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The Dispatch – Episode 4: Interview with Nicholas Contos, Bonneville County GOP Chairman

By • July 13, 2022

Idaho Dispatch has released our fourth installment of “The Dispatch,” our new show with interviews and the latest political news of the day.

In this episode, we interviewed Nicholas Contos, the Bonneville County GOP Chairman. The Bonneville County GOP and members of its leadership team are being sued by the Idaho Republican Party as well as the Idaho GOP Chairman Tom Luna.

Contos gives his perspective on the lawsuit and the issues leading up to it.

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You can watch episode 4 here:

8 thoughts on “The Dispatch – Episode 4: Interview with Nicholas Contos, Bonneville County GOP Chairman

  1. In action the Republican party is no more the other Democrat party. Pay attention to what they actually have done.

  2. Appreciate the interview, it was very helpful in my understanding the issue. I do anticipate hearing the other side from Chairman Luna. In general, parties shouldn’t make primary endorsements, but lately there appear to be false flag candidates who enter a primary to cause damage. As a voter, it is helpful to me to identify these people so I know who they really are.
    In the old days, false flag candidates may have been rare and so the party didn’t make primary endorsements to avoid giving fuel to the opposition in the general election, but times have changed. In your future interview with Chairman Luna, it would be great if this issue could be addressed. A possible outcome of this current controversy would be that bylaws would change so that primary candidates are vetted more thoroughly and false flag candidates are identified.

  3. I hope you will reach out to Luna to schedule an opposing interview if love to know which specific federal election laws were broken.

  4. The Republican Party of Idaho has had an internal division for a very long time. Does anyone remember the forced takeover of the head office while all delegates were at the State Convention in Moscow?
    Office was broken into, computers were taken over, locks were changed. The Rhinos couldn’t get control of the party through legitimate means so they took matters into there own hands. Luna is in a camp I wouldn’t vote for with a ten foot pole.

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