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St. Luke’s Tells Idaho Dispatch How They Define ‘Unvaccinated’

By • October 11, 2021

Idaho Dispatch has received several questions about the vaccination status of patients at St. Luke’s.

In particular, citizens have asked what defines “unvaccinated” according to St. Luke’s? Because St. Luke’s and mainstream media outlets are reporting that 98% of patients in the Intensive Care Units are 98% unvaccinated, citizens wanted to know if that meant that patients had received no shots at all or had received some of the shots.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to St. Luke’s to try and get some clarification on that particular question.

Idaho Dispatch spoke with Christine Myron by phone earlier today and asked her several questions, including how St. Luke’s currently defines a patient as unvaccinated. Myron, who serves as the Treasure Valley area “Media Contact,” told Idaho Dispatch she would send an email with an explanation of St. Luke’s policy.

Several hours after the phone call with Myron, Idaho Dispatch received an email with a link to St. Luke’s “Key Metric Descriptions” on how the hospital defines unvaccinated.

On the site, you can read a bullet point with the following description:

Percent of COVID positive patients that are unvaccinated in St. Luke’s hospitals: This measure of COVID-positive adult inpatients that are unvaccinated as a percentage of the total number of adult inpatients that are COVID positive is an indicator of how the care of unvaccinated COVID patients is shaping St. Luke’s operations (available beds, staff allocation, etc.). It helps us evaluate our overall capacity for care.

In the next line, as part of the same bullet point, you will see a “Note.” The note describes the definition of how St. Luke’s defines “unvaccinated.”

Here is what the “Note” says:

  • Note: A patient is considered unvaccinated until they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. (Emphasis from Idaho Dispatch.) For the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, a patient is considered fully vaccinated 14 days after their second vaccine dose. For the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a patient is considered fully vaccinated 14 days after receiving their shot.

According to the above definition, a patient in a St. Luke’s ICU bed would be labeled “unvaccinated” if they have not received both of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines and cleared 14 days since their second shot or received the Johnson & Johnson shot and cleared 14 days.

Using the definition provided to Idaho Dispatch, if a patient was in St. Luke’s ICU and had received both Pfizer shots but had received the second shot ten days before hospitalization, that patient would also be counted as unvaccinated.

Here is a screenshot of the specific wording on St. Luke’s site:

In reporting by mainstream media and social media posts by doctors, it is reported that 98% of patients at St. Luke’s in the ICU are unvaccinated. However, it does not appear that any clarification is given on what defines unvaccinated and what percentage of that 98% falls into any specific category.

One article from the Idaho Statesman contains the following quote from St. Luke’s Chief Physician Executive Jim Souza,

Dr. Jim Souza, chief physician executive at St. Luke’s Health System, said Wednesday that the St. Luke’s ICU mortality rate is currently above 40%, higher than the 28% rate last December. He said St. Luke’s has six children hospitalized with COVID-19, two of whom are in the pediatric ICU. Souza said 98% of patients in the ICU are unvaccinated. (Emphasis from Idaho Dispatch.)

There is no “Note” or “Clarification” in the article on what that 98% means.

KTVB posted an article regarding the Boise State Football games when BSU planned to require proof of vaccination or a negative test. In the article, KTVB also mentions that 98% number.

Here is what KTVB said in the article:

Boise State emphasized in their statement that vaccinations have been proven to be safe and effective and data shows 98% of patients in Idaho’s ICUs with COVID-19 are unvaccinated.

The KTVB article also doesn’t define what that 98% means.

One of St. Luke’s General Surgeons and Physician Executives, Robert Cavagnol, posts frequently about the status of Covid patients in St. Lukes and includes the percentage of unvaccinated patients in St. Luke’s ICU. In one post on Twitter, for example, Cavagnol uses a number of 96% to describe unvaccinated patients in St. Luke’s ICU:

Idaho Dispatch has received several inquiries regarding the 96%-98% unvaccinated status of St. Luke’s ICU patients.

