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St. Al’s Employee Speaks Out Against COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

By • July 9, 2021

Yesterday, Saint Als announced that all employees would be required to receive both COVID-19 shots by September 21 or lose their employment.

All new employees would be required to receive the shots as well and provide proof they have received them. The requirement also applies to both students and volunteers working within the Saint Al’s system.

One employee with Saint Als reached out to Idaho Dispatch to express their frustration over the mandate.

The individual in question wished to remain anonymous. Their fear was that speaking out publicly with their identity would cost them their job.

The employee told Idaho Dispatch that they believe the real number of employees at their hospital who have received the COVID shots is only 35% to 40%. They said Trinity Health’s claim that the nationwide rate for their health system is 75% is likely not accurate.

Idaho Dispatch asked the Saint Al’s employee why so many have not gotten the shots and why they themselves have not gotten them.

Here is the response Idaho Dispatch received to our inquiry:

This truly is untested. We have zero data demonstrating the long-term effects of this vaccine.

We ignore and even hide the current reactions, side effects, and deaths that are happening right now. Nobody seems to care about those deaths and reactions, all while continually pumping out propaganda. The propaganda bombardment alone is enough to make any person stop and question this.

Why has St Al’s narrative changed with the presidential administrations? Last October, there were flyers all over the hospital talking about how there is no vaccine coming out because it takes between 10 and 15 years to prove a vaccine safe. Once the administration changed, obviously, so did the narrative.

Now it’s a constant barrage of how it’s safe and to do it because we care for others. What happened to 10 to 15 years to prove it safe? Now they are forcing me to have an untested and unknown experimental drug put into my body, or else they will take away my ability to provide for my family. This is ludicrous and terrifying.

The employee provided a poster that they say was posted throughout the Saint Al’s hospital they work at, and that the flyer talked about how long it takes to get a safe vaccine. The poster is dated “October 2020.”

Here is the image the employee sent to us (story continues below):

The flyer above does mention that a vaccine usually takes between 10 and 15 years before coming to the market. The flyer states,

“Since there are many hoops the vaccine has to go through before it is deemed safe for use, it often takes 10 to 15 years to get a vaccine to market.”

The Saint Al’s employee Idaho Dispatch spoke with also said in their statement that the messaging changed once the presidential administration changed. The employee said that the messaging now is constant for employees to become vaccinated against COVID-19.

Here is one image the employee said was put on their computers:

Note: The image above is on a computer but because there are potential identifying marks  surrounding the image that could disclose the employee’s identity, Idaho Dispatch was asked to crop the image to just show the message itself.)

The Saint Als employee said they are not alone in their anger over the vaccine mandate. They told Idaho Dispatch there are others that do not want to get the shots because they believe it is too experimental and has not been tested as a normal vaccine would be.

Saint Al’s CEO, Odette Bolano, had this to say on Twitter about the company’s decision:

Today we took a big step to ensure that we protect our patients, communities we serve & colleagues. We respect personal choices that colleagues will make. Safety is one of core values, we trust the science, & it’s the right thing to do.

The company also encouraged employees in Oregon to get the COVID-19 shots as well. However, Oregon law prohibits the company from forcing their employees to get the shots.

Idaho Dispatch also reached out to local contacts at Saint Als to get a statement from them on Trinity Health’s decision to require the COVID shots. We have not yet received a response at this time.

What do you think of the requirement for Saint Al’s employees to get the COVID-19 shots or lose their jobs?

Let us know in the comments below.

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88 thoughts on “St. Al’s Employee Speaks Out Against COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

  1. If there is over 50% of the employees who do not want to be forced to have the vaccine then they should band together and threaten a walk out.

    1. Hear Hear, Mary. Nurses, Doctors, and all other Health Care providers should take a stand NOW. Enough is Enough. There was very little transparency provided all last year with actual demographic health info: re: who was getting sick, why, and how they were treated. Now Hospital CEOs are pushing their fear mongering another step further by intimidating health care professionals with loss of jobs. Get out in the street and protest. The bottom line, are you more afraid of losing this job or losing your health and your convictions? And you should be demanding that patients have advocacy at the bedside. It helps to have witnesses to how hospitals are running their businesses.

      1. Patient Advocacy or eliminate non-profit status.
        Let’s let our doctors and hospitals be free again.
        Eliminate these horrible health care and insurance bureaucracies.

      1. Better yet, let them be forced to fire every single one of their unvaxed employees. Not one employee should walk off. Be forced out. That way, you all have standing in a lawsuit against these evil dictators.

