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Watch: 2 Former St. Luke’s Nurses Explain Why they Quit, and What is Happening in the Nursing Industry

By • September 23, 2021

Idaho Dispatch had an opportunity to sit down with two former St. Luke’s nurses who recently quit their jobs.

Katie Sullivan and Danny Merkes have been nurses for over 30 years and 20 years, respectively. Sullivan was with St. Luke’s for over 20 years and Merkes for over 17 years of his career.

Both nurses quit their jobs on August 27th, even with hospitals seeing many patients with Covid-19 and Governor Little saying ICU beds are full.

Idaho Dispatch talked at length with both nurses to find out what drove them to quit St. Luke’s and give them an opportunity to speak out about nursing issues they thought were important. The interview was conducted on September 20th, and the only edits in the video are at the request of the interviewees.

The full interview can be seen on YouTube or Rumble:

While Merkes says in the interview that while the Covid-19 vaccine mandate was the final straw, he cites issues with St. Lukes upper management and the overall declining treatment of nurses as issues that have been building for years. Sullivan tells Idaho Dispatch that she got the Covid-19 vaccine because of peer pressure from her family and her coworkers but ultimately decided that the treatment of her co-workers by St. Luke’s drove her to quit.

Idaho Dispatch will now reach out to St. Luke’s for a response to the interview.

For those who watch the interview, the “Description” in the video has timestamps for the various topics discussed throughout the video to make it easy to jump around if you choose.

A few of our readers have asked if we will interview nurses, doctors, or staff who favor the vaccine mandate or like the way St. Luke’s treats its employees. Idaho Dispatch has always tried to cover both sides of a story and is willing to interview those who do hold an opposing view to these two nurses.

Many mainstream media outlets have given interviews to nurses and doctors who support the vaccine mandate. However, Idaho Dispatch is not aware of any interview with nurses in Idaho who have quit over the vaccine mandate or other reasons.

What did you think of the interview and what the nurses had to say? Do you agree or disagree with them?

Let Idaho Dispatch know in the comments below.

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