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What Independence Day Events are Still Happening? Which Have Been Cancelled?

By • June 30, 2020

A number of Independence Day events have been canceled due to concerns over the Coronavirus while some are continuing on. Other events have been started by citizens as a result of some of these cancellations.

Below is a list of cities/counties where fireworks and/or parades are still going as well as those that have been canceled. If you do not see an event listed that is still a “go” or that has been canceled, please leave it in the comments and we will update our list accordingly.

Please note that some events are taking place on July 3rd as well.

Our list is for Parades and/or Fireworks. There are other events in some places taking place that are in the links provided. Our goal is to give

Events are listed in Alphabetical order:

Bannock County: Fireworks and Parade have been canceled.

Boise: Fireworks and Parade have been canceled.

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