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Star Passes “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” Resolution

By • July 22, 2020

A number of cities across the country have passed “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” ordinances or resolutions.

As the debate over the 2nd Amendment continues to be a hot button topic, many cities and counties wanted to reiterate their support for it. This led to a nationwide movement to support ordinances or resolutions in places like North Carolina, Virginia, Oregon, Washington, and other states to counter gun control efforts.

Idaho has not seen a movement to pass such ordinances or resolutions, until last night.

Star passed a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary resolution last night with a unanimous vote of 4-0 on a resolution submitted by City Councilmember Keyes.

We reached out to Mayor Trevor Chadwick about the resolution.

One of our main questions was what prompted their decision to pass a resolution in the first place. The mayor responded by saying,

In our current environment with the continued attempts of eroding our constitution, we felt it was important as a City that we take a stand to show our support and protection of the second amendment, our Constitution and our Police organizations.

We also asked the mayor if he had any opposition to the resolution. He told Idaho Dispatch,

Very few people oppose this, I would say over 95% of in our community support this.

Finally, we asked the mayor why he felt the city needed to pass the resolution.

Here is what the mayor told us,

There are some that asked the same question as you about the need based on Idaho’s stance. But again, at the ground roots level (City), it is important for the Cities to get on board and take a stand.

Erik Berg, Chairman of the Ada County Democrats sent a statement to Idaho Dispatch about the resolution.

He said,

In my capacity as chair, I’d just say that it will be the courts that functionally decide which laws are unconstitutional or not. Municipal government isn’t given that right constitutionally either by the state or federally. In reflection of that, I take this as a messaging document more than law (which it being a resolution shows). I concern myself more so with ordinances, laws, code, etc that make the greatest tangible and concrete difference for individuals in all our communities including Star. In these times where so many in our community face immense challenges, I think our energy is best spent on concrete ways to make things better for people.

The city did a post on Facebook about the resolution. While most of the comments were supportive, one commenter seemed opposed to the measure.

Here is a screenshot of that comment.

Seth Rosquist, Chairman of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance disagreed with the resolution not being necessary and told Idaho Dispatch,

It is great to see local communities taking a stand for the 2nd Amendment. Idaho is changing and we’ll need mayors and county commissioners to step up their game to defend our gun rights.

What do you think of the resolution?

Do you believe it was a waste of time or do you think more Idaho municipalities need to pass resolutions like this?

Let us know in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Star Passes “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” Resolution

  1. Let me start by asking. Define Irony. It’s not ok for a 2nd amendment sanctuary to be enacted BUT it’s perfectly ok to enact a sanctuary city or state to harbor law breakers(you fill in). Yeah this is political correctness at its finest from the ADA county chair. It’s typical of them to enforce or follow the constitution when it’s convenient for them and ignore it when it’s in their way or hinders their political agenda.

  2. The 2nd. Am. is extremely important. I am glad to see such an intelligent and productive outcome. I fully support this.

  3. It would be great to see all Idaho cities adopt the same resolution as Star, in becoming 2nd Amendment Sanctuary cities.

  4. I applaud the Mayor and council from Star for their courage in taking this stand in support of our Constitutional guarantees under the 2nd amendment. We must not give up this or any other rights as American citizens.

  5. I love the statement the city of Star is making with this resolution. I hope other cities follow suit.

  6. I truly hope that all Idaho cities will follow star example and support our 2nd amendment rights

  7. Awesome! I used to live in Meridian, but am now in Missouri… I pray you become an inspiration to MANY others! Thanks for what you are doing.

  8. Democrats applaud a sanctuary city for illegal immigration but decry it for 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights. Democrats love to chant “my body, my choice” but then tell everyone to wear a mask that doesn’t stop a .12 micron virus anyway. Democrats like to advocate for “right to die” but not “right to try” when it comes to Covid19 cures. The Democratic party defended slavery, started the KKK after the Civil War, passed gun laws when Black Americans defended themselves using their 2A rights, then tried to murder them via Planned Parenthood eugenics “healthcare clinics” which decimated their voting power via less population through abortions. It’s nuts. Now you know why we have 2A Amendment rights!

  9. Keep in mind that in part resolutions like this are mostly feel good. It says “if you keep voting for us, we’ll give X Sanctuary”. In my opinion and in Star’s case Councilman Keyes (our self appointed traffic Czar) along with this City Council has largely approved nearly every single junk development application which has led to a 97% housing vs 3% commercial ratio that is crushing the city with traffic while using crafty diversions like pointing to their Incomprehensible Plan, Uninformed Development Code, Non-existent yet Apathetic Public Facilities Ordinance & more — none of which has helped traffic at all — while doing a happy dance about a light going in at Plummer/44 which they had literally nothing to do with and was approved many years prior. This, as Keyes struts around town in a mask with an American flag on it (ironic right). So if this isn’t the classic Star Wars Jedi Mind trick “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for” then what is?! Happy for a 2A gesture but the 1st rule of any game is to know you’re in one and with these politicians in Star, no doubt we’re getting played.

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