Idaho Dispatch spoke with Zach Brooks, one of the citizens who had questions about the unvaccinated percentage. When Idaho Dispatch informed Brooks of the information St. Luke’s provided, we asked what his main concern was with the numbers. Here is what Brooks told us:

St. Luke’s needs to break these numbers down further. Just calling people ‘unvaccinated’ implies that someone hasn’t received any of the shots. If someone has received both Pfizer shots and it’s only been 13 days instead of the 14 required, St. Luke’s doesn’t feel that it’s necessary to disclose that? We are just going to call them ‘unvaccinated’ and claim that 98% of people are unvaccinated? That seems rather dishonest disclosure when we should be breaking the number down into at least ‘unvaccinated,’ ‘partially vaccinated,’ or ‘completely vaccinated.’ What percentage of the 98% have received at least one shot?

Idaho Dispatch sent follow-up questions asking for the breakdown to Myron, but we have not yet received a reply. Additionally, we asked Myron if someone says they have received the vaccination(s), and it’s been more than 14 days, but the patient does not provide proof of vaccination, does St. Luke’s count them as vaccinated or not?

For now, Idaho Dispatch hopes that the article helps clarify how St. Luke’s is currently labeling which patients are considered unvaccinated and which ones are not.

Do you believe it matters if someone has been partially vaccinated and is counted as unvaccinated, or is it irrelevant?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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39 thoughts on “St. Luke’s Tells Idaho Dispatch How They Define ‘Unvaccinated’

  1. Very interested in last question you posed. How do they confirm vaccination status? I’m hearing unless vaccination was done at that particular hospital they aren’t able to confirm and just click unvaccinated. If they had it done at a pharmacy, you think over worked nurse calls over worked pharmacy snd waits on hold 30-45 minutes to confirm each patient?

        1. Its funny, no one is talking about if there are any patients in the ICU with the natural immunity? That’s because there are not any, and it won’t continue to support getting the death shot for people that have been infected.

    1. You’re correct Don. I worked there for almost 18 years up until last month and personally know a patient that stated his information wasn’t up to date even though he’s been fully vaccinated. He had his shots done in Arizona (as he’s a snowbird). He even had it listed in his providers office visit note. He was still marked as “unknown” (which is how SL classifies the unvaccinated). So, unless someone actively updated his status, he could’ve been admitted to the hospital with this status. I’m curious if their key metrics that are put in place within Epic (their charting system), would automatically pull this information if someone neglects to read his H&P and update his information upon hospital admission?

  2. I have had so many people I know, that have gotten the shot, and within days, got sick! Why are people getting so sick immediately after getting the shot? Most of these have ended up in the hospital, sicker then i ever was even with my bad lungs and heart, and I even lost a couple. ALL after getting the first shot! Something is wrong.

    1. Greatly appreciate you speaking upBree… I now have friends who have lost 5 to the vaccine and one of nerve damage leaving a healthy retired Ada County sheriff using a walker with no feeling from his knee down (since Maderna in July).
      Can you share the names so we can spread the truth in love to the unbelievers?

  3. Calling them unvaccinated is disingenuous at best, and manipulative at worst. The headlines to so many Covid news articles are largely inflammatory, so I’m leaning towards the latter. Calling those patients unvaccinated leads many to conclude that 1. The shots are working to provide immunity and stop the spread (plenty of evidence to show otherwise) 2. The so called unvaccinated are burdening the health care system 3. Only the “unvaccinated” are spreading disease.
    It’s too bad more people aren’t inclined to ask the right questions. For example, we rarely hear talk of St. Luke’s protocol for treating Covid patients. Perhaps the protocol is contributing to patient distress. Thank you Idaho Dispatch for asking the important questions.

  4. It absolutely matters where you are in your vaccination status. Regaurdless of what the media is saying, I can peronally look around in my community of friends and see a correlation of the shot and extreme ill events leading to death. I have just experienced 2 dying in the past week from this.

