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The 2024 Idaho Election Filing Deadline Has Now Passed – Who is Running?

By • March 17, 2024

The filing period to submit the necessary paperwork to the Secretary of State’s office for 2024 political candidates ended last Friday.

The entire final list of candidates can be found here.

Incumbent U.S. Representative Russ Fulcher (R-Congressional District 1) does not have a Republican challenger for the primary election, but will face three in November: one from the Democratic Party, one from the Constitution Party, and one from the Libertarian Party.

Incumbent U.S. Representative Mike Simpson (R-Congressional District 2) has two GOP challengers for the primary: Scott Cleveland and Sean Higgins have both filed to run for that seat. The winner of the primary will face a Democrat, a Libertarian, and the primary winner of two Constitution Party members who have entered the race.

Some of the hotly contested Legislative races include the state senate seat in north Idaho’s legislative district 1. Incumbent Senator Scott Herndon will face former Senator Jim Woodward in the GOP primary election. The winner of the primary will be challenged by two Independent candidates in the November general election.

Former State Representative and State Senator Christy Zito has filed to challenge the incumbent legislative district 8 Senator, Geoff Schroeder.

Current State Senator for district 13, Brian Lenney, faces former State Senator Jeff Agenbroad in a GOP primary repeat matchup. The winner of that race will face a Democratic challenger in November.

Legislative district 16 (Boise) has a rare-in-Idaho primary race between two Democrats: incumbent State Senator Ali Rabe and challenger Justin Mitson. The winner of the primary will face a Republican in the general election.

Incumbent State Senator Treg Bernt in legislative district 21 (Meridian) is facing challenger Brenda Bourn in the Republican primary. The winner will go up against a Libertarian candidate in November.

Current State Representative from legislative district 8, Megan Blanksma, is challenged in the GOP primary by Faye Thompson. The winner will face a Democrat and a Constitution Party member in the general election.

The primary race for House seat 11A shows three Republicans running: incumbent Julie Yamamoto, Kent Marmon, and Nicole Hyland. The winner there will face a Democrat in November.

House seat 11B features a primary showdown between Sarah Chaney and Lucas Cayler. The winner of the primary will face Democrat Marisela Pesina in the general election.

A three person GOP primary race will take place in legislative district 13 (Nampa) for House seat B between Amy Henry, incumbent Kenny Wroten, and Steve Tanner.

The House seat B for legislative district 16 shows four Democrats will face off in the primary – Jon Chu, Nikson Mathews, Todd Achilles, and Wayne Richey. The winner there will face Republican Jackie Davidson in November.

Incumbent Rod Furniss, Republican in legislative district 31, is being challenged in the primary by former State Representative Karey Hanks. The winner will face Democrat Wayne Talmadge in the general election.

Current Representative Wendy Horman in district 32 is facing two challengers in the primary: Bryan Smith and Sean Colletti. The winner will face a Democrat in the November general election.

Incumbent State Representative Kevin Andrus is facing former State Representative Chad Christensen for House seat 35A. The winner will be up against a Democrat in November.

Candidates have until March 29, 2024 to withdraw from their race, if they choose to do so.

Were there surprises in your district? Which races are you looking forward to, or dreading?

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16 thoughts on “The 2024 Idaho Election Filing Deadline Has Now Passed – Who is Running?

  1. Another important race is in 23. Incumbent Melissa Durrant is being challenged by Kuna city councilman, Chris Bruce. It may help voters in district 23 to know that their current representative cast the deciding vote that ruined the chances for the education choice bill to pass. So, thanks to Representative Durrant parents who pay for anything besides government education will NOT receive any of the deserved relief they have been fighting for now for many years.

    1. She’s a RINO…anybody but Durrant. The Freedom Foundation awarded her a “F” on the Feedonm Index, an “F” on Spending Index, and a “C-” on the Education Index…pretty much mirrored RINO Senator Lakey’s Freedom Foundation evaluation…F, F, D+, respectively. Now Tina Lambert, the other Rep from District 23…hard-core Conservative…graded A-, A-, A+, respectively.

  2. I would like to see an investigative report on Mike Simpson, US Rep for Idaho. He is FOR breaching Lower Snake River Dams. These dams are the cleanest cheapest and most dependable source of energy available. They also make river commerce possible for transport of Idaho farm produce to the Columbia River and Ocean ports. Whose side is he on? Where does he stand on the Western States initiative which proposes to take 55 million acres across 11 western states to be dedicated to solar farms? No longer will they be “multi use”.
    Forty years of Mike Simpson is tooo long!

    1. Mikey Simpson has been playing footsie with the Greenies for about 20 years, maybe longer. I also believe that special interests with financial rewards are at work in the energy substitution plan. Kickbacks are expected. The fishing community has been sold a bill of goods on this. VOTE SCOTT CLEVELAND!!!

      1. We’ve been trying to kick him out for years! Let’s do this! His voting record is atrocious. It needs to be plastered everywhere

    1. Winder definitely needs to be given his walking papers. Too much power with all the stunts he’s done in kicking people off of committees. He needs to be reminded who the bosses are. Let’s go We The People of Idaho.

  3. lets see if the venerated chair moon can put up some people who arent rated ‘extra harmless’ by the pinko/RINO lobbyist swamp

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