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Why We Won’t Report on Coronavirus Numbers

By • July 15, 2020

A number of concerned citizens have asked us to report on Coronavirus numbers.

Nearly every news site in the state is reporting daily updates on the current Coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and testing results.

Most outlets have maps and trackers that tell citizens what the current status of the state is in regard to these numbers. Idaho Dispatch does not report these numbers.

So, why do we not report on these numbers?

First, there are enough news sites already that are reporting on the numbers. Adding an additional site likely wouldn’t add to it.

Primarily though, we do not report the numbers because the real number of Coronavirus cases, numbers, and those who died because of the virus are difficult to determine.

A number of states in recent weeks have begun to alter their numbers for a variety of reasons. Some states like Colorado were counting people who died with Coronavirus as dying because of Coronavirus. They have had to alter their numbers to take those cases out.

Additionally, the total number of cases also includes people who have recovered from the virus and we do not feel that is an accurate representation of the total amount of people who are currently infected.

It is also difficult to determine who is being tested and if multiple tests on one person are being counted as additional positive tests.

We feel that it would be irresponsible for us to post reported numbers from various health districts and have confidence that the numbers are 100% accurate and are not either overinflated or underinflated. There is simply no way for any news organization to know how accurate the data is.

Through talking to various citizens who have had the test, we know that some people are being counted as a positive test each time they are taking the test. This type of counting does not seem like a good way to inform the public about how many people are really infected with Coronavirus.

In closing, we do not feel that there is an accurate way to gather data for the whole state on the current number of people infected with Coronavirus, how many are currently positive tests, whether the testing being done is accurate enough to warrant publication of data, and how many people are dying because of the Coronavirus.

We do not believe that any media outlet has the ability to accurately track this data.

We hope that you understand our reasoning for not posting the numbers.



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