which are recommendations, cannot be enforced. Citations are meant to scare people. Peggy Hall explains that if one were to get a fine for not wearing a mask, that would be like a cop giving you a ticket because he doesn’t like the color of your car. You have Patient rights. You NEVER have to consent to medical intervention, not masks, not vaccines, not tests, not temperature taking. Never. If you hate masks, STOP WEARING THEM. Stop making your kids wear them. Stop suffocating yourself. Stop waiting for a law to come along to stop your local governments and KNOW THE LAWS THAT ALREADY EXIST. The government didn’t give you your rights, and the government can’t take them away. People will lose them because of ignorance. Research. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. The truth will make you let stressed about all of this, so that you can calmly and politely educate the brainwashed. Check out and find out how they reversed the mask mandate in Orange County CA last summer. A bill doesn’t need to be passed, already existing laws need to be upheld. Maybe it’s time for the people to press charges against these different levels of government, etc.

  9. This is not about if the science backs using masks or not. This is about personal responsibility, something the left hates they want someone to tell them every move to make so if is doesn’t work out they have someone to blame. This country is never going to get back to what it was until every adult takes personal responsibility for their actions and decisions on every aspect of life.

  10. Fantastic idea!! I hate wearing mine. Except at 5am when Im at work, it keeps my face warm. Anyway, I would love to not have to wear it everywhere I go, but I need groceries, and that means obeying the stores rules. Not sure how one goes about shopping without one these days. Oregon is being ridiculous right now and our governor is a PoS.

  11. Of the 16 comments prior to mine, 14 were intelligent and persuasive, while the two dissenters to HB281 seemed incapable of anything more than using at least one word they’re familiar with—“stupid,” as if that constituted a powerful debate-ender. I’d like to point out something about a number of big-box retailers, a farm & garden supply store, a dollar store, and other businesses located in the west end of Garden City around Glenwood Ave. In their signage they are falsely claiming that their masking policies are in response to “state/local” orders, ordinances, or mandates. Inside the entrance of the farm & garden supply store there is even a large sign citing Boise City’s mask mandate, as if they were somehow unaware that Garden City isn’t part of Boise. All this signage, clearly for the purpose of intimidation, is highly disingenuous in its claim of fealty to non-existent governmental orders. I had a heated discussion with a manager of one of the big-boxes who couldn’t cite for me the “state/local ordinance” their signs reference, but who was enthusiastically into mask-shaming and reciting store policy and the whole CDC dog & pony show. A subsequent letter to the store’s general manager never received the courtesy of a reply. I also had an extended email conversation with the corporate HR manager of the farm & garden supply, where I thought for a time I was making progress in employing the themes of common sense and personal responsibility, but in the end that proved illusory, and I received the typical, conversation-ending corporate snub. I relate these experiences to point out that the lone voice of opposition to tyranny is easily ignored and marginalized, but not so what could result if significant numbers of people would question these abuses of falsely-claimed authority to impose masking on shoppers. For example, if many people pointed out to the store manager the absurdity of a farm & garden business in Garden City posting an intimidating sign about Boise’s mask mandate, that sign might soon disappear. The obedient sheep certainly won’t do anything like that, so it remains to the rest of us to get up off of all fours, speak out, support HB281 and other conservative legislation, and take back the liberty and opportunity for personal responsibility that has gone down the slippery slope.

    1. These mask mandates have brought out the worst in people.
      I don’t think people are fearful as much as they like to bully. Brick and mortar businesses were having problems with customer service for the past few years, but with the mandates
      it’s become very easy to have contempt toward customers, or anyone, over anything.
      Employees need to start a class action lawsuit to end this crap.
      not only are masks not effective and socially destructive, they are very BAD for health. These are easily proven facts, where as a need for masks has never been proven.

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