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Video: Our Exclusive Interview with Idaho GOP Chairman Tom Luna

By • March 10, 2022

Idaho Dispatch had the opportunity to interview Idaho Republican Party Chairman Tom Luna.

To bring Idahoans as much information as possible, Idaho Dispatch is reaching out to all political parties in the state who have ballot access. We have already interviewed the Chairmen from the Constitution Party of Idaho and the Libertarian Party of Idaho. We were ready to reach out to the Chairman of the Democrat Party of Idaho, but the Chairman stepped down, and a new one has not yet been appointed.

In this interview, Idaho Dispatch discusses current legislation in the state capitol and the role of the Idaho GOP Chairman. Additionally, we asked Luna what it is like to deal with different factions within the Idaho Republican Party and what he believes Idaho is facing currently.

You can check out Idaho Dispatch’s interview with Luna in the video below:

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3 thoughts on “Video: Our Exclusive Interview with Idaho GOP Chairman Tom Luna

  1. Thanks Greg, appreciate the interview.

    Ole Luna is a smooth talker, isn’t he? This interview pretty much confirms that most anyone that considers themself a “Proud Idaho Republican” is pretty much already a “RINO Democrat” in sheep’s clothing. With leadership like this, NO STRENGTH TO FIGHT THE BATTLE, Idaho should become a Blue State in no time.

  2. I have tried to listen to this video interview but it will not play. But then again I don’t need to listen to know that I will not support the GOP machine as long as Luna is involved, in any way. He’s a career politician (yes, a very smooth talker) most interested in keeping Luna in politics more than anything else. Some may disagree but he was not decent in the Idaho education field that he was in (until we voted him out). And “ in my opinion” he is a failure as the state party leader. His support of Simpson is an example of that. Simpson was the only Idaho representative ( of the 35 congressional RINO’s) that recently voted in favor of the Omnibus bill containing the gun control verbiage that Pelosi had included in the bill. We definitely need NEW BLOOD. So do your homework and ferret out those obscure RINO’s for the positions in our state government.

  3. This is a very uninspiring interview that sums up the current lack of vision and political failures of the Idaho Republican Party. Luna blames the other party and the voters? Luna doesn’t present a plan for pushing back against the liberal agenda and unable to raise more funds and just says Democrats have all the money; perhaps we can stop Luna from being a party failure by replacing him as he has admitted defeat against outside money and no plan for success. Most Republicans I know do not support Governor Little and the Republican party with a weak leader at the helm is a bad omen for the future.

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