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Update: Eagle Passes 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

By • September 11, 2020

Two days ago we posted a story about the city of Eagle considering a resolution to make the city a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” city.

The resolution has passed unanimously. This makes Eagle just the second city to pass such a resolution with Star being the first.

If you hear that your city is considering a resolution like this or regarding another “hot button” topic please let us know at

Original Story Below.

Not long ago the city of Star became the first city in Idaho to pass a 2nd Amendment sanctuary resolution.

The passage of resolutions and ordinances to support the 2nd Amendment has been increasing over the last couple of years across the country. Much of the movement started after gun control became a big issue in the state of Virginia which recently came under Democrat control.

Idaho is already considered a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary State” by some due to a law that was passed here in 2014. However, some cities are still pushing resolutions to let their citizens know where they stand on the 2nd Amendment.

The city of Eagle is now considering its own resolution tonight at their city council meeting.

Part of the resolution (full resolution below) reads,

…the citizens of Eagle are opposed to any legislation considered by the Idaho State Legislature or the United States Congress that would infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms and would ban the possession and use of any firearms, magazines, ammunition, or accessories now employed by individual citizens of Eagle…

The city council meeting will take place tonight at 5:30 p.m. at city hall. Eagle’s city council meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.

We have reached out to Eagle’s Mayor Jason Pierce, the Ada County Democrats, the Ada County Republicans, Sen. C. Scott Grow (Republican – Eagle), and Rep. Gayann DeMordaunt (Republican – Eagle) to get their opinions on the resolution.

Currently, Senator Grow is the only one to respond and he told Idaho Dispatch,

I commend both Eagle and Star for their 2nd amendment resolutions. I stand fast for our 2nd amendment rights.

Erik Berg, Chairman of the Ada County Democrats sent a statement to Idaho Dispatch about the Eagle resolution.

He said,

In my capacity as chair, I’d just say that it will be the courts that functionally decide which laws are unconstitutional or not. Municipal government isn’t given that right constitutionally either by the state or federally. In reflection of that, I take this as a messaging document more than law (which it being a resolution shows). I concern myself more so with ordinances, laws, code, etc that make the greatest tangible and concrete difference for individuals in all our communities including Star. In these times where so many in our community face immense challenges, I think our energy is best spent on concrete ways to make things better for people.

If any of the other individuals/organizations we reached out to respond we will update the article accordingly.

For citizens wishing to express their support or opposition to the resolution, you can reach out to the city council using the form here:

If you wish to reach out to the mayor you can do so using the link here:

What do you think of 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions? Are they good or are they not something a city council should be focusing on?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Here is the full resolution being considered in Eagle:

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3 thoughts on “Update: Eagle Passes 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

  1. Praise God for the City of Eagle, its mayor and its City Council members! Political appointees and offices standing up for individual rights, for freedom and liberty is always good and essential.
    True to form, Erik Berg, chair of Ada County Democrats, refuses to show support for the 2nd Amendment rights of Idaho citizens.

  2. A Commentary on Prime Law in America
    Our Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights have traditionally protected individuals, either alone – or when assembled in large and small groups. Those unalienable laws ( meaning, no lien is allowed upon any man, , because God-Created man, and government did not.) are what sanctify individual liberties and the reason behind our tri- balance of representative legislation, equal justice , and restricted executive power.
    These treasured rights, ours for over 200 years, are the essence of what protects and sets an example for American wholeness, moral rightness and exceptional living.standards. . Through the commonality of a Christian culture, calling for all to do no harm, Americans painstainkingly have endeavored to improve wrongs, and create a melting pot of equal rights for many cultures and peoples. Through trial and error we have used this template of unalienable rights and the rules of our constituion to protect all, and still give opportunity for any to become exceptional . Though the ladder to that exceptionalism has not always been equal, this unique opportunity for life, liberty , and happiness is the creed all had the opportunity to use within their own free wills.. Because of these maxims of unalienable opportunity given to all people by God, not by men, we here in America are not subjected to the violent lockdowns like those people in Melbourne, Australia have been subjected to. For Australian human rights do not protect men against violent restrictions of liberties by government entities In contrast to the violence in Melbourne, Americans, even in a declared emergency, are never required to give up ones life, liberty or happiness those for another. For by so doing, one risks pernanent and/ or temporary harm to his and his familys life,free assemling and pursuit of happiness. All of these things, can of course, be given freely to another if emergency and priority requires it.. Furthermore, a man is required by Common Sense, and by the Laws of Nature to defend his own life, that of his family or if necessary that of his nation. ThisPrime Law to protect individual life, is the reason to guard Natures Law and the primacy of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness . Strong individuals, and stable families living in a peaceful, civil society have the potential to create strong progeny and strong nations.
    Hence life liberty and the necesity of property are called Prime Law, Organic, or the Essential Law of men. It therefore follows that any county chairs, local representatives, or state leaders the people give authority to , have responsibiblty to protect us under the Laws contracted to protect us the people..
    Thats the way, American Prime Law is supposed to work. Come January, things may change. But thats another story……..

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