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St. Luke’s Hospital Alters Website Regarding “Gender Reassignment Treatment”

By • September 13, 2022

St. Luke’s Hospital Children’s Essence Clinic in Boise has altered the homepage of their website which details the ‘gender reassignment’ treatment offered in their practice.

The Idaho Dispatch published this story on September 7. Sometime between then and September 9, the changes were made.

The changes included removing much of the text in the section entitled “Areas of Focus” under the description of “Gender Health.” We had highlighted the text that is now gone in our previous article.

“…care for individuals whose gender identity is different from their sex at birth and who do not identify with the traditional definitions of male or female. In working with gender-diverse patients, we utilize the standards of care developed by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). We offer hormonal therapy, including puberty blockers, and gender-affirming therapy and emotional health assessments.”

Also removed are the photos, contact information, and biographies of the five healthcare professionals with various specialties, who participate in the treatment of minor children through the Essence Clinic. These include:

Dr. Eileen A. Baez-Irizarry, MD, a Pediatric Endocrinologist

Dr. Daniel P. Flynn, MD, a Pediatric Endocrinologist

Dr. Patrick A. Gerety, MD, a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon

Luna M. Hodges, PNP, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Endocrinology

Dr. Kara N. Saperston, MD, a Pediatric Urologist.


As of September 7, the webpage appeared this way:

FireShot Capture 003 - St. Luke's Children's Essence Clinic -


Sometime between September 7 and September 9, 2022 the page changed and is now presented this way:

Idaho Dispatch reached out to St. Luke’s Hospital and asked for comment regarding the changes to the webpage. As of the time of this writing, no response has been received.

Photo courtesy of King5 News.


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23 thoughts on “St. Luke’s Hospital Alters Website Regarding “Gender Reassignment Treatment”

  1. Defund St. Lukes, eliminate it’s non profit status, choke it off until the time it is willing to learn how to provide Healthcare.

    1. Enough of the exploitation of our citizen, healthcare workers, and children by this corrupt medical organization. When are Idahoans going to wise up and speak out on this matter. I know everyone prays; but will that save our state from becoming BLUE under the current Little and Bedke administration?

      Big Pharm and Bid Medical is going to make $$$$$ on Idahoans.

  2. Our Medical Field is sicker than we are! We NEED HELP IN OUR MEDICAL FIELD! They are VERY ILL. Spiritually and Physically!

    1. So true ! Our medical industry along with big pharma has been hijacked by big money .With all the lies We can not trust them ! First the covid push that we all can see was more false than true. And now they want to push the gender treatment. ( lets not forget how many lives were lost that the system is covering up due to the shots ! Money IS the root to all evil. Forget their medical oaths to do no harm. What the medical industry is doing is treason against humans and life. Evil is the new normal.

      1. Very true! That’s what you get when you assign gvt. roles that are not the proper role of gvt.; ie: providing health”care”. Their focus is on the money. If they didn’t follow the federal “rules” and force the shot on everyone in their organization, they wouldn’t get the medi”care”/medic”aid” payments. Now they’re preying on confused persons, including children to squeeze all the money they can out of them.

  3. So exploiting and maiming children is considered healthcare now? This is disgusting. I’ve seen enough, open enrollment is coming up, I will be changing from St. Luke’s system.
    This is the result of corporate “healthcare” I want no part of it.

  4. If an adult wants to “reassign” their gender (an impssibility, it’s really nothing more than extreme dress-up) so be it. But offering “puberty blockers” under the guise of healthcare is nothing more than blatant child abuse. Drs. Saperston, Hodges, Gerety, Flynn, and Baez-Irizarry should be brought before their ethics board (choke, cough) and their licenses to practice suspended or revoked. These people are nothing but butchers and should be treated as such

    1. The medical board won’t threaten them. Doctors who prescribed the effective medications Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin for patients ill with the chinavirus are who they threaten.

  5. Greg since my interview with you I have accumulated a laundry list of reasons why I am ecstatic that I no longer work at St Luke’s after 18 years of employment. This is now the second place reason. Watch my interview on Idaho Dispatch if you want to hear the others. I was a former pre-op nurse as of last and would feel like an accomplice vs. a caregiver. St. Luke’s is purely in the game for money. Guess when you have a monopoly on healthcare in the region it allows you to do whatever you want despite any public opinion of the ethics behind it. Well I wish them well as they move forward treating adolescents mental health patients with body mutilating life changing procedures.

  6. This is so disgusting and EVIL on so many levels! Shame on St. Lukes and the doctors that participate in this! These are MINOR CHILDREN! Most can’t even make up their mind as to what they want to wear or what they want to eat, let alone what sex they THINK they want to be! And shame on the parents that encourage their child in any way to feel the need to change their sex! Your birth-sex is eternal and cannot be changed by any dysforia or obscure thinking.

  7. Not related / related ;
    The VA will cut off your ‘outy’ and give you an ‘inny’ all day long, but will not fix your teeth unless in extreme poverty.
    Bad dental is a yuge health issue on many levels. Toxins, not able to eat healthy, and self esteem are the top 3. Our National health ‘industry’ WANT a ‘sick and ill’ population.
    I encourage The Dispatch to look into the VA in regards this particular issue.
    U.S.Army RVN ’69- ’71

  8. None of you will get away with this. It’s time to repent, change your ways or face Gods judgment for being a part of this evil.

    Read the scriptures on what happens to those who harm children.

  9. They got caught and now the hospital is hiding the fact that in Idaho of all places they’re carrying out gender surgeries more than likely on minors as well as adults.

  10. They may be a Catholic hospital but not sure. One thing I’m sure if it’s against God and the Bible. People who want to re assign their sex need a PSYCHIATRIST, not a medical hospital. The Doctors who perform these grotesque operations need PSYCHIATRIC help right along with them. HOW SICK.

    1. I’ve said this a thousand times. They need to drop the “St” from their name. They have zero affiliation at this point with any specific religion and is truly false advertisement. Anything for a buck.‍♂️

  11. What these Mengele level doctors are doing is cutting people’s live’s short. Puberty blockers have been documented to cut off a full decade off a person’s life. After reassignment surgery, the suicide rate is very high. The victims are fed a story that this surgery will cure everything but all it does is complicate life. A good many of them end up with constant pain at the surgical site for years.
    St. Luke’s will do anything for a buck. They sell babies to foreign “couples”, often in Spain, via their surrogacy program.

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