  5. Please continue to pursue a further breakdown of the “unvaccinated” patients. It’s important information!
    Thank you!

  6. Reword the question…what precentage of people in the hospital have had a shot?, and what percentage of those are there because of complications of the experimental gene therapy?

    1. The most frustrating part about people having complications from the experimental shot is that Drs are claiming the adverse reactions are due to unknown reasons but then go on to advise not to get the second shot. All suspicious.

    2. Exactly, Eric. All receiving the shot containing the mRNA poison are STILL unvaccinated one month after the shot…they’ve been “gene therapied”! The Colin Powell death has many people from 65 plus asking questions they might not have asked before…at least publicly.

  7. I’ve been asking these exact same questions in public forums for weeks (if not months), and no one has an answer.

  8. Why don’t you look at studies from Israel, highest vaccinated country that 4 out of 5 admitted to ICUs are fully vaccinated. Look at Senator Ron Johnson’s video on the senate floor of data showing spike in Delta after vaccines were started! Check out India’s shut down of Covid using home health Ivermectin, Vitamins D and C and Zinc. It’s all corruption with narratives to make billions of dollars and to hide therapeutics that work!!!

  9. They got their unvaccinated numbers from the number of patients admitted well before vaccinations were available and then in the following months, the vaccination rates slowly went up. So the majority of the time frame in which they were counting, there were not many people who were vaccinated or even able to be vaccinated. I think the stats they took the numbers from started in Jan, 2021 to Sept 2021 (I could be a little off on the end of the date range). It’s all smoke and mirrors. Lies and damn lies. Typical manipulation of numbers to get the outcome they wanted. Also, anyone admitted now who tests positive for covid, even if they show zero symptoms and are in for something other than being ill from covid, still counts as a covid case. It’s all about the $$$. There is no way that almost 100% of covid cases in the hospital “NOW” are unvaxed people.

  10. Please see Dr. Peter McCullough – ‘Therapeutic Nihilism and Untested Novel Therapies’
    I believe this will answer many questions

  11. vaccinated means you have not gotten the shot in any way shape or form. Those repoets need to be put out there as to the people that are in the hospital and what stage they are in in getting their shots.

  12. The Hospital Administrator’s directives along with those of the Idaho Medical Association need tube brought to light, corrected and prosecuted where necessary.
    The need to Ban, Shut Down and Remove these Jabs in becoming very apparent through numerous articles. Here are a couple outtakes.
    1.) The information relayed from Deb Potter above.
    2.) Mass Vaccinations vs. ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) where the virus replicating is much worse in those that have been Jabbed.
    3.) United Kingdom’s ONS showing 81% of Septembers Deaths, after testing positive for Covid-19, were fully Jabbed in accordance to government guidelines.
    4.) Week after week, hospitals are filling up with Jabbed patients due to their immune systems being “Wrecked by Spiked Proteins” and other poisons contained in these Jabs.

  13. Its amazing how much information one can find from credible sources, as well as statistics from across the globe, just how ineffective and damaging these “vaccinations” truly are, yet it seems to be covered up with smoke and mirrors by the media.

    I’ve never been a conspiracist, yet this is screaming just that! A cover-up by the government? I won’t say that, but boy, does it just wreak of something nefarious going on here.

    I am willing to bet at this point that if we could get the truth out of these hospitals just how many have died from Covid AND had a full or partial dose of the vaccination, as well as the timeframe from shot to death, these numbers would force the gov’t to immediately ban the shot, or at the very least, suspend use of them until more research is done.

    As for this article, it clearly shows how St. Luke’s refuses to be transparent with their data, and it looks very, very bad for them. By not releasing this important data, it makes the case of the hospital cashing in on Covid patients!

    For Christine Myron, I say to you; if you are offended by my post (and anyone else’s posts here), why not come out and give us the real data? Is your job so important to you that you’re too afraid of being fired by releasing these numbers to the public? If so, you’re directly related to the deaths of those in your hospital’s beds. Good luck sleeping with that thought…

  14. Typical deception and semantics game being played to manipulate and control people. Gotta keep that federal money flowin !! It would be nice if we could get an HONEST answer out of a doctor or hospital rep but those days are clearly over.