      1. If there is a fund, I’d kick in a donation for a lawsuit against the hospitals. We have to stop it here or it will never end.

  2. “We trust the science.”

    These clown hospital administrators (Trinity Health, St. Lukes, St. Als) are all violating the hippocratic oath.

      1. You mean Political Science? Or are you talking about peer-reviewed medical journals that are just now stepping up to report data that’s undeniable: masks likely harm schoolchildren and they are beginning to question whether benefits from COVID-19 vaccines outweigh risks.

        These are old numbers from June: As of June 11, 2021, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) had posted 358,379 adverse events, including 5,993 deaths and 29,871 serious injuries. You hear about THAT on lame stream media?

        1. Last Friday, VAERS posted another 2,000 deaths. Total Deaths now equal our 9,000 and by the CDC’s own admission (backed by a pre-covid Harvard study), VAERS likely only reflects 1% of total deaths, adverse reactions, etc. from the Covid toxins masquerading as vaccines.

          How many deaths and adverse reactions are really out there??? The medical community and hospital administrators don’t seem to want to know or care, which alone should have you asking a lot more questions…..

      2. The vaccines are killing and maiming people. More people have died from these vaccines than all other vaccine injuries in history combined.

    1. The sticker that they ask employees to put on their badges after being vaccinated is a HIPAA violation in my opinion

    2. In 1976 during the swine flu President Ford said they need 46% vaccinated to obtain herd immunity, webmd says classic herd immunity is 60%, these people want 80% which is not based in science. Also after 500 people were paralyzed President Ford had the decency to stop the vaccine roll out. shows CDC stats over 9,000 Americans have died, over 157,000 are disabled in some form, and 971 babies have been miscarried and those numbers are just from those that report in to vaers. 12 yr old died of heart disease otherwise healthy boy, and 13 yr old girl paralyzed is on a feeding tube the 2 youngest victims-so sad.

  3. We can both hope and support that these employees quit St. Al’s, St. Lukes, any private or governmental entity that is trying to force Tyranny.

    Idaho would be so much better off with Independent Doctors, Medical Facilities/Practices that are non-profit; along with restraining Blue Cross, Blue Shield, etc. etc. to be solely insurance companies with zero mandates.

    Form a group people, we will support you in making Medical Care actually effective again.

    BTW: Not sure what Janice McGeachin’s or Ed Humprey’s position on this issue is. Ammon Bundy addressed the Health Care issue very well in his interview.

    1. Janice McGeachin wrote a pointed letter to the speaker of the Idaho House asking him to reconvene the House to put a stop to this. She is working hard to try to stop it.

      1. Thanks all, I am glad to see all 3 running for Governor are taking a stand now and are for The People.

        Let’s hope this momentum proceeds to move forward in order to open the Legislative Branch Monday morning to crush these tyrants.

  4. The vaccines work in that they DO NOT prevent infection, they prevent disease. So, yes, YOU CAN still get infected (and not too sick) and, as we now know, asymptomatic spreading is a myth. If you do not get sick, then you do not “shed” the virus infecting others. Your body, Your Choice. Choose wisely.

    The experiment continues.
    9,048 deaths, 438,441 adverse reactions.

    1. My brother-in-law got the Covid shot he now has developed cancer and has also got a severe case of Covid. He can’t breathe or keep his O2 levels up even when on 100% O2 settings. He has been in and out of hospital. He has had to cancel his chemotherapy because his blood levels are way too low. He never had any signs of any of this until he got the Covid vaccine. Even at our local food pantry they told us if we didn’t sign a paper stating we had Covid or the vaccine then we couldn’t come into building to pick our food we would have to wait for one of the volunteers to fill our order and bring it to car. Too me that is singling out people for harassment or bullying. Of all places why a food bank?

      1. Go to the food pantry at Foothills Christian Church, on State Street, Fridays at 1pm. They do not require proof of vaxx status

  5. Where is the positive proof of having the COVID19 vaccinations? CORRECT!…Nowhere.
    Maybe St. Al’s can hire new employees from China?
    I PRAY there is a class action lawsuit. Our government’s founding was NEVER intended to silence or control citizens of the USA.
    Such a sad day when so-called “intelligent” minds are dictated by political agenda.
    Best wishes to ALL St. Al’s employees who USE THEIR PERSONAL POWER TO DECIDE FOR THEIR BODIES.

