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Wagoner Defeats McGee in Caldwell Runoff

By • December 1, 2021

Update: Jarom Wagoner sent Idaho Dispatch the following statement about his victory and the future of Caldwell:

The citizens of Caldwell have spoken and their voices have been heard. Big money, big names, and big endorsements did not prevail. I am so proud of the people of Caldwell and excited to lead them into the future. Caldwell will only continue to get better as we continue to build on the great successes we have achieved.

I am most looking forward to working with the youth of Caldwell and involving and engaging them in city processes.

Original story below.

Caldwell mayoral candidate Jarom Wagoner has defeated John McGee in the runoff that took place last night.

Wagoner had received 44% of the vote in the initial election but failed to get the 50% plus one required to avoid a runoff. McGee had received 22% of the vote.

McGee had tried to file a lawsuit to avoid runoff and concede the race to Wagoner, but some potential legal complications ultimately kept the race going. As a result, McGee told Caldwell citizens that he would not actively campaign during the runoff.

In a Press Release on November 10th, McGee released the following statement after the clerk had said the election would move forward:


I appreciate and respect the Caldwell City Clerk’s decision. However, my position remains the same. I will not be campaigning for the office of Mayor nor will I be taking any further legal action.

Councilman Wagoner received nearly half the vote on election day. the people of Caldwell have spoken and I believe that they would like Mr. Wagoner to be their next Mayor.

I will be working with Councilman Wagoner to help get his term off to a successful start. That’s what is best for Caldwell.

Hanna and I love Caldwell and the people in our community. I will continue my service as a member of the City Council as well as the various community organizations to which we belong. We are grateful for all who supported us in the election.


When the results were tallied last night, Wagoner had received 2,634 votes or 83% of the votes cast, and McGee had received 549 votes or 17% of the votes cast.

Both Wagoner and McGee are current city council members in Caldwell.

As of this writing, neither candidate has made a statement online regarding the results of the runoff election.

Who did you want to win the Caldwell runoff? Let us know in the comments below.

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One thought on “Wagoner Defeats McGee in Caldwell Runoff

  1. For one thing, I am shocked at the very low voter turnout for this City! With a population of 50,000 plus and to only have just over 3,100 folks vote is PATHETIC! This is how Citizens lose their freedoms by not being active or have any regards for their community! Shameful!

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