  15. At this point I am as dazed and confused as All the “medical” or other people responding to your great job of trying to help us. Greg THANKYOU FOR ALL YOU DO!

  16. Everyone here must read “How India licked covid 19”. The state of Uttar Pradesh with a population of 230 million people has a mere 33 active covid cases. How did they do it?? With home medical kits ( yes containing a prescription of ivermectin) for every positive case. At a cost of $2.65 per kit…..and there lies the reason we’re not using this or any other early treatment!!

  17. And no mention of natural “vaccine”/antibodies with the many that have recovered from covid. Many studies showing natural antibodies last at least a year (double the jab) and certain studies show natural to be multiple times more effective than the jab…

  18. I am believing that St Lukes and other hospitals say, the patient is unvaccinated if they do not present an ‘official’ vaccine certificate at the time of admittance. If the patient shows their ‘official’ card after admittance, St Lukes may not up date the stats. The hospitals are probably not insisting that you prove your vaccination after admmittance, thus we get the 98% lie. 98% is an obvious lie.

    The Covid-19 shots need to be outlawed immediately by special session. If I become Governor, I will stop the shot on day one.

  19. I work for one of the main home health organizations in the treasure valley. Patients are vaccinated and unvaccinated and they are equally ill based on risk factors. But the vaccinated are treated differently. Last week I what I saw… unvaxxed hospitalized for CHF then tested covid positive.. Covid diagnosis. A vaccinated Covid patient with multiple blood clots… PE. Both active Covid and both in similar condition.

  20. So, anyone who has an immediate bad reaction to the vaccine, (less than 14 days since vaccination), is counted as unvaccinated? Unscientific, invalid statistics! Agenda-driven?

  21. Honestly, I don’t care if they are vaccinated or not. Unfortunately, we won’t hear about what other real factors contributed to their hospitalization ie. age, Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease. I’ll bet we’d see all of these above if they reported this. There’s more to being healthy in the fight against COVID than a shot in the arm.

  22. Heard a story from a friend of a friend whose unvaccinated mom contracted COVID. When taken to St. Luke’s, ER wouldn’t admit her because she hadn’t taken the jab. So her daughter successfully treated her at home. It’s all lies!

  23. Just more lies from the medical profession. The vaccine is not effective and they don’t know if it is safe since the clinical trials are now being conducted on the people who have been vaccinated. Will see how safe it is in the future.

  24. Let’s take the inquiry further; such as, Is St Luke’s taking specific CoVid directives and “definitions” from the CDC or Big Pharma? Does St Lukes segregate the annual Flu from SARS Covid-19? Is St Luke’s receiving Federal money for “Covid-19 cases”?

  25. This tells us that adverse reactions from the shots are expected within 14 days after injection. My own sister was afflicted with acute vascular dementia 12 hours after her second Pfizer mRNA shot! She would NOT be considered “fully vaccinated” under this universal classification which distorts the facts about what vaccination is. Using this skewed definition protocol, the communist hospitals can lie about the true nature of afflicted Covid victims or victims due to the vaccines themselves. My sister is NOT being treated for any Covid symptoms, or at least that’s what they told her. They have not concluded as to any reason for her contracting vascular dementia. Vascular dementia is a brain disorder that is caused by blood clotting at the junctions to and from the brain that impedes blood flow. Spike proteins from the jabs set up spike proteins in the vascular system and may or may not cause adverse affects, but we know many thousands have been afflicted without acknowledgement from official medical sources. This is a crime that amounts to attempted genocide. Look up any work by Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. David Martin. They have built that case against the creators of Covid 19 and the Vaxx makers.

  26. I am so sad to see that many of the Dr.s and Nurses I worked with for 6 years at St. Lukes are willing to sell their soul to the devil over Money!

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