    1. A “Class Action Lawsuit” would be Great! …… And maybe a little Jail Time for the administrators who are pushing these Illegal Actions,

    2. St. Al’s had a Covid vaccine clinic going since about early December 2020. The vaccine information would be in the recipient’s medical record, at the Southwest District Health Department’s database, and the Idaho Health Data Exchange’s database. I’m pretty sure that as the employer (St.Al’s, Luke’s, Primary Health) already have a signed release to check medical workers’ vaccination records as a condition of employment. Also, you receive a card when you get the vaccine, like the kind of card you get when you have a device implanted in your body. That’s the general process explaining the issue of proof.

  6. What the hell? Oregon has a law which protects people from vaccine mandate, but Idaho does not? Oregon is better than Idaho in this regard? That’s all kinds of hell messed up.

    1. Agree – totally messed up.

      They are trying to get rid of bodily autonomy and HIPPA.

      This is really a crisis.

  7. The Idaho pharnaceutical board follows politics ahead of science. Remember their stand against HCQ? As for St. Al’s they already have a reputation for advocating (and doing) that which isn’t medically necessary.

  8. I remember seeing a photo in the statesman (front page) of the st.lukes parking lot full of their employees kneeling with fists raised for saint george floyde. That photo spoke volumes! Our health care system is definitely screwed! PEOPLE PLEASE WAKE UP.

  9. This is an IDIOTIC decision.

    I’m staying far away from St. Al’s.

    This will backfire spectacularly.

  10. the answer is easy. 1 year now identifies as 15 years. So there you go! Long term studies achieved!!!

  11. These hospitals have enough problems with not enough staff as it is. If these people all just got up and walked out they really be hurting. People need to stand up for their beliefs. This following the science is just a bunch of crap because science will show you whatever they’re paid to show you.

    1. They (the big players) know it is going to be approved Aug-Sept. FDA, pharma, and healthcare industry is in bed with each other.

    2. Yes but our rule of law has disappeared. Judges ruling in favor of big pharma out of fear, blackmail or coercion.

  12. I agree with this Saint Al’s employee. This is alarming! It does not coincide with our Idaho values and even our government leadership statements. According to information I have received, the testing on the Maderna vaccine will not be complete until October 2022 and Pfizer will be complete January 2023. And this does not account for any long-term side effects over time. Also very concerned that the alternatives hydroxychloriquine and ivermectin, which have been around for years and have been determined safe and effective in all other countries, are now considered inadequate or unsafe here in America. Something’s wrong with this picture. Very concerning that the verbiage has changed now with new administration. This is sending mixed messages. And why are we ignoring the deaths and health issues that have come after taking these vaccines? Also, I understand that employees who have had COVID will still have to get the vaccine. Again, this is different than what they have said in the past. These new decisions will greatly affect how are community views Saint Alphonsus and the trust level we have had with them. We cannot afford to lose good healthcare workers because of this!

    1. And from what I have read, taking the vax when you have already had the virus can also cause life-threatening issues. Naturally immunity is far and away better than getting it by way of a vaccine. But then, you can’t make money on natural immunity!

  13. Call Bedke’s house and tell him. I just spoke with his wife and asked her to please have him reconvene the house to address this issue. No Idahoan should be forced to make a personal health decision they don’t agree with.
    Rep. Scott Bedke +12088623619 From the Idaho legislature website

  14. It’s seems interesting that all the hospitals in the area came to the same conclusion at the same time. You better band together and not do it. They can’t fire all of you. It’s not right to ask you to risk your health just to care for others. Now is the time to stand against these people or we will give them boundless power.

    1. Saint Al’s, about three weeks before its toxin mandate announcement, announced a $500 bonus for all employees. They also announced stunning raises. (Not sure if all received a raise or if it was never-before-seen large. Mine was 20%. I considered it a bribe……)

      They tried the carrot first, but most of us knew the stick was coming……, and it did on 8 July. But at least they didn’t announce it before Independence Day–the irony would have been epic…..

  15. Check out the new VAERS COVID Vaccine data per the CDC (Vaccination Adverse Event Reporting System)…RIGHT 100% safe and effective:
    438,440 Adverse events
    26,818 Hospitalizations
    7,463 Disabled
    3,324 Heart Attacks
    2,200 Myocarditis
    985 Miscarriages
    9,048 DEATHS

    ….and according to a Harvard study on 1 to 10% of adverse reactions are actually reported.

    If they require the vax, ask them to sign an agreement that they will take on any liability from adverse reactions. If they are so confident it is safe this shouldn’t be a problem.

