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Updated Idaho Election Thread Here! Results and More.

By • November 2, 2021

Final Update (1:00 a.m. MST): Thank you all for tuning into the live thread for election results here in Idaho. We will post more updates in the morning. 

Update (12:30 p.m. MST): Boise City Council candidates Luci Willits, Lisa Sanchez, and Holli Woodings are maintaining their leads.

Update (11:58 p.m. MST): Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling wins re-election.

Luci Willits leads Boise City Council District 1 race 55% to 45% while Lisa Sanchez leads 57% to Greg MacMillan’s 37% for District 3.

Update (11:34 p.m. MST): Lewiston will have a mayoral system of government going forward with State Senator Dan Johnson (R) winning the race for mayor.

The following six candidates will serve on the city council under the new form of government: Kathy Schroeder, Hannah Liedkie, Jim Kleeburg, Robert Blakey, Luke Blount, and Kassee Forsmann.

Update (11:10 p.m. MST): In Boise, Luci Willits is leading 54% to 36% for Laura Metzler in District 1. In District 3, Lisa Sanchez leads 56% to 37% over Greg MacMillan.

Lori Frasure leads Brent Hart for West Ada School Trustee Zone 1 by a margin of 62% to 38% and Angie Redford leads Anita Beckman 54% to 46%.

Update (11:05 p.m. MST): In Caldwell, Jarom Wagoner has 47% of the vote. John McGee and Chris Trakel are currently at 22% with only 14 votes separating them. If a candidate does not get 50% of the vote, a runoff will occur on November 30th between the top two candidates.

Update (10:10 p.m. MST): Text in blue is the winner of a race.

Rebekah Sorenson has won the race for American Falls Mayor.

Grady Parsons has won the Arco Mayoral race.

August Christensen has defeated Hyrum Johnson (incumbent) for the Driggs mayoral position.

Rebecca Casper has won re-election for Idaho Falls Mayor.

Marc Carroll is leading the Blackfoot mayoral race. Kevin England leads the Chubbuck Mayoral race over Dan Heiner.

Brian Blad is leading his re-election bid for Pocatello mayor right now with 47% of the vote.

Update (10:06 p.m. MST): In the Post Falls mayoral race, Ronald Jacobson leads very early on 82% to 18% over Austin Hildebrand.

Update: (10:03 p.m. MST): Prop 1 in Lewiston to change to a mayoral form of government is currently losing 887 to 646 votes. If the proposition to go to a mayoral form of government is instituted, Dan Johnson leads the field to be the mayor at 811 votes to 339 for Bob Blakey and 301 for Wilson Boots.

Update: (9:56 p.m. MST): Updated Boise City Council early results with Luci Willits leading Laura Metzler 50% to 41%. Lisa Sanchez leads Greg MacMillan 63% to 32%.

In the West Ada School Board races, Lori Ann Frasure leads Brent Hart 55% to 45% and Anita Beckman and Angie Redford are just 11 votes apart with Beckman in the lead.

Update (9:42 p.m. MST): The West Ada School Trustee leaders with the early voting results are Lori Frasure and Anita Beckman.

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Update (9:28 p.m. MST): Very early results show Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling with 89% of the vote with Jerrold Smith with 11% of the vote.

Also in Nampa, Victor Rodriguez, Jeff Cornilles, and Randy Haverfield with the lead in their respective races.

Update (9:24 p.m. MST): Very early results in Caldwell for the new Mayoral race. Jarom Wagoner at 47%, John McGee at 25%, Chris Trakel at 19%, Nicole Hyland at 6.5%, and Jorge Arancivia at 1.7%.

Also of note in Caldwell are the three city council seats with Brad Doty, Chuck Stadick, and Robert Hopper with the early leads in their races.

Update (9:18 p.m. MST): In very early results, Joe Borton, Treg Bernt, and Luke Cavener with the lead in their respective races.

Update (9:11 p.m. MST): Results coming in from Ada County. Likely early voting results with Laura Metzler, Lisa Sanchez, and Holli Woodings with the lead in Boise. Only 1% reporting.

Update (9:00 p.m. MST): Polls in northern Idaho are closed. Voters can stay in line and vote if they were in at 9:00 p.m. or prior. Results should be coming in shortly from across the state.

Update (8:13 p.m. MST): Deputy Secretary of State Chad Hauck tells Idaho Dispatch that any voter who is in line at 8:00 p.m. is allowed to vote by Idaho law 34-1101(2)2. According to Hauck, an election official will stand at the end of the line behind the last person and ensure no new voters come in after the deadline.

First Post (8:00 p.m. MST): Polls have closed in southern Idaho. Northern Idaho still has one hour of voting to go.

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10 thoughts on “Updated Idaho Election Thread Here! Results and More.

  1. I have voted absentee for the last several years, so when I voted in person in Boise, I was dismayed to see that we have voting machines now. We need to bring back hand-counted ballots. In my area, there were no candidates, only the bond issue–we don’t need voting machines in general, but especially not in these smaller elections.

    A side note–I was afraid that poll workers would attack me for not wearing a mask as I walked past the table with free masks and hand sanitizer, but they were all very friendly and eager to help! I really appreciated that.

    1. “A side note–I was afraid that poll workers would attack me for not wearing a mask as I walked past the table with free masks and hand sanitizer, but they were all very friendly and eager to help! I really appreciated that.”

      That is how I felt also. Glad they put the mask bs aside and just treated us as people.

  2. And once again, Boise has failed to uphold Idaho’s conservative values by keeping Dirty Sanchez. This just shows me how liberal Boise has become over the years.
    Even if MacMillan wasn’t a great alternative, Sanchez should never have been re-elected.

      1. Sadly, you are correct. Wish you weren’t, but we must face the facts, Boise has turned blue with the influx of out-of-staters.

    1. Does it? Or does it show they can get anyone in there by cheating? I don’t trust these elections when the absentee ballots are so lop sided and then the day of the vote goes the opposite way.

  3. Conspicuously absent in this article is a Political Label for any of the candidates but one. How are your readers to know which Political Party holds sway ? Is it possible that the author doesn’t want the readers to realize that the ‘Tide is Turning’ against Liberal Politics ?

    1. The races are non-partisan. We don’t go looking for what party they all register for. It has nothing to do with what I want or do not want. The reason we posted Sen. Dan Johnson’s political affiliation is because we used his title as a Senator and he is a Republican.

      City races do not currently have a political affiliation. if they do end up with political affiliation then we would list it.

      1. Yeah, non-partisan on paper, but in reality these people have a side. Just like we all do. The side should be listed on paper too. Very misleading to them to not list it.

        1. If the candidates would have given interviews, then you could have gleaned their views from that. The Idaho Dispatch does it’s best to remain neutral and just report the facts from both sides. It gives the Idaho Dispatch credibility. They also report the news you won’t see on liberal main stream media. There are plenty of sources that are slanted one way or another where info can be found.

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