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Update: Boise Town Square Suspect in ‘Critical Condition’ as 2 are Dead and 4 Wounded in Shooting

By • October 25, 2021

Update at 7:25 p.m. MST:

The following Press Release was sent out by the Boise Police Department:

The investigation into a shooting that occurred inside and outside the Boise Towne Square Mall this afternoon remains under investigation by the Boise Police Department with assistance from state, local, and federal partners. An exchange of gunfire between the suspect and officer will be investigated separately by the Critical Incident Task Force led by the Meridian Police Department.

Two people have been confirmed deceased as a result of their injuries. Five additional people were transported with injuries, including the suspect and a responding officer. The suspect is in critical condition. The officer has been treated and released. No additional information will be released by the Boise Police Department about the other victims treated at the hospital.

What Happened: Around 1:50 this afternoon, Boise Police officers responded to a shots fired call at the mall on N. Milwaukee, with early reports that at least one person was shot. Minutes later, officers confronted an individual matching the description of the suspect outside of the mall. Gunfire was exchanged resulting in injury to both the suspect and an officer.

Officers continued to respond to the scene and located multiple victims. Working in coordination with mall security protocols, officers worked to evacuate and clear the mall. The mall will remain closed as the investigation continues. At this time, we believe there was only a single shooter involved and there is no ongoing threat to the community at large.

​“This was a traumatic experience for our community as a whole and our hearts go out to all the victims, witnesses, first responders, and those who have been impacted by today’s events,” said Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee. “We recognize the community has many questions and concerns. The Boise Police Department will work to make sure we get information out to the community as quickly as possible in conjunction with our investigators and prosecutors.”

With the closure of the Boise Towne Square Mall, any individuals who need to retrieve items left in the mall will be able to do so tomorrow. Further information about this will be shared on BPD’s Twitter and Facebook. The scene is secure at this time and no one will be allowed in tonight.

Update at 6:20 p.m. MST:

Idaho Dispatch spoke with a citizen who says the white vehicle with what appears to be a bullet hole in the window belongs to his mom.

Update at 5:18 p.m. MST:

BPD reporting that two people were killed and several other injured in a shooting at the Boise Town Square Mall.

A suspect has been taken into custody.

One BPD officer was injured in a gunfire exchange with the suspect who was taken into custody.

Original story below.

Shortly after 2pm on Monday, the Boise Police Department tweeted that officers were responding “to a report of shots fired” at the Boise Town Square Mall.

Boise PD also asked people to avoid the area.

About 15 minutes later, a follow-up tweet said, “Officers are continuing to secure the scene, there are multiple reports of injuries. One person is in custody.”

The latest update is that six people, including a Boise Police officer, were injured, although it is unclear if they were directly injured by the shooter.

A media briefing is scheduled to take place at City Hall West, 333 N. Mark Stall Pl. at 4:30 pm.


This is a breaking news story, and updates will be added as they become available.


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17 thoughts on “Update: Boise Town Square Suspect in ‘Critical Condition’ as 2 are Dead and 4 Wounded in Shooting

  1. When they dont release any information about the shooter you can be almost certain he’s not white. My guess it was an illegal alien or one of Bidens latest refugees and likely was a terrorist attack of course we’ll never know because the story will never be told.

  2. Why hasn’t the identity of the shooter been released? Hard to think there’s no agenda behind covering that up.

  3. What is wrong with you people? People are dead and injured. Families are grieving and you people are worried about race? Illegal aliens? Middle eastern?

    Are you f***king serious right now?! Grow up and stop being so selfish and racist.

    1. Um…..No. these are all legitimate questions. Sorry it hurts your feelings. A better question is, after reviewing the footage will we find crisis actors. You grow up. No one ever guaranteed your feelings, you self centered egotist, wouldn’t be hurt by the truth.

    2. if you want to know how to prevent it you have to know why it happened. So yes knowing if it was a “refugee” from Afghanistan shipped here by Biden that initiated a terrorist attack when he got here, it might be useful to know.

  4. I’m sure the mayor and other gun haters will seize the moment to push their agenda. That FACT is that any Gun Free Zone is probably more dangerous than a place where legally carried guns are welcomed. The national media is already trotting this story around. This kind of shooting is an everyday occurrence in Big Blue cities and people are jaded to it their. This gives the MSM another opportunity to take another swipe at Idaho as we are a favorite punching bag right now. Consider their agendas.

    Let’s wait and see what churns out of the investigation.

  5. It is concerning that no ID or description of the shooter has been shared as of yet. It would be important information in case there are others with the same plan, Idahoans would know what to look out for if other attacks are planned. We would know know what to look for.

  6. There’s film and still footage of the actions taken yesterday. The security guard with his head injury had come to pass. May he rest in peace. I hope his family doesn’t have to see the disturbing images.
    Now this is jusy hearsay..
    Whoever stood from the second floor filmed the actions and took pictures is associated with the shooter.

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