    1. This is unprecedented and I will call it out as genocide.

      More adverse events and deaths than all other vaccine deaths and injury in history. It should be stopped immediately.

  16. Taken from:

    “Our Vision
    As a mission-driven innovative health organization, we will become the national leader in improving the health of our communities and each person we serve. We will be the most trusted health partner for life”.

    They are definitely “on a mission”, one that will compromise the health of their employees and will become the most distrusted “health” employer.

  17. You are a fool if you take this shot like many say it has not been tested for years side effects could be real Bad. Regardless of what all think on this world health organization and all the bill gates out there started this mess good luck

  18. I am a parishioner at St. Paul’s in Nampa, and I am appalled that our Catholic hospital would force their employees to take a so-called vaccine that has already injured, killed, and caused the miscarriage of many babies in the womb. I suspect that St. AL’s is doing this due to concerns over grant money and government funding. This will not bode well with Christ. As St. Paul said in Galations 5:1 “For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” I am asking you to seriously reconsider your decision to force employees to take this untested COVID vaccine, especially when there are alternative medicines that have been shown to be very effective. Talk to Dr. Cole in Boise, and do some research, but if this is about money, God forgive you.

    1. They are all being paid millions of dollars in coercion money. So are colleges and universities. I know because I work at one. They are paid to keep the hoax going and even set up vaccine stations on campuses! It’s insane and evil.

  19. This mandate is terrifying–not just for the assault on the employees’ rights but for the very health reasons the anonymous employee states. This vaccine is causing all kinds of health problems in far too many people who receive it–NO ONE should be forced to take it! There are far safe (and more effective) ways to ensure the employees do not get covid!

  20. This is absolutely crazy and I can’t believe we are having to fight for our rights. There are over 3,000 employees that are not vaccinated at St. Luke’s and so many employees are scared and looking for help. St. Al’s gave until September 21st and St. Luke’s September 1st. Several doctors at St. Luke’s agree with how wrong this is but are too fearful to speak up or even sign the medical exemption form for people for fear of losing their jobs. I have heard that St. Luke’s will be extremely critical and deny many medical exemption forms signed by a physician, if you can find a doctor willing. There are over 30,000 deaths in the world just reported through vaccination systems and millions of side effects and disabilities. We need help and need our communities to pull together. We are losing our rights and freedoms to chose what we do with our bodies and health. Please I daho communities, help your Healthcare workers.

    1. We are here to support you Anonymous. Form a group, be vocal, walk out so this hits main stream.

      And like Anne says, let us know when and where so that we can show our support for all of you.

      1. 15 July, state capitol, 10am, protest/rally

        19 July, st. Luke’s in meridian, 4-6 pm (if not joining us, you may want to find another commute home that day)

    2. Thank you for standing up! Employees will have to walk out or be coerced. No job is worth your health or your life. I hope you will all rebel and fight back.

  21. This tweet is completely disingenuous and purely political: “Today we took a big step to ensure that we protect our patients, communities we serve & colleagues. We respect personal choices that colleagues will make. Safety is one of core values, we trust the science, & it’s the right thing to do.”

    How is does a vaccine as a condition of employment “respect personal choices”? How does one “trust the science” which has changed the fundamental prodecures for testing? Trinity wouldn’t know “the right thing to do” if it slapped them across the face.

    Please do not comply with this evil mandate. We need independent doctors and nurses who are not beholden to corrupt corporate masters.

    1. Thought I fixed my 2nd paragraph to read, “How does forcing a vaccine as a condition of employment ‘respect personal choices’?”

  22. Janice McGeachin – Thank you for taking the Lead on Victory Over Tyranny.

    Brad Little, Chuck Winder are you both, MIA??? Demand People’s Rights, DO YOUR JOB!

    Scott Bedke: Open the Legislature up NOW!!! (No More Whinny Excuses)

    It does not require much time or paperwork to pass a one sentence Legislation that says these organization’s unconstitutional mandates Shall Not Be Tolerated and any company, individual, non-profit etc that violates this will be arrested, prosecuted, jailed and responsible for their damages to We The People.

    For those in the executive, legislative and judicial branches that support this: Please be vocal NOW!

    For those of you in the executive, legislative and judicial branches that are silent: GET OFF YOUR BUTTS – Defend the People or Resign!

  23. If this vaccine is free because it saves lives, why isn’t insulin free or cancer treatments? The statistics (which are underestimated) say otherwise and I think in 5 yrs we will see horrific results….

