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Will Idaho Join the States Offering Help to Texas for Border Security?

By • January 24, 2024

Several states are pledging their support to Texas in its battle with the Biden Administration over the security of the southern border. Will Idaho join them?

The Texas National Guard has been installing razor wire to protect the southern border of the state from immigrants crossing into the United States at places other than legal checkpoints and ports of entry.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) federal border patrol agents claimed this action was interfering with their ability to arrest those crossing illegally, and began cutting the wire.

The Texas Attorney General sued the Biden Administration over the wire being cut in October 2023 for illegal destruction of state property. The wire was cut on the banks of the Rio Grande River. Texas claimed the DHS agents were purposely helping the immigrants come across the U.S. border illegally. The Biden Administration argued that the agents were attempting to arrest the border-crossers, which they say is their legal responsibility.

A District Court Judge ruled the federal agents were not in violation of the law in destroying the razor wire.

Texas appealed the case to the 5th U.S. Circuit Appeals Court. The appeals court vacated the lower court’s decision. The Biden Administration appealed the 5th Circuit decision to the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS).

In a 5 to 4 decision Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court vacated the order of the 5th Circuit, which means Justices John Roberts, Amy Coney Barrett, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, and Ketanji Brown Jackson decided the federal agents did not violate the law in cutting the Texas razor wire. Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh disagreed, and were the four dissenting votes.

DHS v Texas

Despite the SCOTUS decision, Texas has continued to install razor wire. Currently the Texas National Guard and Texas State Police Troopers are preventing federal agents’ access to a 47-acre area on the Rio Grande known as Shelby Park. Ten days ago this letter was sent from the DHS to the Texas Attorney General:


Photo was originally published on an NBC News article and captioned: “Razor wire on the banks of the Rio Grande at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Jan. 12.”  Credit: Brandon Bell / Getty Images file

It has become a standoff between Texas state agencies and the federal border patrol. In a social media post, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said,

“I am so grateful for the Texas National Guard, and all of the other members of the Texas military department, and the Texas Department of Public Safety, who are stepping up to secure the border in the absence of Joe Biden enforcing the immigration laws of America.”

Today Abbott shared this statement on social media declaring his position on the matter.

In response, several state Governors have voiced their agreement and commitment to supplying Texas with additional national guard members, supplies, and other needed support.

The Idaho Freedom Caucus weighed in on this today, saying on Twitter,

“States have the right to defend themselves from invasion! The Idaho Freedom Caucus fully supports Texas Governor [Greg Abbott]’s decision to defend the borders of Texas.

We respectfully request that Idaho Governor [Brad Little] support Governor Abbott and the good people of Texas.”

The Idaho Republican Party retweeted Governor Abbott’s statement today on the Idaho GOP Twitter page and said,

“Texas Governor [Greg Abbott]’s resolute stance on defending the Texas border is more crucial than ever. The dereliction of duty by the Biden administration on our U.S. border is disturbing. The escalating situation at the border is a critical national security threat. Abbott’s commitment to safeguarding Texas is a commendable response.”

Will Idaho Governor Brad Little commit Idaho resources to helping Texas? Should he?

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Little’s office to ask for a statement on this matter. At the time of publishing, no response has been received.

Idaho Dispatch has also not located a statement from the Idaho Democratic Party, or any other political party in Idaho on the Texas issue. Article will be updated if new information is obtained.


Feature image was originally published on an NBC News article and captioned: “National Guard soldiers stand guard on the banks of the Rio Grande at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, on Jan. 12.” Credit: Brandon Bell / Getty Images file

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33 thoughts on “Will Idaho Join the States Offering Help to Texas for Border Security?

    1. We need to wake up to who the real enemy of this republic really is . It is not Russia, Iran, China or North Korea that bankrupted us, stile our freedoms and liberties ,stole our income or gives us constant wars in foreign nations.

    1. That is an excellent observation.
      Too bad so much of the country, and so many of our ‘leaders’, don’t seem to understand it (until the border states started shipping illegals to NYC, Chicago, etc…).

  1. Another avenue would be for Texas to reach out to US Citizens for help.
    Deputize Citizens and Well Armed Militias to help Texas defend it’s borders.
    Critical time is being lost while Idaho’s governor/government and others are trying to decide yes or no.
    Let’s protect our nation today.

    1. Try getting 10 guys from ID willing to load up and actually do something. You’ll get 10 different excuses of why they can’t.

  2. This is a true test of our constitution in the states rights. Brad Little is a sell out and a federalist. He made Idaho the first state to arrest people for going to church during the Covid social engineering plan also under Brad little Idaho received so much money in federal funding and it took Idaho out of the red, also under Brad Little, a Mother was arrested in the park during the Covid scandal.. In an ongoing very political issue involving St. Luke’s hospital, that reeks of political legalized weaponization against Ammon Bundy and others that weee fighting for parents rights is on going. The short answer is I don’t see Idaho standing up for constitutional rights.

    1. Quartermain So far as I know, Gov. Little made a verbal commitment to coordinate with Texas Law Enforcement (what ever that means) and if I remember correctly, he sent 6 (?) State troopers to Texas for awhile (short duration) to assist with Law Enforcement coordination with the State of Idaho. Beyond that, I am not aware of Gov. Little doing anything further thus the question to Gov. Little on his current position and support of Governor Abbotts effort to protect his state i.e. does Governor Little support Governor Abbott and the State of Texas efforts to protect themselves where the Federal Government will not.

