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South Central Public Health to Vote on Mask Mandate Thursday, Potential Jail Time for Violators

By • November 18, 2020

Several mask mandates are up for a vote this week as some mainstream media outlets and some medical professionals push for a statewide mandate.

Governor Little has so far refused to implement a statewide mask mandate but has rolled Idaho back to a modified Stage 2. Other Republican governors in Utah and North Dakota have done a statewide mandate.

Despite the lack of a statewide mandate, nearly half of Idaho is already under a local mask mandate.

South Central Public Health District is also voting on a mask mandate this Thursday.

SCPHD covers the following counties: Camas, Blaine, Gooding, Lincoln, Jerome, Minidoka, Twin Falls, and Cassia.

The meeting begins at 1:30 p.m. MST and goes until 4:00 p.m. MST. Citizens wishing to submit their approval or disapproval of the proposal can contact the health board by using the link here.

Just days ago SCPHD met to discuss and propose a mandate. However, a motion was made at the previous meeting just days ago when a Twin Falls County Commissioner on the SCPHD board motioned to allow more time for public input. That motion was successful and tomorrow the SCPHD will potentially vote once again on a mask mandate.

SCPHD’s order in public is similar to that of other orders across the state that have been implemented.

Here is the beginning of the “face coverings” section:

Unlike the Rexburg ordinance which gives businesses or citizens “infractions” for the first two violations, the SCPHD health order does not.

It is unclear at this time which, if any, law enforcement agencies will attempt to enforce the order if it passes.

In fact, the SCPHD proposal will be a misdemeanor with a fine and potential jail time on the first offense.

The meeting and proposal come as the result of reported cases of Coronavirus continue to increase in Idaho.

A large protest against a mask mandate in Twin Falls occurred several weeks ago. After the protest was over, over 60 people testified against a mask mandate and the mandate was tabled.

Several people did speak in favor of the mandate at the time.

A protest is also expected tomorrow at the SCPHD facility located at 1020 Washington St. N. in Twin Falls. at 1:30 p.m. MST. Idaho Dispatch has been unable to find a rally to support the effort anywhere online.

Should SCPHD vote on a mask mandate or should the matter be left up to individual citizens? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “South Central Public Health to Vote on Mask Mandate Thursday, Potential Jail Time for Violators

  1. Where mask mandates have been implemented, case numbers have not gone down. No one bothers to tell us percentage of covid deaths, particularly ones that aren’t linked to pre-existing conditions, because if they did, it would be clear that this is only a massive power grab to prepare us for impending socialism. I believe that the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” includes the basic right to BREATHE.

  2. Masks do not work! The rise in cases is in step with the rise of mask mandates! We need fresh air to keep our immune systems at top speed. Many people have recovered, many didn’t even know they had it. Why should these people who are probably immune and not a risk have to cover their face? Face coverings are linked to shaming, subduing, and silencing. This is not freedom! And jail time? Good grief, this is not Nazi Germany! The Public Health needs to inform people on ways to boost their immune systems, what signs or symptoms to watch for, and other preventative measures. What happened to 2 weeks? Give them an inch they take a mile. Enough is enough! They forfeited the opportunity to allow herd immunity over the summer and now probably any strain of flu will test positive.

  3. We need to have real PRISON time for these corrupt officials who are pushing this hysteria over the cold and flu season.
    Bio-Terrorists for profit$ And I ain’t getting any of that money – Are you???

    I hear Lewiston is having a meeting 11/19/20 at 3:15 to discuss masks…
    Must not want people to come, holding it at that time?
    Almost like they think they own us…

  4. This is criminal and I hope and pray people do not comply! My body my choice for what i wear, do , ingest, etc if it has anything to do with my body, IT. IS. MY. CHOICE!!! Period. End of discussion. I choose to stay home if sick, take vitamins, wear a mask, IF and that is a BIG IF I so choose!!! Government does not have that right and works for the people! Stop this madness.
    I fault those in positions to fight this at the front lines, some are but not enough! You cannot use the reason “I am just doing my job”
    That is what people in Germany did and look where they ended up. Stand up! Wake up! And FIGHT for our freedoms.

  5. My body, my choice. We are not in the middle east, this is America and NOBODY is going to make me cover my face. If you’re afraid, stay home; if you’re sick, stay home. I’m going to live my forking life.

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