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Update on Alleged North Idaho Racism Incident

By • March 31, 2024

Idaho Dispatch brought you the details here of an alleged incident of racism on March 21 in Coeur d’Alene involving the women’s basketball team from University of Utah. The team was visiting Idaho for the NCAA tournament. Here we bring you updates on this story.

The first article included the audio of a 911 call made by a man named Robert Moyer – a Utah women’s basketball team donor who was in Coeur d’Alene with the team at the time of the alleged incident.

Casey Whalen of North Idaho Exposed obtained body camera footage from the Coeur d’Alene Police Department through a public records request. You can watch and listen here and here. The footage shows only the call and the interview with Moyer reporting the incident, nothing from the alleged incident itself.

In response to comments made by Moyer during the initial 911 call, Senator Brian Lenney (R-Nampa) published this letter on his Twitter account:

Dear Residents of Idaho,

In light of recent events, it’s become increasingly clear that our state stands at a critical juncture.

The remarks made by Mr. Robert Moyer on March 21, 2024, which wholeheartedly disparaged and belittled the people of Idaho, have not gone unnoticed. His comments, which characterized Idahoans in derogatory terms are deeply concerning and run counter to the values we cherish.

Mr. Moyer’s statements, describing Idahoans with terms such as “hillbilly white trash people” and “rednecks,” and making unfounded assertions about the role of race in our state, are not only hurtful, but fundamentally misrepresent who we are as Idahoans. His assertion that being black “doesn’t seem to work too well here” stands in stark opposition to our belief in the dignity and worth of every individual, regardless of skin color.

As a state senator representing the proud residents of Nampa, I stand firmly against any form of hate speech or ideology that seeks to divide us on the basis of race, ethnicity, or any other characteristic that makes each of us unique. Idaho is too great for hate; thus, I unequivocally condemn the divisive and derogatory comments made by Mr. Moyer. Such statements have no place in our community or in any society that values respect, equality, and the inherent dignity of all its members. I am committed to fostering an environment where every individual is valued and where we stand together against ideologies that seek to categorize individuals as less than or inferior.

In response to hate, let us unite with a stronger resolve to promote mutual respect. Let us demonstrate through our actions that Idaho embodies principles that are indeed too great for hate.

Together, we can confront and overcome the challenges before us, building a community that truly reflects our shared values of respect and equality for all.

With unwavering support,
Senator Brian Lenney
Nampa, Idaho

On the same day Senator Lenney published his letter, the Idaho State Senate passed a resolution which stated,

“…the Legislature hereby denounces acts of racism and commits to eradicating the conditions that allow racial animus and undue prejudice to persist in Idaho.”


Senate Concurrent Resolution 135 was sent to the House of Representatives, but has not been taken up for consideration.

There is still no video or audio footage available to the public of the alleged incident, any alleged perpetrators, or any allegedly involved vehicles. But according to this link,

“On Thursday [March 28], a Coeur d’Alene detective and FBI agents arrived in Salt Lake City to speak with the players. [Coeur d’Alene Police Captain] Hagar said the department has one video in its possession and is actively seeking more from the public.”

In addition, according to this, Capt. Hagar also said,

“[Coeur d’Alene PD] will not be releasing any video they find, in order to protect the integrity of the investigation. The department will also not specify what the video depicts.”


Feature photo of downtown Coeur d’Alene courtesy of

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30 thoughts on “Update on Alleged North Idaho Racism Incident

  1. Question: Isn’t the following quote considered racist in itself?

    (…”Mr. Moyer’s statements, describing Idahoans with terms such as “hillbilly white trash people” and “rednecks,”…)?

    Let’s be respectful…..Let’s protect everyone’s 1st Amendment Rights at the same time.

    1. And there, inlies the rub. His “hillbilly white trash” statements reveal his character and I for one, am glad he said them. False accusations come from leftist mouths on a minute by minute basis. It just makes me wonder if the whole story was made up in the first place. It likely was.

      1. Yes, I have serious doubts about the incident. These leftwing hate mongering actions have been tried before. Very sad if true but there seems to be a strange lack of facts, videos. Many incidents to create racial divide also cannot be tolerated. The hate from this Moyer is strange as well.

      2. Yes.
        Consider the source/s.
        Consider the nature of the incident
        Consider the immediate effect (instantaneous knee-jerk virtue signaling).

        As is usually the case, we will probably never know what (if anything…) actually happened, but this has the earmarks of yet another anti-white, anti-conservative, fake ‘hate’ incident.

        They probably overheard some people discussing Caitlin Clarke in a positive way in a restaurant and extrapolated that into this ‘event’…

        Incidentally, why are police involved? I don’t see any mention of any crime in all of this. Last I checked, being an obnoxious loud-mouthed racist isn’t a criminal offense in this country (if it were, there wouldn’t be many Democrats in office…).

    2. This is just another psyop to reduce the cohesion of one race of people in this country so that they will be easier to control and conquer. Don’t fall for it. We all know why we moved here.

    3. Of course it is. However, racism is a one-way street in our current popular culture. You are absolutely right and maybe at the center of the problem with your last statement about being respectful. A two-way street understanding of racism might eliminate it.

  2. Right wrong or indifferent everyone is entitled to a opinion. If you dislike a person or a place then don’t go. I would love to know why everyone needs to bow to the whims of one person or even a group and change for them.
    I had some racist relatives growing up and always thought it was wrong but still I believed in the Constitution of the United States.
    If this is all it takes to have some people pop a spring just imagine when shft really hits the fan.

  3. Just because Dr Moyer chose to take the very low road does not mean that racism is nit alive and well here. Wake up folks, it is! My mixed race grandchildren cannot go to school in peace and the result is that part of my family is now moving to another state to get away from the racism. I am so disappointed in this community.

