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Watch: Exclusive Interview with Ashley Jackson, a Republican Candidate for Governor

By • April 29, 2022

Idaho Dispatch had the opportunity to interview Ashley Jackson, a Republican candidate for governor.

Jackson is one of eight Republican candidates trying to become the nominee for the Republican Party. The primary election in Idaho takes place on May 17.

Idaho Dispatch covered several topics during the interview, such as cannabis, the 2nd Amendment, abortion, healthcare, and education.

You can view the interview below:

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3 thoughts on “Watch: Exclusive Interview with Ashley Jackson, a Republican Candidate for Governor

  1. Cannabis??? Really, we are going to be fighting for our freedoms soon and this kook is concerned with weed ? Give me a damn break!

  2. God bless all those who have stepped into the ring. At least they are stepping up and DOING something. Conservatives WELCOME that participation IF the candidate’s hearts are pure. We ALL KNOW this is a MOST CRITICAL TIME in our state and nation’s history. Freedom WARRIORS who are pure, dedicated, knowledgeable, and CAPABLE of wiping out the establishment RINOs are who is needed. New faces in the game that have not a clue on ‘how things work’, consequently how to fight back effectively, are NOT who we need at this time. On the job training is not for a time as this. Where were they 10 years ago when we still had time for them to OJT ? It’s like sending Basic Training graduates out on highly specialized Spec Ops……….IMHO

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