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Bill Would Allow Illegal Immigrants To Obtain a Driving Authorization Card

By • February 23, 2021

A new bill has been introduced in the Idaho Legislature to that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses with restrictions.

Senate Bill 1132 was introduced last week by Sen. Jim Guthrie (R-McCammon) in the Senate State Affairs Committee.

The bill’s official Statement of Purpose is as follows:

This bill will improve Idaho’s road safety, ensure more drivers on Idaho roads are covered by insurance, enhance driver education and training for all Idahoans, and generate additional state revenue for Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) programs. If enacted, the bill makes a Driving Authorization Card available to all persons residing in Idaho. It is also an alternative to the STAR Card, or REAL ID, and would be available to all persons over the age of 16 who can verify their identity and that they live in Idaho. The authorization would be comparable to Class D driving privileges and would have to be renewed annually at a cost of $25 per year.

The Driving Authorization Card would be limited to driving purposes only, it would have a distinguishable appearance, and conspicuous words of limitation to ensure the card is not used for voting, to purchase firearms, or to exercise any other rights or privileges reserved to citizens.

Guthrie, the bill sponsor, said during the opening of the introductory hearing,

My request this morning is to ask for your favorable consideration in printing the RS with the understanding that it be referred to the Senate Transportation Committee for a public hearing. And madam chair, my understanding is that we have a busy agenda this morning, and this is just a print hearing. I would just keep my remarks to a minimum and let your questions dictate how much more information you would like on the RS.

No debate or discussion on the proposal was put forward at the time.

The bill passed through committee on a voice vote. SB 1132, if given a public hearing, would take place in the Senate Transportation Committee.

A public hearing for the bill has not yet been scheduled.

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12 thoughts on “Bill Would Allow Illegal Immigrants To Obtain a Driving Authorization Card

  1. What part of “illegal” does Mr. Guthrie not understand?? “Illegal,” sir, means a person has committed a crime for which s/he should be punished, not rewarded. In the case of illegal aliens, they KNOWINGLY committed the crime of entering our country without proper authorization. Try doing that in any other country in the world, sir, and see how far your title as “Representative” would get you. Also, do you really think illegal aliens, having already broke a FEDERAL law, are very bothered that they are breaking a state law requiring a driver’s license to drive???? I submit to you for consideration that for most, their only concern is getting caught.

    If I had my driver’s license suspended and then was caught driving, my action would be illegal, as I would have KNOWINGLY broken the law and I would rightly be charged with a crime. It would NOT matter if I committed the crime so that I could better myself or improve my circumstances (e.g., because I was going to work, getting an education, etc.) The full force of Idaho law would be applied to me, a US citizen and legal resident of Idaho, and rightly so.

    Why, now, a separate legal document extending approval for and facilitating the criminality of illegal entry and residence by an illegal alien, when the Idaho resident would have the book thrown at him/her? If this is allowed, will there not be more attempts in the future to accommodate the illegal alien, when in every other country of the world, illegal entry and residence would earn swift apprehension and removal? Think about it: these are politicians. There will be future attempts at accommodation. You know it as sure as you know your own name.

    Regarding the bill author’s arguments in favor of the bill:
    1. There are already laws to require car insurance, as well as laws to punish those who drive without insurance. It’s laughable that Rep. Guthrie thinks this will remedy the problem of illegal aliens driving without insurance. Earth to Guthrie: if one has already proven s/he will break a FEDERAL law by entering here without proper authorization, do you really thing s/he is afraid of breaking another law??

    2. Yes, there’s the old argument that it will enhance state transportation revenue. But don’t we already have a state surplus? The revenue argument falls flat. I suggest that if Idaho needs to fill its coffers, it find ways to do so without rewarding illegal entry and residence. How about greater efforts toward creating more jobs, which in turn creates more taxpayers, rather than incentivizing and attracting more illegal aliens to our state with a driver’s license?

    3. Finally, regarding the argument that if this passes, it would “enhance driver education and training for ALL Idahoans.” Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But stop and think: just HOW does giving illegal aliens an separate, restricted driver’s license enhance YOUR driver’s education and training or that of your spouse, son, daughter, etc? I’m baffled. Just another feel good, virtue signaling bill from a politician.

    And does anyone think that, in time, the arguments of “fairness” and “representation” would be used by the bleeding hearts out there to drop the restrictions on what this license can be used for? Already, if passed, this license would be an alternative to the STAR card, which after October 2021 will be required to enter government buildings or travel by plane. Could it not in the future be used, with the blessing of some future legislature, to vote, acquire a firearm, or acquire the rights LEGAL residents have? No matter what a politician tells you today, you should be now in your gut, that this is the end game they are playing with us.

    Rep. Guthrie and like-minded legislators: do you REALLY think we are THIS stupid?? Do you really disrespect us that much as to make such pitiable arguments that facilitate criminals to live among us? Is some illegality ok, and if so, how much and under what circumstances? Slippery slope, if you ask me.

    Let this bill die without a hearing, and if Rep. Guthrie is still so inclined to accommodate illegal aliens in this way, let him start a chauffeur service: after all, chauffeurs would be insured, trained, and contributing to the transportation fund through licensure. Voila–all goals of this bill reached, but no government action needed, no criminality rewarded, and best of all: another business is born.

  2. Yep what part of Illegal doesn’t he get? With a work visa and paying taxes. Of course then they claim nine dependents and leave the country. So many ways we pay for illegal immigration, just another welfare program for the tax payer.

  3. Dear Patriots:
    I agree with all the above commentary.
    Who are Patriots? We are Citizens of this great USA who treasure, value, believe in the Constitution.
    Time to stop the nonsense. Email and call all the GOP legislators and let them know that illegal residers (trespassers) can not qualify for LEGAL privileges that are provided for Citizens. It is a “dream” to think that allowing a document that has, in the past, provided proof of residency, should be afforded to non-residents.
    As a political refugee from California, I can tell you this bill is the beginning of the end for voter integrity in this State, as well as ensuring that lawbreakers will be identified immediately.
    To believe that passing this bill will ensure that illegal residers will be safer drivers, will buy insurance, and appear in court when they cause a felonious accident, is a pipe dream.
    As for more revenue for the State- are you kidding me? This will provide a black market for fraudulent driver IDs once the “template” is provided. And how will anyone prove their residency when they’ve been living anywhere illegally? Buy insurance? Mr. Guthrie needs to watch Judge Judy.
    Don’t buy the kool aid and the kumbaya rhetoric This bill needs to be kicked to curb. Very bad idea for those that believe in the Constitution and love those freedoms provided for Citizens in Idaho.
    IdahoGOP- Mr. Guthrie needs to be primaried NOW.
    Does Mr. Guthrie owns a ranch. Do any illegals work there?

  4. Absolutely not! This is not a good thing. We should not validate them in any way.They are criminals, here illegally. Stop the insanity! Do you think they will legally get insurance. Stop being money hungry politicians!!

  5. Welcome to Idafornia…where all your socialist ideologies can become a reality, where the illegal immigrants have the same rights as legal American citizens. If you honestly believe illegal immigrants will obtain a legal driver’s license and insurance…take a look at California and the ridiculous cost of auto insurance due to all those hit and run accidents. Look at the high cost of auto registration in California. What? Do you think you’ll make it better here in Idaho? THIS WILL NOT WORK. Illegal immigrants need to be treated like illegal immigrants: do you want privileges? Begin by entering this country LEGALLY.

  6. Pretty Simple: What part of Illegal do you not understand. Huge pressure from Ag I am sure.

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