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Speaker Bedke Received a Campaign Donation from Firm Tasked with Questioning Giddings

By • August 2, 2021

Earlier today, Rep. Priscilla Giddings (R-White Bird) went through a public House Ethics hearing.

During that hearing, she was questioned by Christopher McCurdy. McCurdy is currently an Associate with the law firm Holland & Hart.

A citizen contacted Idaho Dispatch and told us that Holland & Hart donated money to Speaker Scott Bedke (R-Oakley) back in 2016.

The concern from the citizen was that McCurdy works for a firm that has donated to Bedke and that there is a conflict of interest. In addition, Bedke and Giddings are both running for Lt. Governor, and some lawmakers and citizens have questions if Bedke should have removed himself from the complaint.

Additionally, some citizens felt that McCurdy should have recused himself from the hearings given the firm he works for has donated to Giddings political opponent, who is also listed on one of the complaints against her.

The donation to Bedke was made by Holland & Hart in October of 2016, and the following image is a screenshot of the donation (middle line) from the Idaho Secretary of State’s website:

According to McCurdy’s LinkedIn account, he began working for Holland & Hart in January of 2016.

Idaho Dispatch has reached out to the House Ethics Committee, McCurdy, Bedke, and the Holland & Hart law firm to find out if they were aware of the donations made to Gidding’s opponent and one of the complainants. Additionally, we asked the House Committee why a private law firm was used for this hearing when they used the Attorney General’s office for the April ethics hearing. As of this time,  we have received no response to our inquiry but will update the article should any of the individuals contacted respond.

Idaho Dispatch also reached out to Giddings to see if she wanted to respond to the revelation that the firm McCurdy worked for had donated to Bedke and felt it was a conflict of interest. We have not received a response at this time.

Do you believe McCurdy, representing the House Ethics Committee, should have recused himself because of this or is the donation from the firm he works for irrelevant?

Let us know in the comments below.

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18 thoughts on “Speaker Bedke Received a Campaign Donation from Firm Tasked with Questioning Giddings

  1. If it’s deemed irrelevant, then they owe the Lt. Governor an apology for that fuss about the IT guy she hired.

  2. Well, we all know Scott Bedke sure should have recused himself.

    Another observation is that: Idaho sure seems to be having quite a few “Kangaroo Courts” recently.

    The Leadership of Idaho’s two Liberal Parties, republican and democrat, do seem to be worried that they have been found out by The People.

    Let the election season begin!

    Giddings 1—–Bedke 0

  3. It’s absolutely disgusting what is happening here…. Bedke doesn’t have shame, so he is incapable of showing any.

  4. Holland & Hart, LLC and Christopher McCurdy appear to be lending support to Scott Bedke, especially since they donated to Bedke’s campaign, and the hearing is held at their law offices. This is all highly suspicious and irregular. My opinion of the so named Ethics committee is that they themselves have no ethics since this is obviously a bogus hearing.

  5. Chaney and Bedke should be fired for the bogus ethics complaint against Rep Giddings. It’s a witch hunt and circus act against Giddings. Time to remove Bedke and Chaney (RINO’s)

  6. What I don’t understand is why couldn’t the ethics committee ask their own questions? Why do the Idaho taxpayers have to pay for Mr. McGurdy? We were told today by one of the committee members “he’s paid a lot”.
    I’m just waking up to the corruption.
    So sad for Idaho and our Country. May God have mercy on us.

    1. Great question and observation. Committee wanted to hide behind McGurdy and present the hearing as a trial. Because of the way it was presented the only outcome was “guilty” but a full house vote will determine the outcome.

  7. I have several questions for Brad Little, Larry Wasden, Scott Bedke, Sage Dixon, Christopher McCurdy, Brooke Crane, Craig Cheney, every member of the Legislator’s who filed the complaint against, Priscilla Giddings, all members of the Idaho Ethics Committee, and a few of the Federal Police Officers tasked with keeping the peace at this hearing, Victims Services Coordinator in Ada County.

    I’ve left message with sevral receptionists for afore mentioned individuals but have yet to receive a response.

    I am an Idaho citizen. I want nothing but answers.

  8. Let’s blow the lid off the “good ol’ boy network” that has been ruling Idaho for decades with an iron fist. They all must go. The time has come!

  9. It has become painfully obvious that Idaho politics is just as corrupt as DC.
    The Republican Party has sold out and been infiltrated by deep state democrat/Totalitarian despots. We have been sold a bill of goods by liars and power brokering mobsters.
    Idaho at best is a purple to blue state and if you look at our history it has always been that way.
    I’m glad people are waking up. I thank President Trump for causing all these corrupt and lying mobsters to come unhinged, show there derangement syndrome and letting us know who they really are.
    Most republicans are really democrats, but no democrats are really republicans.
    We can turn it Red if we don’t go back to sleep.
    Thank you Idaho dispatch.

  10. Investigate and shut Bedke down. HE IS THE ONE that will not open the legislature for a hearing on emergency needs such as vaccine mandates and mask mandates . Get his loser ass outta here.

  11. No surprise here, Bedke needs to be gone. My question is who was the law firm that represented him in the legal battle last year over office space? Remember the one that wasted over $600,000 tax dollars.

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