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Sneak Peek 2: Former St. Luke’s Nurses on Their Recent Departure from the Company

By • September 22, 2021

Tomorrow, Idaho Dispatch will release our full interview with two former St. Luke’s nurses who quit in recent weeks.

Danny Merkes and Katie Sullivan say that there are major issues in the nursing industry, especially at St. Luke’s. Merkes says that the mandate was the final straw but other issues had built up over years that were problematic. Sullivan told Idaho Dispatch that she got the vaccine, but the lack of support from St. Luke’s for her and other nurses led her to leave.

Once the full interview is released, Idaho Dispatch will be reaching out to St. Luke’s for comment and for an opportunity to respond to the interview we did with Merkes and Sullivan.

While the full video will be available on 9/23/21 at 6:00 p.m. MST, you can view our second “Sneak Peek” below:

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4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek 2: Former St. Luke’s Nurses on Their Recent Departure from the Company

  1. I hope you will follow this interview up with a report on how St Lukes et al are hiring travel nurses from other countries (Canada, Phillipines?) to staff and how these hospitals are housing them in hotels in Boise. Are they required to get the vaccine? Thanks. Strong work, Greg.

  2. Danny & Katie, let’s hope many more follow in your footsteps in order to cleanse Idaho’s very corrupt medical system.

    Is it possible that you and others start various independent medical offices/facilities so that the Providers, (doctors/nurses/staff) are freed to practice actual healthcare and in turn The People are freed to receive actual healthcare?

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