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Press Release: Gov. Little, Secretary McGrane Make Idaho First State to Take Executive Action Ensuring Only Citizens Will Vote

By • July 9, 2024

The following press release was sent out by the Office of Idaho Governor Brad Little. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little and Secretary of State Phil McGrane announced today Idaho is the first state to take executive action to ensure Idaho’s voter rolls remain free of non-citizens.

Governor Little signed Executive Order 2024-07, the ONLY CITIZENS WILL VOTE Act, to protect election integrity, voter confidence, and the sanctity of voting.


“Idaho already has the most secure elections in the nation, and we’re going to keep it that way. My executive order – the ONLY CITIZENS WILL VOTE Act – directs Secretary of State Phil McGrane to work with local county clerks to scrub our voter rolls and make sure Idaho’s elections do not fall prey to the consequences of Biden’s lawless open border,” Governor Little said.


“Across Idaho’s 44 counties, we have excellent mechanisms in place already to ensure non-citizens do not vote in Idaho, but there is always more we can do to make sure only citizens will vote. I am proud to work closely with Governor Brad Little to put in place a plan that keeps Idaho ahead of the pack in election integrity,” Secretary McGrane said.

Governor Little and Secretary McGrane pointed out that while Left Coast states and the Biden Administration erode confidence in elections by seeking to register non-citizens to vote, Idaho is fighting back to keep our voter rolls free of non-citizens, a step that is especially important as more and more people pour across our lawless open southern border illegally.

The executive order directs the following actions:

  1. The Secretary of State shall immediately take all necessary steps to ensure that processes are in place to validate voter registration and prevent non-citizens from registering to vote.
  2. The Secretary of State shall routinely review Idaho’s voter rolls, in coordination with Idaho State Police and the Idaho Transportation Department, to identify any potential non-citizens.
  3. The Secretary of State shall coordinate with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and take any steps necessary to verify citizenship status to ensure no non-citizens are participating in Idaho elections.
  4. In the annual report to the Governor and Legislature regarding voter registration maintenance, pursuant to Idaho Code 34-418(2), the Secretary of State and county clerks shall report on their efforts to prevent and remove non-citizens from Idaho’s voter rolls.
  5. State agencies shall not provide voter registration materials to non-citizens or coordinate with any federal programs or agencies to provide voter registration material to non-citizens in the State of Idaho.
  6. State agencies entering into or renewing contracts with federal agencies or partners must confirm there is no requirement to provide voter registration materials to non-citizens or otherwise requiring voter registration activities for non-citizens.


Executive Order 2024-07 can be found here.

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8 thoughts on “Press Release: Gov. Little, Secretary McGrane Make Idaho First State to Take Executive Action Ensuring Only Citizens Will Vote

  1. It’s a start. Now outlaw drop boxes and electronic voting machines. Also put some teeth into a statute that criminalizes voting fraud. And don’t dare tell us that Idaho has no fraud.

  2. That is a good first step. Now to address the greatest election fraud source, the computerized vote counting systems. Don’t just ban the disgraced Dominion machines, the ES&S machines have the same vulnerabilities. These are not transparent and cannot be audited. They don’t allow election officials to check software is accurately counting votes, cuz that’s a “trade secret”. No more easily rigged vote counting systems. Paper ballots hand counted in the presence of any willing witnesses at the close of voting in each voting location. Everyone goes to bed that night knowing who won. See how easy it is to have transparent elections everyone can trust?

  3. Meh. Not impressed. No specifics to say how they plan to roll this out. As of now, illegals can get a drivers license easily and that is the form of ID that is used to verify voter ID. This is just smoke and mirrors to get defraud conservative voters into thinking he is actually doing something. Calling this move and the gov on the Democrat BS that it is.

  4. Back after the 2020 elections, I posed questions about the integrity of election systems and protocols to Phil McGrane when he was running the Ada County elections apparatus. He proclaimed that all was well and there was nothing to hide. I still have my doubts about our systems as they still rely on machines for imaging and tabulating those images. This executive order sounds real good and I hope it’s meaningful, but we need to dump the drop boxes and we need to be pro-active vs every method that allows would-be fraudsters to break into the system. The voter rolls are the first big target for cheaters. That’s where they learn where to insert their fake “voters” or ballots. All they really need is a place to insert a name and/or ballot, depending on the method of attack. Window dressing provides the illusion of a voter presence. The steal might not even be a ballot, but altering the vote outcomes. Machines can be programmed to splice votes into fractions. Values can be assigned to candidates. That’s actually how machines perform Ranked Choice Voting. They assign values to candidates based on how voters choose their ranked choices. If you employ a RCV format in a one on one race, you can assign a lesser value to one of the candidates and a superior value to your chosen candidate. It’s called “fraction magic”….look it up on YouTube. I mentioned this to McGrane and he assures me that this isn’t possible. Well, the machines that we used CAN do it.

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