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What sites can you follow the Idaho Dispatch on?

By • January 4, 2022

There is no shortage of social media sites on the internet currently.

New social media sites are being created every year. Idaho Dispatch has had a goal of expanding to other platforms, usually as the time to post on numerous platforms allows.

So, which social media and video platforms are Idaho Dispatch on currently?

Video Platforms: YouTube (949 Subscribers) and Rumble (707 Subscribers)

Major Social Media Platforms: Facebook (16,409 Followers) and Twitter (456 Followers)

Alternative Social Media Platforms: MeWe (1,225 Followers) and Gettr (17 Followers)

Idaho Dispatch has received requests to add other alternative social media sites, but we have not yet done so. On top of the time it takes to get posts to all sites, it is also hard to find the sites where a lot of users are located.

Over the next few months, the goal will be to determine if and/or when we can expand to additional sites.

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2 thoughts on “What sites can you follow the Idaho Dispatch on?

  1. Trump Media could be up and running by the end of March.
    Hoping this gives the Idaho Dispatch further increases in both State and National audiences.

  2. So glad you are branching out onto so many platforms. Love the local news. So much better than Idaho News which is biased media.

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