  3. While I would certainly hope that Gov. Little would step up and stand with Texas, I would be a little surprised if he did.

    Stepping into the national spotlight over a serious issue isn’t the kind of guy that he is.

    1. Gov. Little actually does support Gov Abbott and posted on X this morning that he stands with Texas. I am pleasantly shocked.

  4. Since when have you seen a political figure in Idaho stand even close to the front of the line.
    One thing that nobody picked up on when are the laws and process going to change for a legal way of immigration.
    I would like to know how much money the states and federal governments make off unclaimed taxes from illegals and how many get pockets greased from legal entry.
    It’s pretty obvious someone is making money from it or they would be all over it like Trump.

  5. While I would be excited to see Governor Little voice his support for Texas, I have little optimism he will. Little is a Democrat and completely dependent on his IACI masters to tell him what to do. He has no principles and no spine, just like the former Governor and former State Attorney General.

  6. George Soros and Klaus Schwab are “Enemies of the State” working freely on our own soil. They control the WEF at DAVOS and they are our biggest National Security threat. You will not see one investigation or committee formed in DC to confront them. It’s really simple here. We are either a Nation that is ruled by our Constitution and we maintain our sovereignty or we are a nation that has surrendered it to the Nazis at the WEF that are working overtime to destroy our nation. You are a globalist or an American. We have laws to deal with treason and violations of “oaths of office” that are not being addressed. What you see, are the “Consequences of no consequence”. Law and order or chaos and tyranny. You choose.

    1. The WEF, Soros, are just Captains of distraction, the real power is masked and stays in the shadows. We’d be better off by starting with the FED, hmm what European Banking families own the FED? You never hear Trump talk about ending the Fed, he knows who’s boss.

  7. Idaho absolutely must support and aid Texas in upholding our rights to protect and uphold the Constitution of these United States.

  8. The Idaho Freedom Caucus and GOP support protecting our border, but not the democrats.I seems they would like Idaho to go under as war against America grows.

  9. Don’t buy into Abbott’s smoke & mirrors park ploy. I watched an interview from an independent Journalist on RAV at the boatrap at Eagle Pass and shortly after the MSM filmed the TX Guard, 3 row deep looking prepared to repell the invasion, he recorded these same Guardsman escorting illegal invaders up the ramp and turning them over to the corrupt Border Control.

    If Abbott was serious he would call upon us average Joe’s to show up at the border and swear us in as Deputies and allow we the people to end the invasion.

  10. If Deep State Little really cared to lead, he would best start by rounding up Illegal Invaders right here in Idaho. Counties like Ada and Blaine are supporting this invasion. Highways are not safe, schools are over run, and Hospital resources stressed, and that’s just the impact of the peasant arrivals so far, what will we see when the terrorist combatants activate?

  11. This needs to stop! I hope all states would support Texas, as all states are affected. We all need to stand together.

  12. While it was nice that the peer pressure of other governors pushed Gov Little Brad to at least say something, I doubt he will do much if anything. There is concrete evidence that illegals are being dropped in Idaho. The specific areas I know, are Twin Falls and Wendell. I also know there are illegal aliens working on farms and ranches in Oakley.
    Either the governor doesn’t know, highly unlikely, or he is apart of the plan.
    I do believe if We The People pull together and use ALL churches and civic service groups to start teaching English, history and citizenship class, we could turn the situation for Good. The people coming are being used and turned into slaves.

  13. So… If we are doing the right thing and supporting Texas and assisting to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, why is Idaho accepting illegal immigrants into the state???
    Idaho has also had an influx of people who are not documented and I’ve seen it personally how it has stressed our healthcare systems, especially our smaller rural hospitals and clinics. And yes, they are using our tax funded health care insurance AND getting paid housing.
    While helping to stop the migrant crisis is a thing I fully support, are we not being hypocritical by also taking them in?
    Thanks to the massive influx of people moving to Idaho from out of state, which has made the ongoing housing crisis significantly worse than ever… at least those moving to our state usually have the means to support themselves.
    To not exacerbate the problems, states need to take a stand and not take half measures. You cannot say, yes this is bad so we are sending help and then behind the scenes, accept those that your publicly stating is a detriment to our state and country.
    For the love of god and our country, including the great state of Idaho… half measures need to stop. I’ve fought to make a life and have allowed the system to help when I needed it, while I got back on my feet… that is what how the system should work…short term assistance to allow someone to better themselves. I get that we have alot of spanish speaking citizens, but unless you’ve been in the trenches and seen it first hand, its difficult to understand the pressure on our already failing healthcare system. I’ve not seen ONE illegal migrant who can speak any sort of basic English. I live IN America, not Mexico and its not an easy system having to use a translation service and get to the root of any health issues.
    Oh, to also mention… These individuals have underlying major health issues, have never had ONE vaccination, and do not have the education behind them to understand the basics of taking care of their health issues. Try doing more advanced education through a translation service… yeah, the frustration is real.
    This country was created by migrants, but migrants who fully adopted the ways and culture of their new country. they worked, got educated and became very useful and helpful American citizens, but they did things the right way. I’ve seen people who migrated into our state and have been here for many years… many still do not speak a lick of English. Things are so backwards and honestly, I’m scared for our state and country. Just my thoughts to consider.

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