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Watch: Interview with David Worley, Candidate for Pocatello Mayor

By • November 26, 2021

Idaho Dispatch had the opportunity to interview David Worley, one of two candidates for Pocatello Mayor.

The runoff for Pocatello Mayor is on November 30. The other candidate is current Mayor Brian Blad.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to both candidates through email addresses listed on their campaign Facebook pages.

Worley responded that he was willing to sit down with Idaho Dispatch for this interview. Blad’s email address was not working and kept returning to our email as undeliverable.

Idaho Dispatch will continue to reach out to Blad to see if he has a chance to sit down for an interview before Tuesday.

Worley told Idaho Dispatch that he grew up in Pocatello and graduated from Pocatello High School. Worley has also served in Iraq with the Idaho Army National Guard and is still in the armed forces.

Worley is married with five kids and this is his first time running for public office. Below is Idaho Dispatch’s interview conducted earlier today.

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2 thoughts on “Watch: Interview with David Worley, Candidate for Pocatello Mayor

  1. Every city across the nation should be so fortunate to have you lead local government!

    Could you please conduct training seminars for Illinois and Chicago government asap!!!

    Thank you for your service to our country for what you have done, what you are doing, and all future patriotic endeavors to serve this country and specifically our homeland now!

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