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Trump Attorney Warns Former Idaho Lobbyist to Stop Swindling Donors

By • April 3, 2024

A former Idaho Legislative lobbyist has been warned to stop alleged fraudulent fundraising activities using the Donald Trump for President campaign name to scam donors.

Jesse Taylor, previously an Idaho Legislative lobbyist and now a resident of West Palm Beach, Florida, was sent this letter dated March 15, 2024. The letter is signed by David Warrington, an attorney with the Dhillon Law Group whose signature identifies him as “Counsel for President Donald J. Trump and Donald J. Trump for President 2024, Inc.”

Idaho Dispatch has asked Dhillon Law Group to verify the validity and authenticity of this document.


The accusation reads,

“It has come to our attention that you are soliciting campaign contributions under the false premise that you are acting on behalf of President Trump and the Campaign and that you are offering a purported family and friends opportunity to prospective donors and supporters of President Trump. Specifically, our information indicates that you are promising donors a photo with President Trump in exchange for campaign contributions in the amount of $6,600, an offer you are not authorized to make, nor can you fulfill. Worse, there is no indication that the Campaign has actually received these funds, thus there is no dispute as to your clearly fraudulent intent.”

The letter goes on to say,

“To be clear, you are not authorized to make such offers, nor are you authorized to claim that you represent or are otherwise associated with President Trump, his family, or the Campaign. You are no doubt aware of this fact, considering your previous and ongoing ban from all Campaign events and all properties owned by President Trump.”

The letter then describes further behavior by Taylor, explaining,

“We are also aware that you have threatened members of the Campaign with disclosing purportedly sensitive information should the Campaign take steps to stop your unlawful activity.”

Citing several sections of federal law, Warrington concludes,

“The facts, as described above, constitute both fraud and extortion. On its face, this activity appears to violate several criminal statutes….

Furthermore, you are also misusing President Trump’s name, image, and likeness to swindle money from his supporters.”

After describing those alleged activities, the letter then addresses allegations of communication with foreign leaders and promises of future job appointments on behalf of Trump.

“In addition, we have received information that you purport to represent the interests of President Trump in negotiations with foreign leaders and that you are promising some donors positions within the future Administration in exchange for lucrative “consulting” contracts. At no point in time has either President Trump, the Campaign, nor any person affiliated with the Campaign, ever authorized you to engage in such negotiations. Your actions in this regard likely violate several federal criminal statutes, including, but not limited to, the Foreign Agents Registration Act (22 U.S.C. § 611 et seq.) and the Logan Act (18 U.S.C. § 953).”

Warrington’s letter concludes by saying,

“We demand that you immediately cease and desist your fraudulent fundraising practices, refund all contributions you have wrongfully appropriated, and retract and refrain from further extortive practices.

It is in your personal and business interests that you end this shameless and manifest deceit immediately.”

This 2014 lobbyist report shows Taylor was employed by Bear Lake Watch, Norco, Professional Bail Agents of Idaho Inc., and Stanton Healthcare for that year’s legislative session.


Taylor’s national political connections involve more than the Donald Trump campaign. He was also heavily involved in the 2023 race in which former U.S. Congressman and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry won the Louisiana Gubernatorial election. Landry began serving as Governor when he was sworn in on January 8, 2024.

Taylor kept some of his Idaho connections alive and well, introducing Landry to Boise resident and businessman, John Odom. Odom owned HMH Construction Co, but the business was closed a few years ago. He also owns Odom Racing Company and was featured on Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws. The relationship between Odom and Landry went sour when Odom found out that Landry had hired former Trump campaign advisor Corey Lewandowski. Odom’s ex-wife, Trashelle Odom, had previously accused Lewandowski of inappropriate conduct.

Odom demanded the return of a $100k donation made to Landry’s campaign. Trashelle Odom, by then divorced from John, issued a statement through Jesse Taylor saying she was still in full support of Landry’s candidacy, half the money donated was hers, and that Landry should keep it. You can read more of the story here and here.

Jesse Taylor is active on social media and has posted these photos, some of which show Idaho lawmakers.

His Twitter profile is found here.

(3) Real Jesse Taylor (@RealJesseTaylor) / X (

Update as of 1:55 P.M. MT April 4, 2024;

Jesse Taylor’s social media accounts appear to have been taken down since publishing of this article.

Update as of 9:37 A.M. MT April 5, 2024;

Jesse Taylor responded,

“I categorically deny the allegations made and I will take steps to prove they are false.  I am taking legal advice and considering all options and remedies available to me.  In light of this, it would be inappropriate for me to make any further comment.”


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Feature photo, left to right: Boise resident and owner of HMH Construction and Odom Racing Co.- John Odom, Trashelle Odom, Donald Trump, Jesse Taylor, and Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry. Photo credit John Odom.

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13 thoughts on “Trump Attorney Warns Former Idaho Lobbyist to Stop Swindling Donors

  1. I want to know how many of our legislators did he swindle/corrupt against We The People to vote against our protected freedoms. We need our American common law courts back to deal with these swindlers! Then, justice will be restored!

    1. Agreed. After all we’ve seen since Covid- all the corruption in every part of our government, the corporate media, the FBI DOJ WHO CDC and all the indispensable election interference & fraud…….
      We must have true transparency, and the swift & proper application of our laws to those who break them.
      Without this, our republic is finished.
      There’s no honest way for the democrats to win in November…….

  2. Like with most stories, there is always another side. This easily could be a smear campaign in letter form. Did the author of the story attempt to reach Taylor for his side of the story?

    And is the author a journalist or real estate agent? She has an ad for herself as a Realtor on the same page.

    Very questionable.

      1. Suzanne Mitchell: I obviously have, and you obviously don’t know all the facts. None of us do, actually.

      2. I am a friend of Jesse. I believe in his integrity and this will work out for him. We should not judge as we don’t know all the facts.

    1. I very much agree with you. Jesse has been a friend since 2005 and I do believe he is not being treated fairly. I believe in him and this will work out.

  3. A hit piece where the subject does not get a chance to defend himself. This is yellow journalism.

  4. It’s quite simple. Body cameras for every elected official and anyone who portends to represent one. If it isn’t used, 5 year minimum prison sentence. Camera must be on 24-7. Yep. That’s right.

  5. I obviously have, and you obviously don’t know all the facts. None of us do, actually.

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