  24. Can anyone confirm this: “Stop The Mandate” rally at St. Lukes Eagle Rd, 4pm to 6pm, Monday July 19th?

  25. STAND STRONG! Walk out! Let me know when and where and I will come help protest! My daughter has one semester left of nursing school and what is she supposed to do?! Fight for current AND future nurses.

  26. This mandate for this “injection” by the medical cartel is wrong. It is motivated by greed. We have our esteemed ‘governor-tyrant’ Little and his friends in the Senate and House like Bedke to thank for this situation here in Idaho. “Vaccines won’t be mandated here in Idaho. Don’t be silly. Don’t worry! ” Right. Absolutely deliberate, isn’t it?

  27. SCREW THESE SCUMBAGS ! Forcing people to jab a vac is crazy ! Where the hell is our Governor on this protecting us folks ??? I thought this crap was illegal to force the vac in Idaho ?? If not, where the hell you at Gov Brad ??? Legislatures, please get back in emergency session and STOP this !

  28. This is wrong on so many levels! I hope these employees walk out! I think this is frightening!
    Come on whistleblowers…speak up!

  29. Stop The Mandate” rally at St. Lukes Eagle Rd, 4pm to 6pm, Monday July 19th

    TIME TO SHOW UP. ! If times are wrong, someone correct please

  30. I have a Granddaughter that works at St. Al’s and a Son that work at St. Lukes .
    They will not take the experimental Jab and i hope & pray no one else will fall prey to what the fake news media and the fake sleepy joe biden administration are filling peoples heads with.
    I urge everyone to go to the Dr.Sherri Tenpenny website. This will blow your mind.

  31. Become students of the Hippa Law, the Nuremberg Code, Hippocratic Oath, the Constitution and Bill of Rights! All of these together protect one’s employment from government and employer over-reach. I am not a legal advisor but I say, let them fire you first! Then, take them to court under a class-action law suit and sue them into bankruptcy! Once this is done the other hospitals, clinics, etc. around the country will buckle. We all must work together to fight tyranny and this is tyranny! We the People have the power and much rise up to fight for our liberties!

    This is NOT A VACCINE! It is a mRNA! It will only destroy your health! There are thousands of death cases just in the U.S. and tens of thousands of cases worldwide to prove it! These administrators are not serving you or the public with integrity.

  32. this is unconstitutional to my right as a human being, This has not been approved nor are they licensed to give it like the flu shot…there is not enough study of the after effects and it’s not going to prevent me from the illness. This is also a violation of the HIPPA law I will refuse and be fired. And if you already have the vaccine basically your saying that you are not going to catch it, so why mandate others to? This is wrong….

  33. Has anyone considered these points?
    1) a patient with any of these mRNA or ‘VAXXes’ cannot donate blood according to the Red Cross. You would be co-mingling all kinds of different mRNA’s [Vaxxes] and no one knows what that recipe would do to the patient!
    2) So what happens when an organ donor donates a Moderna-infected or ‘other-infected’ organ to a different ‘Vaxx’ recipient?
    3)Now, that recipient is polluted with two different ‘Vaxxes’. What are the ramifications of these different vaxxes being co-mingled?
    4) I have not heard anyone address these issues and I read about this topic daily…no one has addressed organ donation in any of my reading!
    5) I believe that we are at a dangerous precipice with our healthcare system.
    6) Has anyone figured out that the healthcare system has been hijacked? It cannot be trusted and should not be trusted! Question everything!

    1. You are absolutely right on. I have been wondering the same thing about blood transfusions but hadn’t thought about organ donors. I also have been reading and keeping all the articles scientifically backed over the past year! It’s good to know others are on top of it as well…

  34. The employee is correct. I am alarmed that the hospitals in Idaho are requiring their employees to be vaxxed when these have not even had FDA approval. The vaccines are still authorized under a pandemic situation. They have not completed long term trials and the side affects are underreported through VAERs. Thousands of people have had horrible side affects and there are estimated 6000 deaths. Why would any hospital require such a dangerous MnRA therapeutic that does not even meet the requirements of a vaccine? And further, does not prevent transmission, does not prevent a variant and sets up a person for long term health issues? See any recent scientifically backed posts and videos on Dr. Mercola’s newsletter or The Highwire.

    1. AND it’s not even a pandemic.

      According to the WHO and CDC’s own definition. Even conflating covid19 with the flu, colds and pneumonia as they began doing this year, didn’t pump up the numbers enough… they also failed to start counting over at the new flu season. They have muddied the waters so that no one can see that it’s not a pandemic. The population fatality rate is still under 1%, no matter how they try to inflate it.

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