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Trump Supporters Gather at the Capitol, Protest Election Results

By • November 7, 2020

The mainstream media is projecting Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States.

President Donald Trump and his legal team meanwhile are challenging the results of the election. Rudy Giuliani, part of Trump’s legal team held a press conference in Pennsylvania earlier today where they say they are bringing evidence to federal court to challenge the validity of some of the votes cast and where they say Republican election officials were prohibited from validating ballots in some cities.

In Idaho, Trump was the victor by over 20 percentage points, but that did not stop some of his supporters from rallying at the capitol this afternoon.

Approximately 800-1,000 supporters rallied at the capitol according to Diego Rodriguez who was the emcee for the event and also serves as the Marketing Director for the Freedom Man PAC.

The event was originally planned by Pam Hemphill and then sponsored officially by the MAGA Girls Idaho Chapter and was titled, “Trump Won (Stop the Steal).”

Idaho Dispatch was live on the ground and covered the event. You can check out our live stream on our Facebook Page or the YouTube link below.

Representative Tammy Nichols (R-Dist. 11) and Representative Aaron Von Ehlinger (R-Dist. 6) both spoke at the Trump rally.

Both of them discussed concerns they have with the results of the election and alleged improprieties with the results.

In addition to Nichols and Von Ehlinger speaking, Machele Hamilton, who is the 1st Vice-Chair of the Idaho Republican Party addressed the crowd and told them that the Idaho GOP supports President Trump.

Tom Munds from the John Birch Society spoke to the crowd. He encouraged them to get involved with the “JBS” and to be active in their political engagement.

Other speakers included Sara Brady who was arrested earlier this year for trespassing at a public park in Meridian. The outcome of her case is still pending. Brady spoke to the crowd about freedom and liberty and taking a stand.

You can hear the entirety of the speeches by watching the live stream posted earlier in this article.

Pam Hemphill who does independent streaming of many events in Idaho as well as the MAGA Girls Idaho Chapter also briefly spoke about their desire to put on the event and support Trump.

Once the speakers were done, the group marched to Front Street, a busy Boise road that leads to the “connector” which then leads to I-84.

There, Trump supporters waved flags and held signs in support of President Trump.

While many in the crowd that we saw were Trump supporters, there were some counter-protesters present as well.

Across the street, approximately six counter-protesters had gathered with a number of others also intermingling with the Trump crowd. A number of the signs held by counter-protesters were vulgar in nature and will not be posted here although our live stream may have picked up those signs at one point.

Idaho Dispatch did witness approximately 20-25 vehicles that drove by the Trump crowd and flipped them off and/or said “Fu** you” or “Fu** Donald Trump.”

While it is possible that some Trump supporters may have done the same thing back to the counter-protesters or those driving by, we did not witness anyone doing that personally. We did see several Trump supporters who would go and wave their flag in front of Biden counter-protesters on the Jefferson Steps at the capitol and some of the counter-protesters along Front Street.

Idaho Dispatch is unaware of any physical altercations that took place and there was police presence from both the Boise Police Department and the Idaho State Police.

What are your thoughts on the results of the election so far? Do you believe Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States or is President Donald Trump going to win in court and become victorious in the end?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Note: Article photo courtesy of Tammy Nichols.


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5 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Gather at the Capitol, Protest Election Results

  1. This was a great event today, but it was also an essential event. It’s important to acknowledge our elected representatives who showed up and spoke, Reps. Nichols and Van Ehlinger. Representative-elect Ben Adams (13b) was also there but did not speak. Congressman Russ Fulcher has issued a strong statement on the election irregularities. These elected officials are showing that they care about those who elected them.

  2. I was proud to attend this event. I’ve never been big on activism and protests because like many patriots, I had faith in the elections and the legal system, and I believed in letting my vote do the talking for me. With what’s happened this last week, and the media lies, all that has changed for me. This was my first time getting out there to be a part of an event like this. I showed up with nothing but the clothes on my back and a voice to cheer with, and so many gracious patriots let me borrow their signs and flags to wave and someone even offered me a megaphone so I didn’t throw out my voice. We can’t afford to rest on our laurels and stay silent any longer. Along with many others, I believe we’re realizing that we need to be as vocal as the opposition is. I was very encouraged by the numbers and by the energy, as well as our unified and peaceful response to (attempted) incitement by the (indeed very vulgar) opposition.

    1. I do appreciate you sharing this. I’ve been advocating for more every day folks to get involved. Thank you for your comments and commitment to uphold our constitution and preserve freedom and liberty. I’ll see you Saturday 12/12 1pm at the Capitol for another rally

  3. I am very proud of you Idahoans who showed up for a last minute, grass roots stand against blatant theivery of our one man, one vote priceless choose our leaders….Our 1st amendment right to assemble is the right that protects all the others…That is the main reason for all the unreasonable restriction like the mask mandates for healthy people, to take away our right to assemble, our right to worship and peacefully express grievances by the government…Great job on this cool newspaper…Refreshing clear pictures. Beautiful state house too.. .I I could not get to Boise, but I was a one man band on a corner in ST. Maries, holding up a cross , a sign saying SAVE TRUMP, and singing.Amazing how singing patriotic songs and hymns boosts ones courage…and happiness quotient..

  4. If there is a go fund me to sponsor Idaho group going to weekend to support Trump and our right to vote….i want to contribute.

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