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Watch Our Exclusive Interview with Wayne Hoffman, President of the Idaho Freedom Foundation

By • January 28, 2022

Idaho Dispatch is continuing our effort to interview political leaders and activists from all sides of the political spectrum.

In this interview, Idaho Dispatch interviewed Wayne Hoffman, President of the Idaho Freedom Foundation. A wide range of topics was covered in the discussion, from legislative issues to common criticisms of the IFF.

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6 thoughts on “Watch Our Exclusive Interview with Wayne Hoffman, President of the Idaho Freedom Foundation

  1. Very enlightening interview…I have a much clearer understanding about the IFF than I ever did. Well done, ID Dispatch…thank you.

  2. Questions for Wayne Hoffman

    In the wise words of Ceech and Chong…. if it looks like dogshit….
    Calling yourself a “think tank” doesn’t change what you do. Dustin Hurst, vice president of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, was fined $250 for lobbying on Idaho’s higher education budget without first registering as a lobbyist. The IFF fits the definition of “grassroot” lobbying with an abundance of communications that attempt to influence legislation by affecting the opinions of the general public and direct significant effort toward regulatory advocacy and budget advocacy as well as indirect legislative lobbying.

    So, why try to pretend you are not a special interest lobbying group?

    On the IFF website, it suggests thar charities, churches, and communities will step in to lift people from poverty… if this were a reality economic disparity would not exist. It does, so how do you explain your support for such a fanciful notion?

    What are the failures of:
    Limited government?
    Free markets?

  3. Why don’t you ask Wayne about his position on legalizing marijuana? Conservatives might be interested to know that IFF is more libertarian than truly conservative.

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