  4. I lived in CDA for a year and I met a few of those morons that still believe the white supremist BS! It’s actually enlightening to talk to them. Their twisted beliefs are stongly held and based on the same kind off perverted logic that most cults use. I realized that talking to them and trying to convince them that they were wrong is as useless as trying to convert a democrat

  5. It appears that there hasn’t been any credible videos or comments by anyone describing this incident. We have one video from someone complaining about a so called racist incident that he said happened in the town of CDA. This person appears to be compromised or intoxicated and makes racist comments about this so called incident. I don’t think that this warrants any further discussion because it seems to be based on one persons comments and nothing further has been discovered. It also sounds like Utah people are complaining about Idaho people and if you don’t like Idaho you shouldn’t come here.

  6. It seems like a quite powerful claim without the slightest supporting evidence. We have tons of evidence of racial hoaxes in the USA. During the Trump administration, racial hoaxes skyrocketed. It is an election year, so it seems more plausible that the racial hoaxes would also increase in lock step as well.
    If the claim is important, then the importance of supporting evidence should be equal to its level of importance. This claim seems to have grown in massive importance right?

  7. The only documented hate speech in this incident is Robert Moyer’s racist hate speech against “rednecks” and “hillbilly white trash”. And in the video of Moyer making these racist and derogatory statements he specifically states he had been drinking at the time and it appeared to me he was intoxicated. Also, let’s say his attire was “flamboyant” (attention seeking?). In addition, he identified himself as a “donor” who travels with a women’s basketball team. So we do have a middle-aged man who apparently likes traveling with and drinking with young athletic women. I can think of reciprocating some derogatory statements and innuendo about him. But let’s agree that there is nothing positive in racist and derogatory statements from anyone.

  8. Thanks a lot Idaho Dispatch, I clicked on a link in the supposed racist CDA comments and got a stinking MALWARE from your site. Great security there…..NOT

  9. I want to know what disciplinary actions were taken against the cop whose body cam footage was used during the conversation with Moyer. He validated Moyers comments and encouraged further distasteful behaviour. That was my main take away from the footage, other than Moyer isn’t very bright.

    That cop needs to be fired and sent back to wherever he moved here from.

    1. I wondered about that myself. He finished Mr Moyers rambling statements which led him to thank the police officer several times.

  10. This alleged incident, described by a non-participant smacks strangely familiar to what happened on the Missouri University Campus post-Ferguson Missouri riots. The radicals moved from Ferguson to the campus to incite racial unrest and during their weeks long encampment on the commons…suddenly lifted four wheel drive pickups were racing about on campus displaying confederate battle flags and scream racial slurs. All of which proved to be unwitnessed by the accuser radicals and ultimately untrue. This incident smacks the same. If proven true, which apparently at this date it has not been substantiated, then it should be condemned, if not substantiated the accuser should be publically condemned.

  11. In the almost 20 years I have lived here, I have never heard a player of color from Boise State or any other college or university complain in public about the way they were treated here. Maybe someone has, but I have never heard it.

  12. Nothing to see here, regardless it’s 1st Amendment in action whether someone likes the talk or not (if it even happened), unless you’re in Scotland, such ‘hate talk’ would get you 7 years in jail, something I’m sure the UofU I’m sure would be in favor of.

  13. My gut feeling is that this incident was two idiot Gonzaga students harassing the visiting team.

  14. Is it just me or does it seem like the “racism” theme in the untrustworthy MSM media runs in one direction here. But it looks like two “races” were attacked.

    1. Allegedly first from unidentified persons in approximately one to five unidentified vehicles, possibly with flags revving engines and using foul language including the N word.

    2. Racist words actually used during the report and surrounding the report that belittled and accused Idahoans, and used slurs like, “racist” “Hillbilly” “rednecks” “white trash” spurring news reports that produced a narrative that falsely idenifies IDAHO with words like “nazi” “white supremacist” “christian nationalists” “white nationalists” etc.

    Bottom line. All lives matter. Particularly baby lives.

    So instead of promoting division and hate which is what dishonest reporting promotes, lets wait for the truth to surface before the national media pulverizes IDAHO and gives us a bad name because of a possible false report. Shame on the fake news propaganda MSM for all of their misleading, false information and narrative driven biased reporting all the way back to 2016 and beyond.
    Its time to begin supporting America First patriot owned and operated media and entertainment including outlets that offer a non-biased approach to honest reporting like Idaho Dispatch.

  15. America has sadly become a land of staged events like the Jan. 6 “insurrection” at the Capitol. The question has to be asked – did this event in Coeur d’Alene happen as purported or was it some Antifa provocateurs pretending to be white supremacists?

    Whatever happened there, mainstream Idahoans DO NOT need to apologize for being Idahoans.

  16. After years any many clear cut cases of raceism hoaxes….., Idaho congress has learned nothing.
    They instantly gave the left what they wanted.
    Ridiculous virtue signaling…, based on heresay by a liberal racist(Moyer). Everyone who jumped on the fake virtue bus made it clear to me, they’re NOT capable nor deserving their seats in Idaho legislature. As for Little, TERM LIMITS!

  17. Just wondering what proof, they had that the people were in fact Idahoans! I would have had license plate info. So then intern I guess you can blame all people in Utah for open racism I’ve seen, and just fill in any state you want! If Idaho was such a racist state, then why are so many Americans moving to Idaho (free America)!

  18. Of course, the emasculated Governor drops to his knees and assumes the sodomized position and grovels a humiliating apology. What an embarrassment and pathetic excuse for a male. Must be a trans-woman.

  19. What amazes me is that REACTION occurs before FACT is established.

    This is so idiots like Darwin can promote propaganda.

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