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The Dispatch – Episode 1: New Show, Economic Stories, and More!

By • June 16, 2022

The Idaho Dispatch has launched a news show called, “The Dispatch” which will air on YouTube and Facebook, and be subsequently uploaded to Rumble.

In order to reach more Idahoans, we want to have a fun and engaging show that citizens can look forward to watching. Idaho Dispatch’s intention is to have a show where we talk about news happening in Idaho as well as interviews with political figures from across the state.

In the first episode, we discuss the new show, inflation reactions from local gun stores, and inflation reactions on grocery purchases from citizens all over Idaho.

You can check out The Dispatch, Episode 1 on YouTube, Rumble, and Facebook!

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One thought on “The Dispatch – Episode 1: New Show, Economic Stories, and More!

  1. Youtube and Facebook? Enemy platforms, not happy with Idaho Dispatch supporting anti-free speech platforms and treating alternative like Rumble as an afterthought. You are funding the enemy so not sure about continuing as a paid subscriber.

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