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Student Rally Planned at Boise School Board Meeting Over Mask Mandate

By • February 14, 2022

Students and parents are planning a rally tonight at the Boise School Board meeting to oppose mask mandates.

The rally is expected to take place from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. MST. Organizers are planning to meet in the parking lot and are asking individuals to wear yellow.

A flyer for the rally is asking for the BPD to “END COVID RESTRICTIONS FOR BOISE SCHOOLS NOW!!”

Parents in support of removing the mandate say that it should be up to the parents/students if a mask will be worn. Parents opposed to the mandate say the masks don’t work and are causing more harm than good.

Those in favor of the mandate say it is necessary to keep Covid-19 cases down and that the masks are effective at doing so.

A Twitter account called “Protect Boise Schools from Covid-19” is advocating to keep the mask requirements in place. Here is what the account posted yesterday,

With the vaccine delayed for under-5s, it’s crucial that families be able to keep their kids safe. Schools should keep mask requirements to reduce onward spread. “Children under 5 represent 15% of all diagnosed cases, but about 35% of the ~1,100 total pediatric deaths.”

The BSD board is expected to discuss the issue tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Student Rally Planned at Boise School Board Meeting Over Mask Mandate

  1. Thank you for spreading the word. Fear mongering needs to end. We need help to end it! These losers once again extended masks. Time to Pull School board bonds and start recalls. This is pathetic !

  2. Bosie Parent. I agree with you! This needs to end now!
    Governor DO NOTHING Little needs to do the right thing and end ALL MANDATES now!

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